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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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Letter of Instructions # 1

The Rune FA

by Karl Hans Welz


 Welcome to the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters!  This letter is the first of eighteen letters of Rune instruction that you will receive during your first phase of Rune practice.

 As a student of Runes you are going to embark on a fascinating journey that will lead you into the realms of the creative energies of the universe:  the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.

 Practicing the exercises of this course you will learn how to master the Runes.  The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are a symbolism that represents the creative energies of the universe.  As such the Runes are the keys that give you access to your inner creative powers.

 In each lesson of this exciting course, you will find new methods that help you to harness the infinite powers of the Runes, new tools for your advancement, and new ways to help others.  Soon you will realize that your advancement is relatively easy, provided that you invest the necessary time into your practice.  How easy to learn any magickal practice is, you can find that out when you study the course "Magick of the Future".

 Each of the eighteen lessons of the Basic Rune Course introduces you into one of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.  You will work with these Runes in their natural order, beginning with the Rune FA in the first lesson and ending with GIBOR in the last lesson.  With each of the letters of instruction you can also receive one of the eighteen Rune Songs.  These Rune Songs and letters of instruction are only available for student members of the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters.  Therefore it is imperative that you keep these materials of instruction confidential.

 I expect that you practice the exercises of every letter of instructions and then send your teacher a progress report.  One of our Rune Masters will assist you in your studies and practice.  You may ask him or her any question that may arise during your studies.  This Rune Master will also monitor your progress and see that your work with the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes will be of optimal benefit for you.

 When you receive the sixth letter of instructions, of the Rune KA, you will be ready for initiation to be a Knight of Runes.  This initiation gives you the right to be a full member of the KOR.  With the last letter of instructions, you will be ready for initiation to be a Rune Master.

 You may self-initiate or you may receive your initiation in a group setting.  Many students who have no ties to any local group self-initiate first.  Then, later, they will go through the same initiation with a group.

Initiations and Empowerments  

 You may self initiate to the ranks of Knight or Rune Master or you may decide to experience a group initiation.  The instructions for these initiations are in the letters of the Runes KA (#6) and GIBOR (#18).  An initiation however is more thorough if you receive it together with a Runic empowerment.  This empowerment is a ceremony of direct and personal transfer of Runic wisdom that pertains to the degree of initiation.

 Such empowerment connects you with the lineage of Rune Masters.  You will receive a special instruction before your empowerment.

 We will give you the places, dates, and times, of empowerments upon request.

About your Studies and Membership  

 Before you begin to practice, it is necessary that you know a few important things about the course.

 In the letters of instruction you will find directions of how frequently you should practice and what practice you should do.  You need to understand these instructions as suggested guidelines.  It is always good for you to proceed at your own speed.  It will also be useful that you consult with your Rune Master after you had your first experiences.  If there is a need, you can receive additional guidelines that your teacher will adjust to your special needs and talents.  Do not hesitate to ask for guidance in your studies!

 Membership in the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters opens up new dimensions of "chivalry" in its true meaning.  This means responsibility toward other living beings, love, support, and true tolerance.  In return, members receive additional creative means to enhance the power of their Runic practices.   For this reason, only members of the Order are entitled to receive the Rune Songs.

 The Songs of the Runes -- such as the Song of Fa that a member receives with your first letter of instructions -- are powerful means of helping you on your path toward mastery of Runes.  These songs seem to be more explanatory than Odin's Rune Song or the verses of the Magical Poem. In fact, they do contain a deep symbolic language that gradually opens you up to the many levels of the creative realms.   This will be evident as you continue to practice with these songs.  Therefore it is very important that you practice the murmuring of the Rune Songs on a regular basis.  This practice will introduce you to new dimensions -- or meanings -- of the specific realm of the Rune of the Song.  This practice will also open you up to an expanded view about the universe in general and of the creative realms of Runic energies in particular.

 Practice of the Rune Songs will give you awareness of the function and power of symbolisms in general.  More importantly, this practice will smoothly introduce you to the function and power of the symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.

 Murmuring or singing these Songs on a regular basis will enhance your skills in Runic practice as well as this practice will expand your insights into areas that will not be immediately evident at a first reading of these Songs.  Regular practice of the Songs is a powerful help for you to advance swiftly and safely to full mastery of the Runes.  Many students have reported that murmuring of the Rune songs on a regular basis has developed and sharpened their psychic perception considerably.

 Most students experience rapid progress.  This is so, above all, at the beginning of Runic practice when the student opens up to the powerful energies of the realms of creation.  This rapid opening up is a great thing, because it helps you get immediate evidence of the power of this ancient system of initiation.  If this happens, you may be encouraged to such a degree that you expect outright miracles every time you practice.  Many students need to realize that it takes much practice and a lot of tuning into the Runic energies to become a master.  This is true especially in the beginning of your studies.  Although initial progress is swift, there is no such thing as "instant runes" in the fashion of promises to lure you into a cute and cozy New Age weekend seminar.  Runes are more than such surface knowledge!  Therefore, even after an initial jump-start, you need to be aware that you acquire skills and mastery only after the appropriate time of study, persistence, and practice.  Psychic training and runes are no exception.

