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Contents of the Book

What this book will do for you
What are the Basics? - Odin's Rune Song, the Magical Poem
Access-Keywords, Meanings, and Corelations of Runes
Body- and Hand Positions of Runes
About Ceremonials, About Ceremonial Utensils, Preparations of the Utensils
The Basic Ceremony
Ceremonial for Success
Ceremonial for Success, Simplified Version
Chant for Success
Ceremonial for Love
Ceremonial for Love, Simplified Version
Chant for Love
Ritual to Change Bad Luck into Good Circumstances
Chant for Change
Calling of the Soulmate
Ceremony of the Grostic Wedding
Chant for Successful Creativity

About Ceremonials

This publication is meant to be down to basics. Its purpose is to provide you with step by step instructions. All that you, the practitioner, need to do is follow these instructions. Later then you will design your own rituals.

When practicing Rune ceremonies you are using technologies that involve Higher Order Energy Complexes (HOEC's). Knowledge of the principal theories of these HOEC's is not essential for the proper performance of ceremonials with Runes, but it certainly would be helpful. Study the Rune courses that you find on this web site thoroughly, perhaps become member of a Rune study group or start your own one. This more intensified practice of Runes will help you gain very helpful insights in the characteristics and uses of HOEC's.

Although much of the "machinery" (so to say) that is designed to handle HOEC's properly is of a finer density, with etheric, astral, etc., components, their focal points usually are material. These material focal points are the utensils that you are using in the ceremonial, of course.

One of essential requirements in any ceremonial is an abundant supply of "raw energy" that is often generated by strong emotional forces such as sex magick or the killing of chicken and other animals. The high-strung emotional outbursts in a charismatic church serve the same purpose, of course. Any good ceremonial provides you with a method to develop such strong methods of generating life force. Group practices with Runes are extremely powerful. An alternative, of course, is a generator of life force (Welz Chi Generator), which allows you then to use your freed-up energies to boost the actual purpose of the ceremonial rather than using them for routine-life-force generation. Therefore the Life force generator is a decisive advantage for you in any ceremonial that you practice. This is especially true for Rune ceremonials, where it adds to the sheer power and effect of a ceremonial that, by nature, already develops strong fields of life force! You can call us and we will set up a connection with one of our life force generators. Add to this life force one or more Runes of your choice, and the power that you generate - and feel - will tell you more than a thousand words!

About Ceremonial Utensils

As I mentioned before, ceremonial utensils are focal points for more subtle, higher order arrangements and energy components that are essential for the ultimate success of the ceremonial. When we speak about the "symbolic meaning" of a ceremonial utensil, we generally refer to the structures of the Higher Energy Components that are connected with the specific utensils. Another important characteristic of utensils is the following: as the utensil is used on a regular basis, the transcendental - and other - energies (HOEC's) that are attached to them increase, adjust to the operator (hence the necessity not to "lend" any utensil to others) and increase in power and effectiveness. Eventually such a utensil can function without the practitioner needing to be consciously aware of its presence nor of its inherent characteristics and specific functions. Therefore a dagger, for example, is no longer just a knife, but it is the instrument that gives the operator domination over astral energy complexes (astral "entities").

The basic arrangement of all utensils will get your "machinery" ready to function smoothly. It allows you to define the energies of a higher order that you want to use and to cause them to work for you. In the old language that meant that with the help of such utensils you can " tell the spirits your will and send them wherever you wish to send them, and the spirits will be bound to obey you".

An important factor, then, is to follow the instructions for ceremonials here so that you have the Runic energies and depending HOEC's perform as you intended and to bring you the desired results on whatever level you projected them.

Ceremonial guidance tapes are available.

In the following you will learn about the main utensils that you can use in Runic ceremonials.

Specific Utensils

1. The Temple

The temple is your "workshop," or, better yet, your place from which you are triggering the HOEC's (spirits) for specific purposes such as spiritual work. It is the space within which you arrange all your tools, or machinery. It is your specific outer realm (outer Rune Realm) from which you can reach every point of your universe.

