A Course in Cosmic Consciousness
A Practical Guide to Oneness with the Divine in six easy lessons
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link!

Lesson 1
    •  Religion and Technology

    •  The Importance of Oneness with The Divine

    •  Why we Need the Practice of Oneness

    •  About Consciousness and Oneness

    •  The Elements

    •  The Planes

    •  The Material Plane

    •  The Astral Plane

    •  The Mental Plane

    •  The Causal Plane

Lesson 2
    •  The Workspace Outside Yourself.
    •  Protective Measures.
    •  The Altar.
    •  The Workspace Within Yourself.
    •  Astral travel.
    •  Practice: Being One with the Will.

Lesson 3
    •  Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure..
    •  The Divine Name and the Process Manifestation.
    •  Fire and Water.
    •  The Workspace Around Yourself.
    •  The Workplace Within.
    •  Being one with Your Will and with Your Emotions.

Lesson 4
    •  The Mental Plane.
    •  The Interaction with Water and Air.
    •  Your Outer Realm.
    •  Exploring the Air Element.
    •  Being One with the Mind.
    •  Practice of Aligning the Three...

Lesson 5
    •  Exploring the Earth Element Part 1.
    •  The Workplace Around Yourself.
    •  Exploring the Earth Element Part 2.
    •  Being One with Consciousness.
    •  The Practice of the Four Elements.

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Lesson 3
      Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure..

      The divine name and the process manifestation.

      Fire and water.

      The workspace around yourself.

      The workplace within.

      Being one with your will and with your emotions.

    In this lesson you will become familiar with the second element of oneness: The element of Water. In choosing this sequence, we follow the structure of the Divine name Yod He Vau He. The first He in this name represents the element of water, or the astral plane.

    Water also appears as the exact opposite of the fire elce of life.


Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure
    In the first lesson you became familiar with the elemental polygons. When referring to elemental shapes, most students think of one of two methods to symbolize elements. One set of elemental symbols is taught in hermetic schools. The other set refers to the system of "tattwas." For our purpose, both sets of symbols are useless. We need a set of elemental symbols that represents the four elements within. This set is an expression of the Divine name of Yod He Vau He. Therefore, the elemental polygons that we are using are exact structural representations that are evident in the basic cabalistic principles. We can derive these basic cabalistic principles from the structure of the Solar system as we perceive it. Read the following carefully, because this will help you gain a more useful access to the cabalistic system.

    The zodiac has 360 degrees. These 360 degrees refer to the 360 days (approximately) that the Earth needs to orbit around the Sun.

    Twenty-four numbers divide the number 360 so that there is no remainder. These numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 180, and 360.

    Two of these numbers are not figurative. A figurative number is any number that corresponds to a regular polygon. It is obvious that you cannot inscribe a polygon in a circle that has one or two corners. You need at least three points on the periphery of the circle to inscribe a polygon. Therefore the numbers 1 and 2 are not figurative numbers. The other 22 numbers are figurative. This means that each of these remaining 22 numbers represents a regular polygon that we can inscribe in the circle of 360 degrees. Each of these polygons represents an energetic state. Hence there are 22 energetic states in the solar system that are well defined. The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters.he 22 numbers, we recognize soon that all of them are composed of the three basic numbers of 1, 2, 3, and 5. The number 1 appears in all numbers. You may regard it as the unifying principle. The numbers of 2, 3, and 5 relate to the "three mothers" of which you read in the cabalah. Like the number 1, the number 2 is not figurative. It is expressed in the 4 which is its own multiple and figurative.

    When the cabbalist refers to three mothers, seven double letters and 12 simple ones, he means the three elements above that which is conscious (the earth element), seven planetary principles, and the twelve zodiacal modifiers.

    The three mother letters are Aleph, Mim, and Schin, relating the cards of the Tarot: the Magician, Death, and the Fool. They are the square, the pentagon, and the triangle. The fourth element, earth, is in all other principles: the seven double ones and the twelve simple ones. Its representation is the pentagram.

    Double principles are represented by numbers that you can divide by a double 3, i.e., a 9. The exception here must be 360, which is an expression of all.

    Some systems of magic of the planetary spheres ascribe a number of planetary spirits, or genii, to each sphere that corresponds to the number of its polygon: 9 to the sphere of Saturn, 18 to the sphere of Jupiter, 36 to the sphere of Mars, 45 genii to the sphere of the Sun, 72 to the sphere of Mercury, 90 to the sphere of Venus, and 180 spirits to the sphere of the Moon. The 360 relates to the Earth, which is manifestation, not planetary function.

    If your intent is to align the elements within as a relation to the generalized universal principles that they can express, you will do well to utilize the zodiacal polygons that represent these principles: The triangle, the pentagon, the square is Vau, the pentagram is the second He. It is interesting to note that the polygon with five points if the first one that can be inscribed in a circle in two regular shapes: a pentagon and a pentagram. This is expressed in the Divine name that has two letters He. Incidentally the letter He is also the fifth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.


The Divine name and the process of manifestation
    The Divine name as expressed in the elementary polygons is a perfect expression of the world as we experience it. Consequently, identifying ourselves with this Divine principle means to gain control over the energies of a higher order that desire manifestation.

    The triangle relates to the spark that sets things in motion. Its correlate within ourselves is our will. In the cosmos it is the world of emanation. It is the power to say the "there is" ("let there be").

