Magic of the Future -- A Practical Guide
in Six Lessons - Lesson 2
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
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Lesson I
Introduction to Magick:
Magick in human history
Common Functioning Principle in Magick
Magick free from Traditions
What is Magick?
Six case scenarios of magickal operations
Action at a Distance in Magick
Structural Links
Structural Links in the 6 case scenarios
The Target Link in Magick
The Trend Link in Magick
Psychic Power in Magick
Psychic Energy (life force) in the 6 case scenarios
No life without Magick
The Orgone (Life Force) Generator in Magick
The Definition of Magick
Magick is Action at a Distance upon a Target
Perform any kind of Magick!

Lesson III
Structural Links in Magick
animism in magick
a magickal miracle cross
Equivalent and Near-Identical
Structural Links in Magick
the 6 magickal case scenarios
the "true name" - an equivalent SL
magickal alphabets and sigils
Structural Links and Distance
magickal hyperspaces
Magickal Experiments with SL
experiment with the Magick Wand
experiment with the Orgone Generator
Magickal Radionics Experiments
Laws of Structural Links
basic principle of magickal transfer
magickal symbolisms

Lesson V
Magickal Protection
the Magickal Circle
the Magickal Triangle
Control Magickal Energies
control Magickal Entities
the Magickal Mirror
Magickal Control
magickal evocative circles
Methods of magickally dismissing
Magickal Threats
Psychic Interference with your Magickal Operation:
weak Life Force
incorrect Structural Links
lack of control of magickal energies
protection of the target
other psychic interferences

Lesson II
Life Force, Miracles, and Magick
Negative Entropy and Magick
Life Force, the Mind, and Magick
Build a Magick Wand
Learn to see Life Force:
a good practice for Magick
Learn to feel Life Force
Learn to direct Life Force
essential for Magick!
Direct Life Force into your body
Charge Magickal Objects with Life Force
Project Life Force into others
Generate Life force for Magick
Animal Magnetism and Magick
The Orgone Generator in Magick
Basic Laws of Life Force

Lesson IV
Equivalent Structures and HOE
animistic approach in Magick
Mappings in Magick
Four Magickal Elements
The Material Plane in Magick
The Astral Plane in Magick
The Mental Plane in Magick
The Causal Plane in Magick
The Importance of the Planes in Magick
Astrology and Magick
Magickal Squares of the Planets
The Tarot and Magick
List of Equivalent Structural Likns
Magickal Words of Power
Magickal Mantras
Magickal Sigils
Magickal Object in the Environment
Magickal Dances
Magickal Paraphernalia
Magickal Technology
Magickal Alphabets
Sets of Equivalent Structures

Lesson VI
Practical Magick: Examples
Make a Magickal Talisman:
magickal squares
The Magickal Realms
energetic magickal realm
outer magickal realm
realm of magickal energies
Cast a Magickal Spell
Magickal Clearing


Life Force

In the first lesson we found out that life force is the essential ingredient in any magical operation. Life force provides us with the "medium," so to say, that allows transfer by means of structural links. Magicians of all ages knew that. They taught practices to work with life force. Often these practices became so interwoven with religious practice that people were incapable of realizing the essence of the magical practice. They confounded the expression of raw life force with the specific religious practice that they used to make it appear. Quite naturally they thought it was the religious practice that caused the "miracle" to happen.

From this attitude it was just a small step to the wrong assumption that only their specific religion could deliver such miracles. If miracles happened in other religious systems, they logically interpreted them as being the work of the force that opposed their religion such as the devil in the Christian religion. The "miracles" appeared no longer as results of an applied technology, but as events that only happened within their specific creed. Miracles, then, found their explanation only in terms of such a specific religious doctrine and soon became a powerful marketing tool. From this attitude it was only a small step to the arrogant attitude found in some academains and pop-scientists that denies the existence of life force all together.

magic of ancient creations

To the magician who learned to think in scientific terms life force has gained a new importance. Scientific thinking helps us understand what's really going on when we apply a technology. It provides us with the mapping that we can use to explain technologies that evolved from experience of trial and error. Mappings that we develop with the help of scientific thinking will help us find new technologies. Therefore it is long overdue to bring about a scientific approach to the manifestations of life force.

In this lesson you will learn to explore and use raw psychic energy, or life force.

The Concept of Negative Entropy

The research of Franz Anton Mesmer, Karl von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich were gigantic steps towards our scientific understanding of the characteristics of life force. Wilhelm Reich was the first scientist who recognized that life force, or orgone (as he called it) follows the principle of negative entropy. To understand this principle, let's first explain what we mean with entropy.

Entropy is a term that appears in physics. Physicists observed that two energy systems of different potentials end up with the same potential some time after they came in contact with each other. We call this process of establishing balance entropy. For instance, if you bring a hot object in contact with a cold object, both objects will have the same temperature after some time. One object will be colder, while the other object will be warmer. The energy that the physicist refers to is electromagnetic in nature, of course. The average academic physicist of our days is still hostile to the concept of life energy.

entropy and magic

Life force operates the opposite way. If you bring an object with a high potential of life force in contact with an object that has a low potential, the object with the higher potential will draw from the object with the lower potential.