You may, in fact, see the temple as a symbol of your universe. As is the case with any workplace, cleanliness enhances proper functioning. Since you are working with HOEC's, or "psychic energies," be aware that the temple needs also to be free from any kind of psychic debris or psychic pollution, otherwise the results of your practices may be negatively influenced. Many banishing rituals are designed to clean the temple from undesirable energies, so that psychic energies can be projected without undesirable interference. In Runic practice, you may use the Runes AR, IS and MAN to cleanse.

Some students may not have a special room or space available for their temple. Although a specific assigned space for a temple has great advantages, it is not absolutely essential. Of course, you can practice Runes anywhere. You establish your temple by determining what space will serve as your temple, and by cleansing it from any undesirable psychic energy with AR, MAN, and IS every time before you begin to practice. You may define the boarder of the temple mentally or with a wand or dagger. Depending on the situation, you may chant mentally (yes, you CAN perform a fully valid ceremonial in the midst of a crowd, without anybody noticing what you are doing), or you may chant aloud while in the body positions of IS (grounding position), MAN, and AR.

2. The Circle of Protection

The protective circle within your temple is a space within which you are working, unencumbered by any energy that may be attracted by your work. The circle makes sure that no energy will be present except those energies that you desire to be present. It is a barrier against negative energies and also against entities (energies) that may interfere with those HOEC's (Higher Order Energy Complexes) which you are going to trigger. This way, the circle serves not only as your personal protection from hostile HOEC's (spirits), but it also insures a clean functioning of your Rune Yoga practice. An ideal circle is formed by laying out all 18 Runes, which will then be in tune with your Inner Rune Realm. Have the sixteen Runes arranged on the periphery of your circle, starting with FA in the North, counter clockwise to YR, which will then be on the right side of FA. Have EH and GIBOR inside the circle, since those Runes symbolize the marriage of opposites and the universe of the symbolism. EH West and GIBOR East just inside the outer circle of Runes.

The diameter of the circle is dependent on the amount of people who are participating in the ceremonial, and of course, considerations of space.

3. The Altar

The altar is the actual workplace, or your control panel. In more advanced practice, it can also serve as a point of manifestation for specific HOEC's (spirit, entity), in which case you have to observe specific measures of protection and insulating methods.

Being your control panel, it will contain utensils that connect with the specific structures of the universe and HOEC's with which you are going to work in your ceremonial. Therefore, the arrangement of utensils on the altar and the symbols used will vary according to the purpose(s) of your ceremonial. You will, however, notice some CFP (common functional principle) on all arrangements of your altar.

The size of the altar depends on the number of people attending, size of your temple, amount of utensils, etc. For most individual purposes and for small groups, an altar the size of 24 x 30 inches will be adequate.

4. Rune Staves

Since you will use Runic energies, a set of triggers to those energies on top of the altar is of utmost importance. These Rune staves will be arranged in a circle, as shown in the diagram. More than the staves around yourself and the altar, the staves on the altar are triggers that connect with your Inner Rune Realm and the Runic Realms of Creation. Practical experience has established that a circle of Crystal Rune Staves by itself can give a clean temple and the protective circle as outlined above. However, I still recommend that you practice the banishing and cleansing as well as the establishing of the protective circle wherever possible.

You may use Runes made of cardboard and charged accordingly, or you may use Runes made of wood. Crystal Runes are excellent and superior even to the traditional wooden Runes for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the crystalline structure of quartz represents HAGAL, and the "mother" of the Runic symbolism (the hexagon with the three inscribed diameters). Look at an ideally formed Quartz crystal from above and you see the HAGAL Rune inside a hexagon. Another reason for the awesome strength of crystal Runes lies in the fact that crystal energies can be modified and directed: modified by Runic energies that are very kin to the crystalline energies, and directed by means of gridding. All practitioners who used crystal Runes (and compared to wood) noticed the difference in power immediately! You can look up www. and ask if you have specific wishes for your ceremonial needs. Among other things you find there: 1. A deck of eighteen Rune cards that may also be used for divination purposes. These cards have ONLY the Rune on it, perhaps their meanings on the back. "Neat" New Agey pictures of Elves, Gods, Goddesses, and other artistic clutter would water down the energy of the Runes. 2. Wooden Rune Staves, and 3. Crystal Rune Staves.

