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The Basic Rune Course
Contents of the Book

What this book will do for you
What are the Basics? - Odin's Rune Song, the Magical Poem
Access-Keywords, Meanings, and Corelations of Runes
Body- and Hand Positions of Runes
About Ceremonials, About Ceremonial Utensils, Preparations of the Utensils
The Basic Ceremony
Ceremonial for Success
Ceremonial for Success, Simplified Version
Chant for Success
Ceremonial for Love
Ceremonial for Love, Simplified Version
Chant for Love
Ritual to Change Bad Luck into Good Circumstances
Chant for Change
Calling of the Soulmate
Ceremony of the Grostic Wedding
Chant for Successful Creativity

Chant for Love

If your time is limited, a simple chant may be the answer. Although this is a simple practice and Runes are not drawn and projected with the usual intensity, it can still be quite effective, provided, of course, that you are a Rune Master and can work with the procedures involved on a non-conscious level. Otherwise the chant may become a simple array of words with little effect, if any.

You can perform such a chant with others, of course, or you can insert it into a larger ceremonial as an addition that makes use of the powerful energies of the ceremonial, even though it is not an integral part of it. For instance if the ceremonial is to help a specific person, you may insert one or more chants to help other persons as well.

The altar is set up relatively simply. Rune staves, incense, and two candles, a candle for the petitioner and a candle for the target. Light the candles before you start. Tune into your inner Rune realm, be aware of the outer realm and the realms of creation. Yes! The tuning into the realms is a practice that should be second nature to you, no matter if you do an elaborate ceremonial or the simple drawing and projecting of a single Rune to have creative impact upon a situation!

Continue as follows:

1. Take a piece of paper, draw the love symbol of your choice and both names or, if it is an attraction in general, not for a specific person, just the name of the petitioner.

2. Inscribe the name of the petitioner in Runic symbols on the petitioner candle.

3. Do the same with the other candle, either the name of the person attracted or "a lover" in Runic symbols.

4. Light the Altar candle and chant:

"Powers of the Light
Eternal in the Universe
Penetrate darkness.
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring Light into darkness.
Around darkness, around night,
Darkness has merged with the Light.
Original fire of FA,
Burning since the beginning of times;
Light force of AR,
Born of the Sun
At the beginning of the worlds,
Give Light to the seeker!"

5. Light the incense and say:

May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the Universe and of ourselves.
May the Power of the Runes
Further our path to Oneness.
We thank the singer of the Edda
For preserving the heritage of Atlantis.
We stride the direct path to Oneness.
We tear down the fences
That separate individuals, groups and nations.
Fences that have been
Erected by blindness.
We are wanderers to higher realms.
Unified with all people of good will
We work to achieve
A unified homeland of humankind
On the throne of which
Divine Spirit,
Divine Wisdom
Divine Love
Are ruling.

6. Chant MAN three times

7. Light the candle of the petitioner and chant:

This candle represents ...., whose spirit, determination, and intentions are as strong as this flame. ... will do everything in his (her, my) power to bring together two lives in love.

8. Light the candle of the person to be attracted and say:

This candle represents ... who is attracted to ... (me, or name of petitioner)

8. Chant:
Rune of the Norn
NOD, bring together
The threads of destiny
Of ....
And of ....

FA - FA - FA
Rune of Help
FA, Rune of the Beginning,
FA, Rune of the Fire of Love,
FA, lend the your powers to ....
FA -- FA -- FA

Rune of life,
LAF, Rune of Love,
LAF, Rune of the longing for the YOU
To make jointly
The Journey of Life
LAF, join together ...
And ...

EH -- EH -- EH
Make two to one,
EH, join the two lives,
Of ...
And ...
In love
EH -- EH -- EH

Rune of the Universe,
HAGAL, create a new Universe,
HAGAL, for two lives joined in love

10. Focus on your inner Rune realm for a brief period of time. As you are in tune with your inner Realm, notice all the Runes with which you have worked, glowing, pulsating and radiating life force, filled with strength. You are aware that your request is projected into the realms of creation from where manifestation comes. Know that you want the outcome. Know that your request is incorporated in the astral worlds.

11. Burn the paper onto which you have written your request.


12. To close, chant:
Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energies
Flow back to the
Sacred Realms of Creation!

Extinguish all candles.

Chant IS three times while imagining all energies draining into the ground and your room being cleared of all surplus energy.

IS -- IS -- IS