Magic of the Future -- A Practical Guide
in Six Lessons - Lesson 5
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
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Lesson I
Introduction to Magick:
Magick in human history
Common Functioning Principle in Magick
Magick free from Traditions
What is Magick?
Six case scenarios of magickal operations
Action at a Distance in Magick
Structural Links
Structural Links in the 6 case scenarios
The Target Link in Magick
The Trend Link in Magick
Psychic Power in Magick
Psychic Energy (life force) in the 6 case scenarios
No life without Magick
The Orgone (Life Force) Generator in Magick
The Definition of Magick
Magick is Action at a Distance upon a Target
Perform any kind of Magick!

Lesson III
Structural Links in Magick
animism in magick
a magickal miracle cross
Equivalent and Near-Identical
Structural Links in Magick
the 6 magickal case scenarios
the "true name" - an equivalent SL
magickal alphabets and sigils
Structural Links and Distance
magickal hyperspaces
Magickal Experiments with SL
experiment with the Magick Wand
experiment with the Orgone Generator
Magickal Radionics Experiments
Laws of Structural Links
basic principle of magickal transfer
magickal symbolisms

Lesson V
Magickal Protection
the Magickal Circle
the Magickal Triangle
Control Magickal Energies
control Magickal Entities
the Magickal Mirror
Magickal Control
magickal evocative circles
Methods of magickally dismissing
Magickal Threats
Psychic Interference with your Magickal Operation:
weak Life Force
incorrect Structural Links
lack of control of magickal energies
protection of the target
other psychic interferences

Lesson II
Life Force, Miracles, and Magick
Negative Entropy and Magick
Life Force, the Mind, and Magick
Build a Magick Wand
Learn to see Life Force:
a good practice for Magick
Learn to feel Life Force
Learn to direct Life Force
essential for Magick!
Direct Life Force into your body
Charge Magickal Objects with Life Force
Project Life Force into others
Generate Life force for Magick
Animal Magnetism and Magick
The Orgone Generator in Magick
Basic Laws of Life Force

Lesson IV
Equivalent Structures and HOE
animistic approach in Magick
Mappings in Magick
Four Magickal Elements
The Material Plane in Magick
The Astral Plane in Magick
The Mental Plane in Magick
The Causal Plane in Magick
The Importance of the Planes in Magick
Astrology and Magick
Magickal Squares of the Planets
The Tarot and Magick
List of Equivalent Structural Likns
Magickal Words of Power
Magickal Mantras
Magickal Sigils
Magickal Object in the Environment
Magickal Dances
Magickal Paraphernalia
Magickal Technology
Magickal Alphabets
Sets of Equivalent Structures

Lesson VI
Practical Magick: Examples
Make a Magickal Talisman:
magickal squares
The Magickal Realms
energetic magickal realm
outer magickal realm
realm of magickal energies
Cast a Magickal Spell
Magickal Clearing



Protection in the Work with Energies

In the previous lessons you have learned the scientific basis of magical technology. What you learned concerns in the main the principles of directing trends, or action, at any target, be it far away or not. These principles are life energy and structural links. In lesson four I have shown you the basics of energies of a higher order and of magical hierarchies in which these energies are ordered. I have also pointed out how to establish structural links with elements ("spirits") of these magical hierarchies.

The term "spirit" evolved because most of these energies of a higher order can be accessed by the practicing magician in a "personnified" mode. If the magician proceeds to give the energy sufficient etheric matter (life energy) then the energy of a higher order manifests as an entity that the magician can perceive and even photograph. To call in a spirit means then to condense a specific trend to the extent that it manifests. Such an entity has its own way of action and the magician needs to learn methods of controlling them. This compares well to the control of energies on the material plane such as electricity and life energies. Here too the technician has to follow certain rules in order to keep from being hurt. The control of energies of finer densities has to be within their realms: on the astral and mental planes. If the magician lacks the skill of proper protection and control, the success of the magical operation may be in question. If the spirit is well defined and the energy field of manifestation relatively weak there is no big need for protective measures. In such a case however the desired effect will come relatively slowly.

Protective measures and control measures have to be set in motion in the planes where the energies are active. Magicians of the past viewed this process anthropomorphically. Therefore they called this process the process of establishing authority over the sprit world. They devised several methods for establishing such authority. These methods included personal training as well as the use of structural links that represent energies that control the spirits. A simple practice of burning incense can establish a structural link to protective measures.