 As a beginner, you may be truly excited when progress is initially swift.  This is good so.  Then all of a sudden everything may seem to come to stagnation and even to a complete standstill.  This is not a sign of alarm at all!  You need to know that progress and advancement happen at more subtle levels at times of seeming stagnation.  These subtle levels are not always obvious to the beginner.  With all this excitement at the beginning, never forget that it will take at least six lessons to familiarize yourself with Runes to a degree that allows you to properly use their creative energies.  Even remarkable results right at the beginning are no contradiction to this truth.  Never overestimate your powers after you have a few extraordinary initial experiences.  Be assured that you will have such experiences in the first part of your studies and practice.  Conversely, when you feel at times that there is no progress at all, be confident that you need periods of creative rest when the process of advancement happens subtly at your non conscious levels.  During these times, the parts of your mind that are non conscious will recollect all that you have learned and they help you to fully assimilate the essence of your practice and experiences of Runes.

 The Welz Chi Generator is excellent to boost your Runic practice.  In fact, doing so you will end up with an extremely powerful technology.  To get an idea of just how powerful this technology is in combination with runes, I invite you to a free test.  Decide which Rune you want to energize and give me a call at (770) 924 0223.  I am adding chi-generator based practice to the exercises.

About Symbols and Symbolisms
in the Rune Songs and Rune Poems

"The ancient peoples used the vehicle of mythology to describe that which belongs to the realms of the psyche, the religious, and the spiritual."  (Piobb, Formulaire de Haute Magie)

1.  Odin's Rune Song

I know myself hanging on the wind cold tree for nine icy nights.
Wounded by the spear, consecrated to Wodan
I consecrated to myself.
I was hanging on the mighty tree which conceals man
Where man grew out of its roots.

They offered me neither bread nor wine
So I bent down in search.
I recognized the Runes; wailingly I grasped them.
Until I sank down from the tree.

Now I began to increase, to be wise,
To grow and to feel well.
From the word, word grew after word
And deed shaped to deeds with deeds.

Now I know the songs like no wise one knows
And none of the children of men.
And should these songs, o human child, be unlearnables to you for sheer endless time;
Grasp them as you get hold of them, use them as you hear of them.
Hail you if you retain them!

 The Song of Odin, the Magical Poem, the Rune Songs and the structures of Runic ceremonials, contain deep cryptic and symbolic significance.  The writers of the songs and poems used such language to describe that which pertains to the realms of the physio-psychic, the metaphysical, the hyper physical, and the transcendental.  They used ritual to trigger experience of things that words cannot describe easily.

 Odin's Rune Song and the eighteen stanzas of the Magical Poem (see lesson 3) show clearly the initiatic content of the powerful ancient tradition of the Runes.

 The more you advance in your opening up to the Runes and consequently to metaphysical truth, the more you will gain an understanding of these songs and the more you will benefit from the deep symbolic truths and evocative meanings that are contained in the Runic documents such as Odin's Rune Song and the Magical Poem.  Opening yourself up this way you will naturally be ever more capable of harnessing the creative powers of the Runes.

 The hidden and esoteric language of the Rune Songs, the Magical Poem, etc., will remain a secret to persons who did not receive an initiation in the knowledge of the Runes or who self-initiated.  For the initiated they are an open book.  The initiated can read from this book whenever they wish to do so.  However, even the non initiated person will benefit from these Runic documents.  He/she will benefit on more subtle levels.  The language in the Runic documents is to remain a secret to persons who prefer to read surface knowledge but decide not to practice.  A typical reaction of some of such well-meaning beginners is the accusation of "sexism" in the Runic documents.  These folks are still unaware of the symbols that initiates use to describe the interplay of light energy with life energy.  Enough said here!

 Runic knowledge is powerful knowledge that self protects.  The symbolic language of the Runic documents keeps the careless, the unwary, and the non initiated from meddling with the powerful Runic energies and from dabbling with powers that they may not be capable of handling properly.  Therefore the cryptic language in Runic documents is structured and presented in a way to provide you step by step with an understanding of Runic energies and with the tools to use these powers of creation properly.  A good example of self-protection of this powerful knowledge and of the power of "hiding in symbols" is the fact that folks of the less savory kind that practice Runes are totally convinced of the "truth" of an inferior system, i.e., the so-called "Elder Futhark."

 You may best compare the symbolic language of the Runic documents to the symbolic language of the scientist.  It is well-known that not everybody can understand scientific language such as chemical formulas and mathematical equations.  Only the person who is "initiated" in a science is capable of understanding its language.  Therefore only the person who is initiated in the science is capable of handling potentially dangerous things such as chemical compounds, physical energies, biological organisms, nuclear energies, and the like.  One has to learn chemistry and its "esoteric" language (esoteric for the non initiated) to be allowed to work with chemical compounds.  The chemical formulas are a secret language to a person who has never learned anything about this science.  The trained chemist on the other hand finds a treasure chest of information in a book that is filled with chemical formulas.

