TC 99 --
Transfer Couple

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Put one part in front of the output pipe of any Chi Generator®. Carry the other part with you. You decide which part you prefer to carry on you.  Being of orgonite®, the TC 99 provides also a slight power boost to the JU 99 CE and other devices.
The example here shows the transfer rectangle on a key-ring. The advantage of a transfer couple over a transfer via the genetic code (hair, blood, fingernails) or a photo is that you put it aside at any time when you do not want - or need - any additional energy. 
Free TC 99 included with all devices for $799.00 and above.

Adding magick herbs to food and water is no longer needed.  Simply put the items onto your Chi Generator®, and their magickal energy is then projected to the food and water, which you charge for a few minutes with your Transfer Couple.

orgonite transfer key ring
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