In the following I am going to guide you through several protective measures.

Practice #38: Establishing a Circle of Protection and Exploring the evocative meaning of a symbol

magical circle


Do the following exercise: Lay out a circle of about 5 to 7ft diameter on the floor. You may draw the circle with a piece of chalk or simply use a rope that you lay down in the shape of a circle. Then blank your mind, if you can do this, and look (without interference of thoughts, or words) at this circle that you lay out on the floor. Now notice the impressions that you get. Perhaps write them down.

Your next step is to enter the circle. First sit down in the center of the circle. Again blank your mind and take notes. Then stand up. Slowly turn around until you are back to your original position. Carefully note your impressions.

What you have done is an attempt to tune into the meaning of symbols without interference of thought that would assign a meaning logically. This was an exercise in primary abstraction in which you get sensory meaning before words come in. This is a very basic experience of living beings. From feelings that you get this way you can derive powerful methods in magic, because such experience touches on levels that are not easily accessible to conscious thought, but nevertheless very active in human life.

Metaphysicists say that the circle refers to the universe, to completeness, and to protection. If you did your previous exercise right, you have noticed that there are other significances to the circle: significances of a magical nature that you cannot easily express with words, but which nevertheless are very real. With the previous exercise you have begun to touch the realms of creation.

As a conclusion we can say the following: When we work with a symbol, the first that comes into our minds is a logical interpretation of the symbol. In the case of a circle this is enclosure, protection, a whole system, the universe, etc. The second meaning of the symbol is experience that you can derive as a result of primary abstraction. Primary abstraction is abstraction that works with the sensory apparatur without the interference of words. The second set of meanings of the circle is of an evocative nature.

You may do the practice that I described above with any other symbol. An ideal set of symbols for that purpose are the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes. This Runic system is a symbolism that is mainly evocative. The energies of these symbols touch on the creative levels. Therefore they have a minimum of definitions.


Setting up a Circle of Protection

Lay out your circle on the floor. Now you do the following: While projecting life energy into the rope you build a wall of life energy that has the rope as a base. Feel the wall or have your partner feel it. Now you shape the wall into a bubble that extends also beneath the circle. Feel the wall from the inside and from the outside.

This an exercise only. Considering the fact that life energy transmits thorough hyper spaces a wall of life energy in three dimensional space is totally ineffective. However it is the concept of protection that the drawing of circles and the erection of walls signify. Based on this extended concept you are capable of expanding the effect of the sphere into serving as a protection. The actual protection becomes a sphere that extends into hyper space and that cuts off any life energy based transmission. Most humans are incapable of actually visualizing hyper spaces. However, use of the sphere or circle as a symbol gives sufficient protection in most cases.

magical protection

You may have heard of lots of methods of how to structure protective spheres. These methods cover a wide range including white light, mirror systems, and other new-agey pop-scientific mathematical concepts. A skilled hyper space mathematician will penetrate any and all of these shields with no problem at all. However it is useful to begin somewhere. The circle of protection that you have set up just now is a good protection for the work with most energies. This is so because the concept of the circle carries a lot of evocative meaning. Therefore I stressed the preliminary exercise of exploring the evocative dimension of the circle. Repeat this exercise again, this time with your experiences with the bubble, or sphere, in mind. Then set up a new bubble.

A circle represents also emptiness. The interior of the three dimensional sphere in which you stand does not allow material manifestation of entities. It's a sphere of exclusion. Manifesting entities have to be outside this sphere. To be more thorough you may need to extend the sphere into additional spatial dimensions. This would add distance to the protection.

Practice #39: Confining the energy into a triangle or mirror

In the previous practice you have learned to keep an energy out of something. One of the functions of an empty circle is the removal of any material point where an energy could manifest. The practice that we are describing here has the opposite goal. It is the creation of an atmosphere that makes it easy for an energy of a higher order to manifest. This practice is also helping to confine the energy inside a well defined realm. Once the energy is made to manifest and well confined you have a reservoir from which you can project the energy at any target. While the circle represents emptiness, the triangle allows manifestation. A triangle that you extend into space naturally becomes a tetrahedron, or three sided pyramid with a base. This is an excellent representation of structure in a three dimensional space.

magical protection container

Practice #39A: Build a Triangle.

