This extra powerful Chi Generator® for universal uses and affirmations has twice the power of the HD generators. It has a 12-position rotary switch for pre-set frquencies and a set of three dials and frequency meter, to set precision   frequencies in the second generator, which are ranging between 0.6 and 900 Hz - $2,369.00

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Affirmations that Spell Success! 
The Performer 2400 is a Top of the Line Special Heavy Duty Chi Generator®, up to double the power of the RAD 2400 HD, because of its 4 built-in generating units, and it is specifically designed to meet the requirements of persons who have decided to achieve success on all levels by boosting their overall performance, deep insights and success of their decisions and, most importantly, it spells success! There are some folks who call this exceptional tool of power the ultimate unfair advantage, and, of course, they are also using it consistently and successfully!
The Performer 2400 features a built-in Frequency Module that has been designed for twelve precision low pulse settings. Each of these frequencies has a special purpose that is important for your power performance and affirmation techniques.
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