Tarot Spells -- A Practical Guide
Multi-Step, Keltic Cross and Eldritch Wizardry
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
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Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
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Eldritch Wizardy

General Notes

Every person experienced in magic has developed his/her own method of generating and controlling magical energy. I have become convinced by long experience that all methods are equally useful, and that each person should use whatever method suits him/her best. What follows is a series of configurations of Tarot arcana (major and minor), each of which will produce a specific desired result when magical energy is sent through them. It is wise to remember that since the arcana of the Tarot are inherent universals, no specific "charging" of the arcana is necessary; the arcana will shape the energy sent through them of their own accord. Again, it is not my wish to enter into any debate concerning the relative merits of different methods of magic, especially since, strictly speaking, this is a false issue. However, for those who do not find themselves comfortable with their own methods in relation to these configurations, I offer the following simple procedure: Simply concentrate briefly upon the first magor arcana, The Magician, immediately before beginning the desired spell. Then laying out or stacking the arcana in the prescribed order, focus the requisite energy from within oneself through the arcana to the desired result or target. I would also note that these spells will work effectively with machines designed to generate magical energy; those who are using such machines have but to place the desired configuration within the energy field or beam generated by the apparatus, and then let the technology do the hard work!

Works of the Magi

Please note that the following spells are of an advanced nature, and should only be attempted by those who have had at least a fair bit of experience with magic. Persons attempting these spells who have not yet attained requisite experience and authority may find themselves in serious trouble!

The major arcana are refered to by their customary Roman Numerals; I have used the "standard" sequence of the major arcana that is found in the Rider-Waite deck, because I belive it ti be the correct one in terms of the original purpose of the Book of Tarot. The minor arcana are refered to by their numbers, or by the "standard" names of Page, Knight, Queen, and King, as well as by the "standard" suits of Pentacles, Wands, Swords, and Cups. The configurations are listed from left to right, with the first arcana listed the closest to the person performing the spell. That is the person performing the spell is facing a line of arcana in front of him/her; the first arcana listed closest to him/her; the second arcana is next farthest away in line, etc..
Also note that for persons stacking arcana for use with a machine, the first arcana listed is the first card facing the output of the device, the second arcana behind it, etc. When a configuration specifies a stack of cards within it, the top card of the stack is closest to the machine, etc.. Whenever a spell calls for an arcana to be reversed, it should be placed upside down relative to the magus who is performing the operation and who is facing the layout. If the arcana are stacked, a reversed arcana should be upside down with respect to the earth. I have included recommended setting for persons using an EPG device; persons using other types of devices will simply have to experiment. Of course, an experienced person generating energy within him/her self will have a feel for what is right. Finally, as a general rule, using the name of a spirit to be evoked will work with the appropriate spells, as will using the name, picturem personal possession, etc., of the intended recipient of a spell. Simply place name, picture, etc., at the far end of the stack or layout to achieve the desired result.

To Attract a Marriage Partner/Long Term Lover:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: 1 hour/day, twice/week until results obtained, medium frequency. Notes: Using a picture of yourself and/ or a specific person is quite effective here.

To Confuse/Drive off Enemies or Unwanted Persons:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: 1 hour/day every day until results obtained, high frequency. Notes: If desired, a seperate picture for each person may be used. Also this spell is effective against unwanted spirits, especially if the seal of the spirit is used with the spell.

To Summon Forth a Spirit That Will Take Any Form One Desires:

Cast forth a circle as shown below -
In the center of the circle, place XVIII, covered by O. Charge the circle first, and then command the spirit to appear in the center of the circle.
Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: Not normally used, but energy can be projected into the circle to give the spirit a clearer manifestation. Experiment for best results.
Notes: Always command the spirit to give its name, or at least a name that may be used in dealing with it. (Quite often, these types of spirits will state that they have no name.) These types of spirits are useful in many types of operations involving fascination and deception, but they tend to be capricious and constant control must be maintained over them, less one turn against you. Also note that they may initially manifest in pure chaos, and then one must command them to appear in such form one desires. Even then they will tend to shift shape constantly unless held to one appearance. There are many different kinds of spirits within this order; even if one does not know a particular spirit's name, focusing upon the contemplated operation while summoning will as a rule bring the requisite sort of spirit.

To Leave Ones's Body, and Travel Anywhere in the Universe One Desires:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: Not normally used, but one may place upon onself for 15-30 minutes at very low frequency prior to beginning operation if desired. Notes: If desired one may use a picture or representation of where one wishes to go, but generally one may fairly well will oneself anywhere in an instant. Remember, there is no such thing as a speed limit outside the physical body. Also bear in mind that the universe is filled with all manner of beings, some friendly, some not; be prepared to deal with anything one may encounter! This takes practice.

To Bring Forth Good Vitality of the Body:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting:As needed, but no more than 1 hour/day except in extreme cases, generally on a medium frequency. Notes: If one wishes to cast this spell on oneself, simply lay out the arcana in prescribed manner and focus the energy upon oneself. Please not that a machine is VERY effective here. As usual, a picture of intended targetm etc., is acceptable.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This spell is not intended for physical healing. If one is suffering from any sort of physical ailment or disease, one should consult ab AMA-approved physician immediately.