As in practice #38A, determine the three corners of the triangle. Then project life energy to form a pyramid above the triangle. Next you project life energy inside the pyramid. Use the drawing and projecting method that you learned in lesson #2 or use a Welz Generator. The Welz Generator works best if you have already put a charge inside the triangle before you switch it on. Feel the energy of the triangle.

Practice #39B: Charge a Mirror

Do the same practice as above by projecting energy into a mirror. It is good to have the mirror positioned inside a triangle.

Both practices, the circle and the triangle, are an excellent help in the work with energies of a higher order. The circle removes the potential of manifestation for the energy. It is an insulating device for the practicing magician. The triangle generates a strong field of life energy that helps confining the energy within its limits.

The geometric shapes that we use for our visualization are very helpful, but they are of secondary importance in our work. If you become rooted in concepts of hyper space mathematics you need no longer these symbols of circle and triangle. For the time being it is imperative that you learn these practices.

You may put a Welz Chi Generator at the base of the mirror to boost manifestations therein.

Bringing in and Controlling energies of a Higher Order

Now that you have learned methods of protection and methods to establish an etheric base for the manifestation of HOE's where you may contain them for a while, it is time that you learn to draw and to control these energies. Drawing the energy is easy. You draw the energy for a specific purpose. This purpose may be simple exploration of its capabilities or it may be actual use of the energy in magical work. In either case you need to learn how to control the energy and how to dispel it.

You can always dispel an energy by removing the life energy from the triangle by visual grounding. You can do so by shaping a circle (sphere) around the triangle and imagining the life energy drain into the energetic ocean of the universe. It is more useful to interact with the energy and ask it to leave. In these cases it is easier for you to keep the energy on call for future uses.

Practice #40: Drawing, Controlling, and Dispelling

In the following you learn a simple method to draw, control, and finally dispel an energy of a higher order.

Practice #40A: Drawing of a HOE

I have devised the following practices in a way that they would be safe even if you had no barrier at all.

Set up your circle. Then set up your triangle. Draw the shape of a triangle on a circular table. You may also use some rope and lay it on the table in the shape pf a triangle. The circular table is very useful because it gives you an added barrier.

Now you put a mirror inside the triangle. A small mirror that stands up is fine. You may use a frame for photos and spray paint the glass with black paint. Black instead of silver coating is helpful in what we are going to do. I have worked perfectly well with the ordinary silver mirror. Put two candles on the sides of the mirror.

magical entity

Now put the sigil of an entity in front of the mirror. For our example use the symbol of a genius from the sphere of Venus that you find in Franz Bardon's book "The Practice of Magical Evocation." The name of that entity is Owina. You can order this book from any metaphysical bookstore where the "m"-word (magick) is not shunned. It is an excellent work that introduces you to practical evocative methods. You find the sigil in the appendix of this course. Draw this sigil in green color. Green is the color that relates to the sphere of Venus. Project life energy into the triangle. Imagine this life energy being of green color. This way you give the field of life energy an aspect of Venus. The green color helps the manifestation of energies of Venus. You can aid the projection of life energy with a Welz Generator. Once the triangle is filled with life energy you may call the energy by its name while focusing on its sigil. This way you establish the structural link with the HOE in the astral. You can either see a shift of life energy inside the triangle or you may feel the presence of the entity by a sudden rush of goose bumps.

Now you may begin to look into the mirror. Look at your face and see how its features change. Blank your mind during this practice and wait for any impressions that you may get. These impressions may be visions, thoughts, assurances, etc.

If you have built up the field of life energy with a Welz generator you may make a photo of the table. Chances are that the energy appears on film. When I make photos of this kind the energy takes some kind of shape or it appears as a light.

Practice #40B: Controlling the HOE

Control of the HOE is relatively simple once you have established your authority over the energy. There are many ways to establish authority. One of the most useful ways of establishing authority over entities is being aware of your Divine nature. You can do this by aligning the elements of will, emotions, mind, and consciousness within yourself. I like to work with a circle that represents the energies from the realms of creation to control the energies of a higher order. These energies set a barrier of near-chaos energy between myself and the HOE's that I cause to manifest. Conversely the creative powers help the manifestation of the HOE's that I call in by supplying them with energy. When I am one with the creative energies I have an excellent key to control the HOE's that I am calling in. Rune Masters have no problem with control of entities, provided that they studied the Sacred Futhork, or the eighteen creative energies of the universe. Click Here for a comprehensive course.