5. The Magical Wand

While the candles connect with the will and the worlds of emanation, the wand is the tool that expresses the will of the practitioner. It is your tool to dominate the HOEC's that have characteristics belonging to the mental spheres. The symbolic meanings of the power rod or wand will be the more familiar to you the more you practice with Runes and other ceremonials.


The incense burner connects you with the mental worlds, with HOEC's that are part of the mental spheres, and with the air element in general.


The dagger (or sword) represents your mind which controls the emotions and HOEC's that belong to the astral spheres. Again, while the incense tunes into mental worlds, the dagger uses mental energies.


The Power rod is an ideal combination of wand and dagger. It is very suited for work with Runes, because of the use of a quartz crystal as a tip of the power rod.

Very powerful is a tube that acts as an orgone accumulator. You may put alternating layers of organic and metallic materials (plastic duct tape and aluminum duct tape) around it to make it an effective orgone accumulator. Again, look up for orgone accumulators and orgone generators.

9. The Cup with Water (or Wine)

The cup connects with the astral worlds and with the emotions. It provides the energy necessary to bring results in your ceremonies. It symbolizes the emotional power of the practitioner. Drinking the water or wine aligns the astral-emotional energies with the goal of the ceremonial. Water accumulates Odic energies (life energies) which are "programmed" with the goals of the healing ceremonial. In fact, any liquid that you like to drink is good! Engrave the runes in the cup!


The Hammer of Thor represents your consciousness that can connect with any point in space-time and then return back "to yourself." In other words, the Hammer of Thor can be projected to any interval in the space-time continuum of your universe. It can be developed into being your specific tool to break the self-imposed limitations of space-time. It symbolizes conscious action which is charged and energized by the other elements (wand, sword, and cup). Once energized, the Hammer of Thor will perform for you. Again, with repeated practice you will learn more and more about this most powerful tool of Runic ceremonials. Thor's Hammer is perhaps the best symbol of your conscious projection. It collects within itself the three elements of the will, mental, and astral-emotional spheres. Once you have charge Thor's Hammer, you have aligned all elements toward your specific purpose: your will, mind, emotions, and consciousness. All you need to do now, is to throw Thor's Hammer (its higher plane components) toward your goal, which is embedded in an interval of your conscious space-time continuum. Thor's Hammer is your tool on the material planes that reaches beyond the confines of space and time. It is your instrument of power, your connection to your universe, your power of projecting into your universe whatever energy you charge the hammer. Thor's Hammer, therefore, is the most powerful Runic talisman, symbolizing the element earth on your altar. You need to learn to use Thor's Hammer properly. Tune into the Nordic mythology of the god Thor and his hammer, and you will gain additional information about this powerful tool of Rune Practice. The material hammer of Thor remains on your altar, of course, but its spiritual parts, or components, you project them to the desired goal. You do this directing with the powers of your imagination. Be aware that the more you practice using Thor's Hammer the more skillful you will become in its use. In fact, RUNE YOGA TEACHES YOU THE SKILL OF PROJECTING AND USING THE HAMMER OF THOR! Ideally, your Hammer of Thor should be a true talisman, which you can wear as a pendant. You may use a piece of paper with Thor's Hammer drawn on it.

11. Candles

Candles symbolize the fire element, your will powers or the world of emanation. Naturally there is much more symbolic meaning attached to candles than the fire element. There is hardly any ceremonial where Light would not play an important role. Light is neutral. Depending on the action to be performed it assumes some color. Since Light is so important, most ceremonials contain and include something that symbolizes Light. Candles are the preferred utensil to symbolize Light. Of course, there are deeper symbolic meanings connected with candles than that of giving Light. As you become familiar with various methods involving candles you will understand better the many symbolic meanings that candles connect with. Consequently you will be capable to touch upon more realms that involve the symbolism of the candles This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your magical operations.

Candles, as we know, are made of various materials, mostly paraffin, more seldom true bees' wax. Candles may be scented and colored, tailored to special lengths and shapes, etc. As you progress, you will learn to include colors and shapes of candles into the overall symbolism of your ceremonial.