The second observation that Wilhelm Reich made was the following: Organic matter attracts and holds orgone energy while metallic matter attracts and immediately repels orgone. He designed his orgone accumulators following these two principles.

An orgone accumulator is a box that has alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. The outermost layer is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. As a consequence there will be a flow of orgone energy from the outside of the orgone box to the inside. The life force inside the accumulator will become stronger and stronger. A thermometer on the inside of the orgone box shows consistently a higher temperature. This fact contradicts the law of entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics the inside of the box should have the same temperature as the outside.

reversed entropy and magic

Wilhelm Reich has also made another important observation: An electroscope discharges much faster in an atmosphere that has a high orgone potential. This characteristic allowed Reich to measure the strength of fields of life energy. If we consider this characteristic of life force and the fact that the inside of an orgone box is warmer than its surroundings, we must realize that there is an "interface" between the space time that physics describes and life energy.

cloud busting - a more modern approach

Wilhelm Reich was a medical doctor. Therefore he used orgone energy for healing purposes. This brought medical traditionalists on the plan with the usual consequences. Reich went on to use his discoveries to build devices that he called "cloud busters." He used these devices to influence the weather: by forming clouds and by destroying them.

Reich also discovered a variation of orgone that was stagnant. He called this energy deadly orgone, or DOR. He used cloud busters to remove clouds of DOR that are hostile to life.


For nearly 40 years after Reich's passing virtually nothing happened in the science of orgone physics. Magicians such as Israel Regardie realized that a knowledge of orgone physics is useful for the study of magic. He recommends the study of Reich's works in the introduction to his manual of the Golden Dawn system. He had the right insights, but, being a traditionalist, he was incapable of accepting the consequences and freeing himself from the traditions he grew up in. Most of the people that followed Reich remained satisfied in conducting cloud busting experiments and building orgone accumulators. They overlooked that Reich's genius opened up a vast field of new technologies.

Life Force and the Mind

Although magicians used life force throughout the millennia, they never became aware of the principle of negative entropy. This is quite amazing because negative entropy is the characteristic of life energy that makes magic work.

Perhaps a reason for this unawareness is another important characteristic of life energy: namely that its transfer follows structural principles. From this structural transfer and the principle of negative entropy follow that we can direct life energy with our minds.

At this point it becomes necessary that we begin with some practice that involves life energy. We do this practice with technological tools and with our minds.

The Magical wand as an Orgone Accumulator

We will now build our first "magical" tool. It is a simple orgone accumulator (orac). Later this orac can double as a magical wand.

We need:

1. A copper or brass tube, about one foot long, 1/2" to 1 inch 3/4" diameter
2. Aluminum duct tape
3. Ordinary duct tape (plastic)

Take the tube and wrap it with one layer of plastic duct tape. Follow with one layer of aluminum tape, then plastic, etc., until you have 7 layers. The outermost layer is plastic. If you want to make it look nice, cover the whole wand with leather or vinyl. For the experiments and practices that follow, looks are irrelevant.

the magic wand

Learn How To See Life Force 

Although this is not absolutely necessary for your beginning of magical practice, it is good if you learn to see life energy.

Practice #1: Hold both hands in front of you, about one foot from your eyes. Do so with a neutral background such as a wall. Have the fingers of both hands touch each other. Now very slowly pull the hands apart and see the "strings" that are still connecting the fingers that separate from each other. For some people it may take a bit of training, but it's not difficult.

Practice #2: Hold one end of the wand in one hand and touch the other end of the wand with the index finger of your other hand. Slowly pull the index finger and wand apart from each other and observe the "luminating" bridge, or string. If you have seen the string, you know why I call it "luminating."

Practice #3: Same as before, but pull apart rather rapidly, up to four inches. Chances are that you see a short emanation from both, the finger and the wand. Now you give the mental command for the two emanations to join into a luminating string. This is your first experience to direct life energy with your mind

 magical life force emanation from the hands

Learn How To Feel Life Energy

Practice #4: Take the wand and point it to sensitive parts of your body.

1. Feel one end of the wand with the palm of any one of your hands. To feel the life energy, hold the palm about one inch from the end of the wand.
2. Point the wand to the wrist of the hand, again one inch away.
3. Hold your fingers in front of the wand, one by one.
4. Point the wand toward the area of the forehead that is in the center between the eyes, one inch away.
5. Do the same thing with any other area of your body.

The feeling that you get is your individual experience. Some persons feel a tingling. Others feel a slight cool breeze. Most persons feel a gentle warmth. What you feel depends very much on what group of nerve endings respond first. The person who is kinetically oriented responds with a feeling of a tingling or breeze while the visually oriented person feels warmth. What happens in this experiment is the following: Your life energy field is stronger than the energy field of the wand. Therefore you draw life energy from the wand. When this life energy enters your body it stimulates the tactile nerve endings in your skin. You experience this stimulation of nerve endings as a feeling of warmth, a tingling, or a breeze. You have this feeling even though there is no wind or high temperature between the wand and your body.


