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Contents of the Book

What this book will do for you

What are the Basics? - Odin's Rune Song, the Magical Poem

Access-Keywords, Meanings, and Corelations of Runes

Body- and Hand Positions of Runes

About Ceremonials, About Ceremonial Utensils, Preparations of the Utensils

The Basic Ceremony

Ceremonial for Success

Ceremonial for Success, Simplified Version

Chant for Success

Ceremonial for Love

Ceremonial for Love, Simplified Version

Chant for Love

Ritual to Change Bad Luck into Good Circumstances

Chant for Change

Calling of the Soulmate

Ceremony of the Grostic Wedding

Chant for Successful Creativity

The Basic Ceremony

This is a basic outline of the basic ceremonial practice into which you can incorporate in any ceremonial of your choice by adjusting it accordingly to the specific purpose of that ceremony.

1. Take your diary or book of ceremonials and write in it the date, purpose of the operation, means employed, and way you will111 proceed. Keep the diary on your altar, so you can follow exactly the outline that you have written down.

Besides helping you to follow exactly the outline of your ceremony, the diary has another important purpose: At a later date you can compare which of the ceremonials worked best for you. Of course you need not repeat to write down the basic ceremonial every time. References and special symbols should suffice.

2. Personal preparation: It is very important for you to be well prepared for the operation. This includes leaving all those things behind that trouble you in your everyday life. It is also essential that
you DETACH YOURSELF from the situation that you intend to change with the ceremonial. It is very helpful for you to take a bath. The bath cleanses you symbolically from your worries and anything else that may contaminate the course of your ceremonial. A bath also can be used to purify your spiritual centers, provided that you take it with this attitude. Wear clean clothes for the operation. You may have some special clothes for your ceremonials or a special robe. Followers of the old religion prefer to practice nude, because for them nudity symbolizes freedom and direct contact with the living universe.

3. Setting of the outer Realm. The outer realm is the space within which you are working. It is your temple. The set up of your outer realm symbolizes the universe upon which you intend to operate. Make sure that you will not be disturbed in your work. Also make sure that the room in which you are working is clean. You need an altar. A table will do. Arrange your ceremonial utensils as shown in the picture. Leave enough space for the candles and Rune staves that you use for the ceremonial. You may set a circle of Rune Staves around the table, large enough so that you can move in this circle. Have the Runes EH and GIBOR on the left and right sides of the table, or altar. Have the Runes that you need for your ceremonial removed from the circle and set it on the table in the space where you have the center of operations. Set the cup with water or wine on the table, as well as the incense burner, one altar candle, Thor's Hammer, and the Rune dagger. Put there your book of ceremonials and your diary so that you can use them with ease. Arrange the center of operations according to the ceremonial and its purpose. You may either stand or have a chair available for sitting down in front of the table.

Now you are ready to set up the space within which you are going to
work: your inner and outer Rune Realms. First tune into each Rune in the circle by singing the stanza of the magical poem for each Rune. You can instead listen to the tape that establishes your inner Rune Realm. Connect each Rune of your inner Rune Realm with the corresponding Rune Stave in your outer Rune Realm.

4. Protective circle: Your next step is to build the protective circle. Take your Rune dagger, first you trace the circle of Rune Staves around the table, then you draw the HAGAL Rune in all four directions, beginning with North (the position of the FA Rune), next West (position of RIT), South (position of IS), then East, position of BAR. Each time you draw the HAGAL Rune in the air, do so with the strongest possible imagination of protection and Oneness with the universe. Put the dagger back to the side of the incense burner.

5. Light the Altar Candle and say:

Light the candles, then say:

"Power of the Light
Eternal in the Universe
Penetrate darkness.
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring Light into darkness.
Around darkness, around night,
Darkness has merged with the Light.
Original fire of FA,
Burning from the roots of times;
Light force of AR,
Born of the Sun
At the roots of the worlds,
Give Light to the seeker!"

6. Light the Incense and say:

"May the Power of the Runes
Lead me to a greater understanding
Of the Universe and myself!

7. Hold both hands over the cup with water or wine. Be aware of the purpose of your ceremonials. Project the desired result into the water or wine, if the purpose is related to you personally. Otherwise know that the water element symbolizes emotional strength. Project energy into the water or wine. Then drink part of it.

8. Look at Thor's Hammer. Be aware that the Hammer of Thor is the symbol of your power to draw, to harness, and to project Rune energies. Hold both hands over it, knowing of its power.

9. Now you have finished all preparation and you are ready for the SPECIFIC CEREMONIAL with Runes. You will find these specific ceremonials in the next part of this publication. After you finished with the specific ceremonial you end the ceremony:

10. Say:
Powers of .... (name of the Rune or Runes that you used in the ceremony)
Thank you for your energy
Flow back
To the realms of Creation!"

11. Imagine, or visualize, the Rune energies grounding, flowing into the ground as water flows down the drain or seeps into sandy soil.

12. Extinguish the flame of the altar candle and all other candles.

13. Extinguish the incense burner

14. Write your experiences into your diary

15. Remove all utensils.

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