The significance of candles reaches into may levels. Since candles are mostly thought to symbolize Light, they are the only source of light in many ceremonials. The specific color of the candle will symbolize the sphere(s) with which the operator wants to be in contact during the ceremonial. The number of candles used has another symbolic meaning. Operators who practice evocations and who work with the higher order energies that are part of planetary spheres match the number of candles with the number of the planet: three candles for evocations of Saturn or of beings of the sphere of Saturn, four candles for Jupiter, five for Mars, six for the Sun, seven for Venus, eight for Mercury, and nine for the Moon.

Candles are an excellent tool to help the powers of visualization and imagination. The flame of a candle is an ideal focus. In some magical practices you may internalize this focus.

When you practice with Runes you can use any number of candles that correspond to the specific higher order energies used in your operation. You may use one candle that has the Rune engraved which you practice. Instead of engraving the Rune, you can put the candle (candleholder) on a piece of cardboard or wood that has the Rune drawn on it. This Rune should be charged before use. Excellent is a set of 18 candle holders, each one with another Rune drawn or engraved on it.

Many ceremonials require the use of more than one candle. It is good practice to use one candle for each Rune that you use in the ceremonial. You can use three “neutral” candles, i.e., candles that have no Rune inscribed. These three candles would then symbolize the three groups of Futhork Runes. You may use five candles if you want to take advantage of the dynamics of the pentagram. You may use six candles which represent the Hexagram, or six candles with a seventh candle in the center, if you want to symbolize the Hexagram with the three inscribed diameters, mother of Runes. You may use nine candles which, in Runic ceremonial, represent the Rune IS, the true ego, bridge to your Higher Self. You may go all the way and use eighteen candles in your ceremonial, one for each Rune. When you use eighteen candles, I recommend that you inscribe one Rune on each candle. You arrange these eighteen candles the same way you arrange the 18 Rune Staves. You should put one candle to the side of each Rune stave. Candles of bees wax have some advantages over candles made of paraffin: There is more "life" in them. The color of the candles is to match the purpose of your operation. White candles are good for every operation. In the case of bees wax candles, the natural wax color is equally universal.

One candle alone or two candles serve as an excellent focus. Such a focus is very helpful for your concentration and visualization powers. Two techniques are useful, depending on the number of candles. While looking at the flame of one candle see visions in the halo around the candle. When you use two candles, look in the space between the flames of both candles. The best distance is between six and eight inches apart. In either case you will better be able "to grasp the arrow with the look of your eyes." (see Rune Lesson 5 of the Basic Rune Course)

Whatever shape, amount, color, scent, etc., of your candle or candles you choose, they will add to your ceremonial and can give your will power its first direction and it provides the trigger in the world of emanation

Look at for Bees wax candles!

Preparation of Your Utensils

Repeated use of a utensil connects you with specific energies (the energies connected to the utensil) without you needing to tie up your own forces. Naturally your own forces then can be used with much more ease towards the success of your operation. In this, the utensil takes on the function of a generator of energies that belong to the higher levels.

Considering this aspect of utensils you must realize the importance of the proper preparation of your utensils, including yourself. Naturally you are the most important of all utensils, since you too will be part of the machinery of subtle energies that you are setting up with the ceremonial.

Ideally all utensils should be purchased new and only you should use your utensils after you have them charged and blessed. Never lend your utensils to an other person. An exception may be reusable materials such as candles and incense as well as other utensils of a ceremonial that is set up for group practice rather than individual practice. Make a clear distinction between utensils that belong to a group and your personal ones. The same is valid for the Rune staves and the Hammer of Thor.

Now to the preparation and blessing of your utensils.

The simplest method to prepare a utensil before use is to charge it with your energy. Put yourself into a meditative state and preferably establish your rune realms. Then put the utensil in front of yourself and hold your hands above it. While inhaling, visualize your body drawing energy from the universe. When exhaling visualize this energy stream, through your hands into the utensil.

The charging, of course, has many variations. As you continue with your Rune practice and progress, your insights will increase and so will the means available to you.

Prepare all your utensils by charging them. With all utensils charged, you may now being with the Runic ceremony.