    We find its opposite in the water element, as expressed in the pentagon. The five is the second figurative prime number. The qualities of water are cold and humid, as opposed to the hot and dry of fire. It correlates to our emotions. In the cosmos it is the world of formation. Water represents life while fire represents light. Water and fire are considered to be the basic elements while the other two elements are regarded to be interactions between the two primary elements. Water is desire to manifest that goes with all life. It is desire and formation. Fire is will to create.

    The air element is interaction between fire and water. It creates the matrices that are necessary for manifestation. It structures, organizes, and adjusts. Anything that you intend to create needs a mental form that determines its relations within the planes of existence. It is dual, relating to both fire and water and allowing the interaction of these two primary elements in the process of manifestation. The square is a geometric shape that lies between the triangle and the pentagon. The four is no prime number. It is 2 x 2, the double of a prime number or a prime number multiplied by itself. It expresses the dual nature of our thinking, but also the organizing of all there is perceived into the four elements, again 2 x 2. The four represents the structural qualities of the mental plane that we perceive. You can see our mind as a sensory organ that perceives forms in the mental plane. It is a sensory organ that orders the many other perceptions that we receive and that continuously abstracts from the primary impressions and from primary abstractions on the objective, unspeakable, levels so that we can function in our environment.

     The earth element finally is manifestation that springs from the interaction of fire with water. This is beautifully expressed in the second geometric shape with five points in a circle, the pentagram. This shape is a pentagram that is surrounded by five triangles. It is coter the world of consciousness (the material plane) from the world of desire (the astral plane) and to manifest there, usually on the etheric level. The evocative magician uses a triangle in which the astral being can manifest. The astral being that is symbolized by the pentagon gains the quality of the triangle so that it can become manifest in consciousness. In the process of evocation the pentagon transforms into the pentagram.

     The earth element as symbolized in the pentagram then obviously is the synthesis of the other elements, or planes. Things have to be conscious to exist. The pentagram contains the other elements. All elements are traced within the circle that represents the universe as a whole, conscious and non conscious. Keep these relationships in mind when you proceed to practice oneness with the Divine.


Fire and Water
    In this lesson you are going to align the two basic elements that appear as opposites: fire and water. The interaction of fire and water is at the root of creation eternal of things that become manifest and conscious.


The workplace around yourself
    Before you are going ahead to align fire and water it will be good to expand your outer realm so that it includes utensils that connect with both elements, fire and water. Before that you are going to work with the water element by itself.

    As in the previous lesson, you have a circle around yourself. The table is outside your circle. Lay out a triangle on the table. You may surround this triangle by a circle.

    Put a cup with water inside the triangle. You may put the cup on an elemental design that represents water: the pentagon. As soon as you begin with your operation this set up is going to connect with the realms of the water element.

    To boost this process you visualize yourself drawing energy from the water element and to push it into the triangle. Imagine this energy being blue. Proceed to do so until you feel good about what you have achieved.


The workspace within
    Your next step is to establish an inner realm that connects with the water element. Again you imagine being in a space of your choosing. In front of yourself you see a blue pentagon that is formed with water. This pentagon is your gate into the realms of the water element. Imagine this pentagon opening up and you going through it to explore the realms of the water element. As you are looking around yourself within this realm you will notice changes in your surroundings that correspond to the water element. Move yourself through this realm and explore whatever you see there. Open up your awareness to whatever will come to you, be it visions, sound impressions, feelings, and thoughts. At a later time you may recall your experiences in the water element and write them down for your record. If you see spirits of the water element, interact with them. They may give you valuable information concerning your work with the water element.

    The purpose of this experience, of course, is that you become familiar with the energies that are in the realm of the water element and to understand the overall importance of this realm. With practice you can have this realm present for your magical work whenever you desire so.

    Leave the realm of the water element whenever you feel an urge to do so. While you are in this inner realm be aware that this realm connects with your outer realm and with the cosmic realm of the water element.


Being One with your Will and with Your Emotions
    After you have mastered both realms, the realm of the fire element and the realm of the water element, you can proceed to practice the second step toward consciousness of Oneness.

    For this practice, imagine yourself in the center of a circle, or sphere, that surrounds you. In front of yourself you see a flaming red triangle. You notice that this triangle is an ever present gate to the fire element. In it you see many forms of fire, perhaps also fire spirits and any other things that connect with the fire element.

    Now you mentally repeat to yourself six times:

    I am all will.

    You can imagine the words written in front of you in flaming letters. You may feel the heat of the written words. You may imagine hearing the sounds of fire. The more sensory imagination you include the better the results will be. Each time you say "I am all will" you focus on your inner realm of fire. Next you say once:

    I am One.
    Repeat this sequence at least three times.


    Next you see a blue watery pentagon to your left side. You know that this pentagon is your ever present gate to the realm of the water element. In it you notice water in many of its appearances, one within the other like three dimensional transparencies. You may also notice Undines, or spirits of the water element. This time you will not pay them any particular attention.

    Next you repeat mentally to yourself six times:
    I am all emotions

    You may imagine these words written in front of you in blue watery letters. You may feel the coolness and humidity of water. You may imagine hearing the many sounds of water. The more sensory imagination you include the better the results will be. Each time you say "I am all emotions" you focus on your inner realm of water. Next say once:

    I am One.
    Repeat this sequence at least three times. You may interrupt here or you may proceed as follows:

    Repeat six times:

    Will and emotions are aligned and One
    Repeat one time:

    I am One

    Again you repeat this sequence at least three times. Keep up the connection with the realms of the elements. You will find your individual way of doing this.

    It is O.K. to repeat more often than just three times for each sequence. You may also practice each section (fire and water) individually.

    After 1 you have practiced the whole sequence at least five times, you may proceed to your next lesson.

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