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The Welz Chi Generator
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The Basic Rune Course
Contents of the Book

What this book will do for you
What are the Basics? - Odin's Rune Song, the Magical Poem
Access-Keywords, Meanings, and Corelations of Runes
Body- and Hand Positions of Runes
About Ceremonials, About Ceremonial Utensils, Preparations of the Utensils
The Basic Ceremony
Ceremonial for Success
Ceremonial for Success, Simplified Version
Chant for Success
Ceremonial for Love
Ceremonial for Love, Simplified Version
Chant for Love
Ritual to Change Bad Luck into Good Circumstances
Chant for Change
Calling of the Soulmate
Ceremony of the Grostic Wedding
Chant for Successful Creativity

Ceremonial for Success, simplified version

After you have practiced the full ceremonial at least three times, you may use a simplified version. This is possible now, since after practicing three times you will have built up enough runic power related to the ceremonial to boost this simplified version! If you add life force to this ceremonial (with a Welz Chi Generator), success of the ceremonial can certainly be achieved in a much shorter time and more abundantly! The simplified option is also possible for persons who have extensively practiced Rune magick before.

Again, you can perform this simplified version either alone or jointly with others. Group practice will increase its power.

The altar is set up simply, a set of Rune staves on it, incense, hammer of Thor, two candles, and a cup


1. Prepare yourself as you have learned earlier in this publication.

1.a. Set up your Welz Chi Generator. If you have an orgone radionics device, set the trend for the envisioned success and set the target for the Runes that you are using in this ceremonial (see the previous long form)

2. Write down your wish, specify exactly what you want.

3. Initial meditation: Sit down comfortably and practice the initial meditation. Leave all daily life, worries, etc., behind you. This includes now also your special wish. Clear your mind. Clear yourself. Be aware of the inner Rune realm. Be aware of your Divine nature. See yourself in a sacred place and/or a place of power, surrounded by the Runes. You know that you can draw and project creative energies at will anywhere you want to project them. Your inner realm is the space within which you have the basis for your work. You know that this inner Rune realm is connected with the outer realm that you have built up and that both realms are in connection with the realms of creation.

4. Light both candles and chant:
"Powers of the Light
Eternal in the Universe
Penetrate darkness.
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring Light into darkness.
Around darkness, around night,
Darkness has merged with the Light.
Original fire of FA,
Burning since the beginning of times;
Light force of AR,
Born of the Sun
At the beginning of the worlds,
Give Light to the seeker!"

5. Take the cup with water or wine, hold both hands over it. Be aware of the purpose of your ceremonial. Meditate on the roots of all being, of all existence. Project energy into the cup.

6. Chant YR three times
YR -- YR -- YR

Light the incense and chant:
8. Light the incense and say:

May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the Universe and of ourselves.
May the Power of the Runes
Further our path to Oneness.
We thank the singer of the Edda
For preserving the heritage of Atlantis.
We stride the direct path to Oneness.
We tear down the fences
That separate individuals, groups and nations.
Fences that have been
Erected by blindness.
We are wanderers to higher realms.
Unified with all people of good will
We work to achieve
A unified homeland of humankind
On the throne of which
Divine Spirit,
Divine Wisdom
Divine Love
Are ruling.

8. Chant MAN three times


9. Focus on the Hammer of Thor. You are aware that the energies of the burning candles are transmitted into the water by means of the incense and that the combined energy is then projected upon the Hammer of Thor, which now contains the synthesis of all energies. You are aware that you can direct the energy of the hammer of Thor wherever you decide to direct it so that it ultimately will manifest into your universe. Hold your hand over the Hammer of Thor, feel the interaction between yourself and the Hammer.

10. Chant SIG-TYR three times


Activate the outer Rune Realm

11. Charge the outer Rune realm as follows: Take your power rod, or dagger, and point at each Rune of the set around yourself and the altar while you chant the mantra of each Rune and follow up with its stanza from the magical poem. At the same time point at the Rune. Your partner (s) and other participants of the ceremonial go into body-and/or hand positions of each Rune that you chant. They join you in chanting the Rune and keep chanting the Rune while you recite the stanza.

Ffffffffaaaaaa (the mantra)
I know the Songs that no wise woman knows
And none of the children of men.
The first Song is HELP, and help it will
Against sorrow, hurt, and any distress.

Oooooorrrrrrr (the mantra)
A second I know; quite useful to the children of men
Who practice the healing hand:
It chases disease and all pain,
It cures hurts and all wounds.

A third Song I know: If urgency tells me
To tie the opponent with magic
Then I dullen the steel of my foes
So that their swords will not cut anymore.

A fourth Song I know: If an enemy puts
A tie of pliable limbs;
Then I speak the spell, the shackles break on the feet
And the fetters break on the hands.

This I know as a fifth: If in hostile flight
An arrow shoots into the crowd;
Not matter how it threatens, I block its force
By grasping it tightly with the look of my eyes.

A sixth on is mine: Should a warrior hurt me
With the roots of soft wood;
This warrior who awakens the hate within me
Shall be struck before it gets me.