Learn How To Direct Life Force

You had your first experience with directing life energy when you practiced seeing it with the wand. For some the following practices you will need a partner. To be more effective you need also learn a preliminary practice that employs your capability to imagine. Anything that you image is structure and life energy follows structural principles easier than space-time distances. This characteristic of life force opens up truly fantastic potentials for the person who learns to use it. The whole science of magic is a result of this characteristic of life energy! Our mind creates structures in continuous sequence! This is the reason for the fact that magic is as old as mankind. Earliest man already realized that events sometimes followed visualization.

the magic of thought forms

Learn How To Direct Life Force Into Your Body

Practice #5: While you inhale, imagine life energy enter your body through your left hand. While exhaling, imagine it condensing and building up in an area of your body such as your abdomen. Keep doing so for a while until you feel life energy in that part of the body.

Practice #6: While inhaling, imagine life energy enter your body through your left hand. While you exhale, imagine that the life energy leaves through your right hand.

Practice #7: You may practice many variations of the two practices above.

Practice #8:

projection of life force for magic

Put any object in front of you. This may be a small piece of paper, a candle, a matchbook, a glass of water, or a crystal. Hold your right hand about one inch above the object. While inhaling, imagine life energy enter your body through your left hand. While you exhale, imagine that the life energy leaves through your right hand and builds up in the object. Proceed charging the object. Then stop charging and feel the life energy of the object with the palm or wrist of your hand. You may let your partner feel the life energy in the object. Your partner does the same and you feel the energy.

Practice #9:

setting a life force field for magic

Put an object in front of you as in practice #1. Instead of projecting life energy into the object use it to build a sphere of life energy around the object. Have your partner move the hand slowly toward the sphere and feel where the sphere begins. Let your partner do the same and you feel the energy.


Learn How To Project Life Force To Persons

Practice #10: Point your fingers of the right hand toward the area between the eyes of your partner. Draw life energy while inhaling and project it into this area between the eyes. Project on other parts of the body. Let your partner do the same on you.

Practice #11: Stretch your arm out and point your fingers as in preceding practice. Do NOT point toward your partner. Point anywhere else. Again you do the drawing and projecting in the rhythm of your breath. This time however you imagine the flow of life energy entering the forehead or any other body part of your partner. Then your partner does the same on you.

Practice #12: Both arms are in a comfortable position. No pointing or drawing position, simply comfortable seating. Using drawing and projecting techniques, again project onto the forehead of your partner. Then change positions.

Practice #13: Take the wand and point it toward the area between the eyes of your partner. Do not any drawing and projecting through your own body. Then project on other body parts.

Practice #14: Proceed as in practice #2. Point the wand anywhere but focus on the body areas of your partner. Imagine the flow from the end of your wand into the body of your partner.

All of the above practices are excellent to learn the mental mastery of life energy. What you do in every case is draw life energy from the universe and direct it toward a person or an object. It is good to divert (in your imagination) a bit of life energy into your own body while you are drawing and projecting. This way you get stronger in the process.

How To Generate Life Force

Magicians build up energy to project it. They did so with sacrifice, chanting, emotional build up in congregations or magical groups, walking in circles, dancing, chanting, and sex magical practices, etc. In most instances they used energy that was available and accumulated it up for release in a magical operation.

generate life force with body movement

Animal Magnetism

Franz Anton Mesmer developed a system of healing that involves the generating of life energy. It is the system of "magnetizing." He used the term "magnetizing" because he chose the term "animal magnetism" for life energy. The practice of magnetizing is relatively simple. One person lies down, with light or (ideally) no clothing. The other person passes one or both hands over the body of the person who is magnetized at a distance of one to two inches. Lead the magnetic strokes from the extremities to the center of the body, i.e., the area of the navel: from head to center, from toes to center, from hands to center. When returning, you do so in a wide arch, sometimes shaking out the hands.

If you do not visualize the energy being sent to any part of the body, then the body will send the energy where it is most needed. Magicians use the same method to generate life energy. They project it then onto a talisman or into a magical operation.

Practice #15: Practice the magnetizing and feel the energy in the body.

Practice #16: Magnetize and direct the energy to a specific part of the body.

Practice #17: Magnetize and direct the energy from the center of the body to an object.

Practice #18: Magnetize, but use your wand instead of your hands. If you have two wands available, use both wands.

From Mesmers research and other observations follows another important characteristic of life energy: You can generate life energy by moving fields of life energy relative to each other. This happens clearly in the practice of magnetizing, but also in group practices such as walking or dancing in circles.

The Orgone Generator

On the basis of the previous observation and characteristic of life energy, I invented the life energy generator, or Welz generator. The Welz generator has the advantage that it can run continuously. In addition, a set of Welz generators can develop energies so powerful that no group of magicians can match!

The Basic Laws of Life Force





5. WHEN YOU SHIFT FIELDS OF LIFE ENERGY RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER YOU GENERATE LIFE ENERGY. (Or: you generate a vortex that draws additional life energy from somewhere, perhaps the chaos energy)

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