Practice #40C: Dispelling the HOE

Dispelling is a form of control. You have to know the practices of dispelling before you begin with the exercising of other forms of control. Again Oneness with the Divine or awareness of your Divine nature by aligning the elements is your most powerful weapon.

If you have used a Welz Generator to make the energy manifest, you need to remove it from the triangle. The supply of life energy will stop.

You proceed by grounding the life energy. You have learned that life energy follows the

direction that your mind gives it. Imagine the life energy draining from the triangle into the ground. This takes away the energy that the entity needs to manifest.

Then tell the entity to leave and thank it for its manifestation.

Controlling the Energy with a Field of Higher Order

There are many practices that fall under this category. Some authors such as Franz Bardon give the recommendation to identify with an entity that has a controlling power over the spirit that you intend to command. Oneness with the divine principle is more useful. This is so because all entities are subject to the Divine Will and because we are a reflection of the divine principle. Once you are one with the Divine and in tune with the higher planes, you can command the entities that inhabit these planes. You achieve Oneness with the divine by aligning the elements of will, emotions, mind and consciousness. I am teaching this practice in my Course of Cosmic Consciousness. It is free on the Net.

The practice that I have described under practice #40B also establishes a field of a higher order that controls the entity that you evoke. Another of my favorite methods is a universal pentacle that represents all the energies of the cabalistic system. If I put the square of a planet into that universal pentacle, I generate rapidly the corresponding planetary energy. The I use this energy to control the entity that falls under its domain.

Many of the more ancient books of magic have evocative circles with some symbols inscribed. These symbols are structural links that connect you with the energies that are superior of the entities that you are going to evoke out of such a circle. You take the aspect of the controlling deity without actually evoking it. It is the part of that deity within yourself that is the controlling factor and not an exterior force.

I suggest that you examine well such a circle before you use it. Many of the old books contain mistakes that are put there on purpose or by negligence. Another problem with these old manuscripts is the spirit with which they have been written. People for whom the books were written had a religious fervor that was a powerful protection. Hardly any one of the modern magicians can claim to have such a religious fervor. Therefore a modern magician needs to use other methods of control that are more adjusted to his or her own background.

Controlling the energy with the Threat of Destruction

Ancient grimoires abound with threats of destruction if the entity does not obey. The threat of destruction is for real. This does not mean that the entity will be wiped off the universe for good. It simply means that the entity will lose its astral body as related to the magician's realm. When it loses its astral body, the desire to manifest will cede to exist, and so does the chance to manifest in the material plane (etheric plane) of consciousness unless its astral body is reconstructed in some way. An entity whose astral body is destroyed is removed from its sphere of potential manifestation to which it naturally gravitates. The self-preserving spirit of an entity will do anything to prevent such an effect.

magical sword

This is the meaning of having a dagger, sword, or trident on the altar. These tools relate to the mental plane that controls the astral world.

An excellent tool that shatters any astral form and makes it dissolve in the energetic ocean of the universe is the blasting glyph. Its design reminds us of a trident, but it has some Uranian and Saturnian nature to it. Simply imagining the blasting glyph and giving it an etheric form is a powerful weapon! You can always use this tool when an entity refuses to leave. It is a tool that's quite convincing when you wield it against an entity


Psychic Interference

At times magical work yields no results. This has several reasons. The main reasons are the following:

1. The magician failed to establish a sufficiently powerful field of life energy. Transfer could not occur for that reason.

2. The magician failed to establish the proper structural links, again with a lack of transfer.

3. The magician lacked the capability to control the spell energies.

4. The target blocked itself psychically by setting up protective measures. No transfer would reach it.

5. Psychic interference caused blockage and/or deviation of life energies.

The first three cases can be overcome with the appropriate training, technological devices, and proper power (life force) supply such as Welz Generators. Psychic interference and shielding need to be bypassed or overcome in other ways. This requires that the magician recognizes the nature of psychic interference and then takes the appropriate steps to be successful.

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