To Bring Forth Good Vitality of the Mind:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: As desired, but generally no more than 1 hour/day, using a high frequency. Notes: As with the previous spell, to cast upon oneself, simply layout the arcana and focus. Once again, a machine and picture is VERY effective. STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This spell is not intended for physical healing. If one is suffering from any sort of physical ailment or disease, one should consult ab AMA-approved physician immediately.

To Discover And Bring Forth All Manner of Hidden Treasures:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: As desired; usually about 3 hours/week at medium-high frequency proves sufficient for most cases. Notes: This spell will bring good luck and all manner of good fortune. If a specific object is to be found, a photograph or mental visualization will prove effective.

To Raise Up a Spirit That Will Reveal Wise Secrets:

Cast forth a circle as shown below -

In the center of the circle place IX coverd by XIV

EPG Setting: Not normally used, but energy may be projected as above, into the circle to give the spirit greater powers of manifestation.

Notes: This spell will bring the archangel MICHAEL, as well as any spirit of his order; this type of spirit is very friendly, and will reveal all manner of wise and good things to the seeker who summons them. If their favor is especially found, then they can work miracles. Do not forget, however, to always ask the spirit its name so as to avoid accidental appearance of the wrong sort of spirit. If the specific name of one of this type of spirit is known, the name may be placed in the circle to summon the spirit. Finally, if one wishes to summon forth planetary spirits, one may do so by the use of this circle. One may also use the appropriate major arcana that is associated with a particular planetary sphere; the following associations have always worked well for me.

XII-SUN, II-MOON, XVII-MERCURY, III-VENUS, IV-MARS, XX-JUPITER, XI-SATURN. As always, find out the spirit's name before proceeding any further.

To Be Protected From All Manner of Spying and Attacks, and To Discover Ones's Enemies:

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: As needed, but no more than 2 hours/day, medium frequency. Notes: This spell may be used upon oneself simply by focusing as above, or in conjunction with a machine. In sunch case, a picture of oneself or the desired person will be effective. Also note that this spell may be used in conjunction with the spell for driving away enemies; this spell will provide one with the knowledge of one's adversaries, if they are not known, and will protect one while enemies are being driven off.

To Raise Up The Spirit of One Who Has Died:

Cast forth this circle -

In the center of the circle place XIII covered by O, along with the name/picture of person.
Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: As usual, may be used if stronger manifestation of spirit is necessary or desirable.

Notes: This is one of the most difficult and dangerous operations a magus my undertake! It should NOT be attempted by the inexperienced, or by those lacking in authority in any way. There are numerous risks involved in such an operation, and only those very familiar with spirits in general should even attempt to raise up a humsn being's spirit. Please note well that even if a person was known in life, since leaving their body, they may have become insane or evil. The magus must be prepared to deal with any cotigency that may arise, including the person being in league with infernal spirits! Also, it is possible for a human spirit to refuse to answer summons in many circumstances; futhermore, the spirit may have departed to regions of the universe unknown to the magus. In that case, it will not be possible to raise up the spirit unless another spirit is raised and sent to find the person. Full concentration and extreme caution are absolutely necessary at all times. Lastly, if person was indeed known to the magus, the magus must prepared to find out things he/she may not wish to know. Yet the wise turn sorrow into wisdom; do not abandon the pursuit of wisdom, just be careful along the path.

To Raise Up an Infernal Spirit for Disputation

Cast forth this circle -

In the circle place XV, covered by the 8 of swords, covered by XX, covered by O. Keep in one's hand XVI, and when dismissing the spirit, cast it into the circle. When finished, remove the arcana from the center of the circle BEFORE removing any cards from the circle itself.

Chi Generator® (JU 99 CE or AO 1100) Setting: As ususal, may be used to give spirit stronger manifestation but keep careful watch on how strong the spirit appears. If it is becoming too powerful, disconnect machine and dismiss spirit.

Notes: The inherent danger of such an operation cannot overemphasized. This operation MUST NOT be attempted by any but the most powerful of magi, who are fully aware of their own inherent divinity. Even so, absolute undivided attention MUST be maintained at all times upon the spirit, and the magus before beginning any disputation with the spirit must command it in the strongest terms to give the magus its name, along with which of the infernal planes it is from. Taking both IX reversed together with the symbol of the moon drawn reversed on a piece of paper on top of it, and placing them underneath XV will summon the spirit MEPHISTOPHILIS, who is able to asnwer many questions about the universe. Be careful of this prince however, for it will show that which is beautiful at first, in order that it may lure a magus into its clutches, without showing the evil until it is too late. Also bear in mind that such spirits lie as a matter of course, and will sieze at any opportunity to have the magus make a contract with it. Any such off must be immediately rejected in the strongest terms, and the spirit should be told that any further such offers will result in its dismissal. Bear in mind that while such creatures can be successfully commandedm every person is individually responsible for his/her own spiritual acts; this applies as well to any act performed in return for a favor from such a spirit. Know that all actions have their necessary consequences, and that this applies to ALL the universe for ALL eternity, not just to this space/time continuum. A paerticular spirit may be summoned at one's desire; names and seals placed UNDERNEATH arcana XV in the circle will be effective. However, I do NOT recommend that one call such spirits for vain or frivolous reasons, without a specific purpose; they are not the sort to be amused by such.

Eldritch Wizardy

By John Hayes

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