A seventh I know: If the hall blazes high in flames
Above all the people;
No matter how it burns, I still save them all.
The Magic I know to perform.

An eighth one is mine: quite useful to hear
For all the people in danger and need.
Where hate should arise between man and man
I settle it fast.

A ninth one I know: I danger is out in the sea
To protect my dear ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
An I sing into slumber the sea.

A tenth one I know: When ill wishing spirits
Fly high in the air; I cause them to turn around
Back to their homes, deprived of their covers;
Back to their roots, bewildered their minds.

This I know as eleventh: Then I Lead
Into battle the friend, the beloved;
I sing it into his shield, so he will win in battle
And luck around him everywhere.

A twelfth one I know: If I see the hanged man
On the tree, shaking in the wind
Then I scratch and I stain Runes
The warrior can talk and descends from the tree.

A thirteenth I name: If I wet the Son
With holy water
When he is facing the foes he cannot perish
And no blade can strike him into the dust.

A fourteenth I sing to all the assembled people
When I name the Divine names;
For nobody knows the characters of Albs
And of all Ases as well as I do.

A fifteenth I count: That which Volkrast, the gnome
Sang by the gates of the day;
To strength for the Ases, and to force for the Albs,
And to clear my own senses.

A sixteenth I know:
If from wise maiden I desire joy of love
Then I change the intent of the maiden
And I turn her feeling around.

A seventeenth I know:
To join together two lives
In love through wise law;
Both are willing, and no one will lightly part after this.

An eighteenth I learned, but I would not let this
Know a just anyone else; for the best Everyone keeps for himself.
That which leads to the end of the songs.
The one only knows who is in my arms as my only lover.

Activate the Inner Rune Realm

12. Now you are ready to fully charge your inner Rune realm. Sit down or lie down in a comfortable position. As you are in this position you notice yourself being in this realm that you have established previously in your Rune training. You know that all Runes are present and that you are amidst them. You can now draw and harness them at will and you can direct them wherever you intend to do so. For this specific ceremonial you have Runes charged in your inner relam. As you notice them charged, you know that these same Runes stay in contact with the same Runes in your Outer Realm where others can FEEL their prsence nd the also stay in contact with the same Runes in the realms of creation, from where their specific powers of creative impact are continuously drawn during this ceremony.

You focus on the Rune NOD. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune MAN. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune SIG. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune BAR. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune FA. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune AR. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.
You focus on the Rune TYR. You see it surrounded with light and life force and pulsating.

You are aware that each of these Runes is a key to your ceremonial for success. You may have prepared a bind-rune or a special talisman for success containing these Runes.

Ritual for Success

13. Now we continue immediately with the specific ritual for success. You are aware that the powers of the Runes that you practice. At this place you can substitute the ritual for success with any other ritual.

Ritual for Success

14. Look at the stave of NOD
Visualize NOD in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of NOD
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

Rune of the Norn
Help my awareness of karmic ties
Help me dissolve of karmic ties
So that good fortune
And good luck can manifest!

15. Look at the stave of BAR
Visualize BAR in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of BAR
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

New life is sprouting
Through the birth-giving
Powers of BAR

16. Look at the stave of FA
Visualize FA in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of FA
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

Grow, Thrive
With the Power of FA

17. Look at the stave of SIG
Visualize SIG in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of SIG
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

The Power within
Is victorious
With the Power of SIG
I am living
From success to success!

18. Look at the stave of MAN
Visualize MAN in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of MAN
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

MA, original word of abundance
My requests are merged with you
Increasing that
Which truly is mine

19. Look at the stave of BAR
Visualize BAR in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of BAR
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

The blessing of BAR
Uses coincidence
Dissolves negativity and evil forces!
Protected by BAR
Surrounded by BAR
I enjoy the fruits
Of my requests!

20. Look at the stave of AR
Visualize AR in your inner Rune realm
Chant the mantra of AR
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

Completion and Success
from my immersion
In the Divine Power
Of the Sun

21. Look at the stave of TYR
Visualize TYR in your inner Rune Realm
Chant the mantra of TYR
Chant (your intonation of the chant is individual)

Wealth increases
Good fortune grows
The fruit of combat
Is victory.

Inner Rune Realm

22. Now, for a brief time, connect with your inner Rune realm. As you are in tune with your inner Rune realm you perceive all Runes for which you have lighted candles glowing and pulsating, filled with life and strength. You are well aware now that by means of these Runes your request is projected into the realms of creation from where manifestation comes. The closing ritual will symbolize this conection and trigger the creative action of these realms.

23. Look at the Hammer of Thor, your tool to send your request into manifestation!

24. Know that you want the outcome. While dwelling on this attitude, be aware of the incense.

25. Know that your request is now active in the astral. Drink the water or wine.

26. Burn the paper onto which you have written your request. This action compares to putting a letter into a mail box. There is nothing else to do to get this letter to its destination!


27. To close, chant:
Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energies
Flow back to the
Sacred Realms of Creation!

28. Extinguish all candles.

Grounding of surplus energy

29. Chant IS three times while imagining all energies draining into the ground and your room being cleared of all surplus energy.

IS -- IS -- IS