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Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
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Talisman Lesson VI

In the previous lessons you learned about talismans and how to make them. You certainly realized that making talismans is not too difficult. The typical talismanologist has a wealth of symbols and talisman designs available. With this collection of symbols he or she can then custom tailor talismans for any individual for any purpose. The capability of astrology, the use of the pendulum or any other form of ideomotoric movement, and plain old intuition are valuable tools. You will acquire them with time as you will acquire the experience of how to tackle the various problems that your customers want to solve.

I encouraged you to study the course "Magick of the Future". If you did, you may have realized by now that a talisman is a structural link to a very specific trend energy. Once the link is fully established, the talisman is continuously powered by the life force of the person who carries it. When you use a talisman for an extended period of time, you connect it with trend energy other than its original charge, depending on your experiences while carrying it. These energies may counteract the effectiveness of the talisman. In older jargon the talismanologist said that it took on some psychic clutter. These energies have to be removed from time to time, i.e., the talisman has to be cleansed from acumulated negativity and re-charged.

You can cleanse the talisman in the same manner as you have been cleansing the utensils and the material for the talisman before you have made it. It is a cleansing that uses the four elements. You recharge the talisman the same way as you have charged it originally.

The Radionics Device as a Universal Talisman

In many respects, the radionics device can be viewed like a universal talisman. Although you do not carry it around with you, you are continuously connected with the trend energy that you have set on the device. This is so, because the device is not only set to connect with the trend energy, but it is also connected to the target person. The target person of the radionic operation is surrounded by a field of trend energy in the same way as the person who carries a talisman.

If radionics alone is used, the trend energy is powered by the life force of the target person. An orgone radionics device functions as a universal talisman. Besides its near-infinite flexibility this modern technological approach has another advantage: It supplies the target with the life force that is necessary to connect it with the trend energy. In other words: with chi energy boosted radionics you have a universal talisman that is not only more flexible than any of the traditional talismans, but it also supplies life force continuously. Using Chi energy boosted radionics compares to traditional talismanology as modern transportation compares to walking, horseback riding and traveling in buggies.

Most magicians prefer to use symbols in conjunction with orgone boosted radionics, either as filters on the device or in the radionics program for their PC. A symbol can connect with desirable characteristics of which the talismanologist may have thought when making a talisman for the person who wears it. Many symbols possess inherent mechanisms of success and well being that we often overlook when simply setting the radionics device. With Chi energy boosted radionics devices you can carry something inconspicuous on you that acts as a powerful personal talisman at all times. Find out more about Chi energy boosted radionics before continuing to read here. Then you will understand better the instructions that follow.

High-Power Talisman using Chi Energy Boosted Radionics

(1) An orgone boosted radionics device: RAD 2000, RAD 2400 DL or better.

(2) Filter cards, symbols, or, if you have a PC, a radionics program such as the RI 2400 CD or the PR 2000.

With the RAD 5 and a radionics program you can power up to 5 radionics operations at the same time. With the ATGS 3000 up to twelve. If you have one transfer diagram for each one of them, you can set up five different trend energies of your choice. Then you carry on yourself the diagram of your choice while you have the other diagrams away from your body, either in a brief case or in the glove compartment of your car. For instance, if you are traveling, you may set up 5 OBR talismans that run continuously. You may have one for extreme aggressiveness in one business negotiation where this is indicated, one for more charismatic and popular characteristics for business dinners or martini lunches, one for relationships and sex, and one to boost your performance and give you energy at the sometimes unavoidable golf game.

(3) Any kind of transfer object such as a transfer disk. This is optional, since a target setting of the radionics device is sufficient in many cases. However, if you use a RAD 5 with up to five different talismanic forces acting, you want five different transfer disks, each one for a different action. The transfer disks, of course, have the advantage that you can select them when needed and put them away afterwards when you do not need any more the specific energy. We can supply you with totally individualized credit card size laminated transfer disks that have neutral designs on them. To make a talisman with top of the line OBR equipment you proceed as follows:

1. decide on the purpose(s)
2. analyze the situation(s)
3. figure out at least two approaches for each situation
4. select the approach that looks most promising (you can also use all approaches simultaneously in some instances)
5. develop a radionics program by describing trends, selecting filters (symbols), etc.,
6. decide on the structural link (laminated credit card size "plastic" is appropriate)
7. establish the radionic rates and pulse speeds.

Another method is to design the talisman, put an individual transfer onto it (a 6-digit number is sufficient), make two printouts, laminate them (not absolutely necessary, but a good protection), put one onto an orgone radionics device and carry the other one with you, as another piece of inconspicuous "plastic".

We can do this work for you and also hook you up to one of our orgone generators. Ask us for information and an estimate.

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