 Enough was said here.  Now the decision to open up to new energies of the creative realms lies with you.  This opening up takes time and insight.  Give it a chance and soon the mysterious Rune Songs will be an open book for you from which you can gather ever more valuable insights about yourself and the universe.  These songs are more flexible than many works of natural science.  This is so for the following reason:  it does not matter at what point of your spiritual evolution you are.  You will always find new information in these Runic documents.

 Besides a good working knowledge of Runic energies, this course will provide you with something still more exciting:  You will acquire the necessary tools for a very important task:  to advance to an understanding of the deepest mysteries of the universe in your never ending quest of Oneness with the Divine, or with Yourself.

Access Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations of
the Runes FA and UR

The Rune FA  

 Fa is the Rune of original fire.  It is a Rune that symbolizes the cosmos and the universe.  FA symbolizes fire that acts creatively.  It is will that sparks manifestation down to the material levels.  FA is one of the Runes that rules the Salamanders, spirits of the fire element.  It symbolizes change from within the creative levels and spiritual creation.  FA represents the Phoenix that rises from its ashes.  It is a Rune of fate, of mobility, and of wealth.

Uses of FA:
 You can use Fa to attract and absorb Solar and Lunar energy as well as the energies of the planets and fixed stars.  Practice this absorption of energy with the body posture of FA.

 FA also strengthens the personal magnetism.  On the etheric planes it symbolizes the electric fluid.  Practice of FA strengthens the spiritual powers.  It is useful at the beginning of any healing.

 Fa is one of the Runes that you use to transfer energies.  It is helpful in your practice to unfold the original fire.

Time of the Year:  December 22 through January 12.

Runic Zodiac of 18:  0 degrees Capricorn to 20 degrees Capricorn.
Note:  The correlation with the degrees in the zodiac is an affinity not an exact superimposition.  This means that the astrological zodiac may have its beginning anywhere in the Runic zodiac.  The Runic zodiac has 18 Runic months of 20 degrees each.

Number:  1

Mantra:  fffffffff (visualize fire or a bright red and flaming Fa symbol).
Note:  Put the emphasis on the f-sound!  some people make the mistake to chant faaaaaaaaaa, with hardly and "f" at the beginning.  Chant:  ffffffffffffaaa (much more "f" than "a"!)

The Rune UR  

 UR is the Rune of original cause of cosmic and planetary events.  It is the Rune of original time.  It is time at the threshold of creation:  time-less time where space-time is irrelevant.  UR connects with cause of causes, with original creation, with original immortality, and with original law of vibration.

 UR is the threshold of creation that Fa energizes with its impulse.  It is creation for which created deities (or, even more ridiculous, anthropomorphic collective egregors of religions) take undeserved credit.  It is original knowledge.

 Mythologically speaking the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, are in UR.  It is here where the tree Norns, goddesses of fate and destiny, are spinning the threads of the web of time that determines the fates of humans and of gods.  Here the fountain of wisdom is running to which the gods (think also of the gods within!) descend to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Uses:  From UR is coming forth continuously new existence.  On the etheric levels it represents the healing Orgone energy and its structural linkages and magical uses.  UR opens clair audience.  Work with UR increases your capability to recognize the true origin, or root, of the universe and the true causes of everything.  Practice of UR strengthens your healing energies.

Time of the year:  January 13 through February 3

Runic Zodiac of 18:  20 degrees Capricorn to 10 degrees Aquarius.

Number:  2

Mantra:  oo - oo - oo - oo rrrr.  Emphasis on the oo-sound!

The Rune Realms

 Before you begin your practice with Runes it is good to establish within yourself a space where you can work.  It is also useful to set up a symbolic arrangement outside yourself, in your room.  This arrangement may be a circle of Runes, of crystal runes, candles, incense burner, etc.  You use this set up to facilitate your drawing and projecting of Runic energies.

 The set up outside yourself, or your temple room, is your outer Rune realm.  The workspace that you establish within yourself is your inner Rune realm.  The Rune realm of creation is the realm from which you draw your Runic energies.  With your imagination you connect all three Rune realms.

 When your capability of visualization will be sufficiently advanced you may see the tree Rune realms connected with the axis of the (multidimensional) world tree, where the distance between the three Rune realms is perfectly equal.  At that point you will also aware that your inner Rune realm is not completely inside yourself, your outer Rune realm is not completely outside, and by no means is the Rune realm of creation some isolated entity far away.  Quite to the contrary, the three Rune realms permeate each other.

 With your practice you will more and more see these three realms as different expressions of one and the same thing.  As you progress in this way you will increase your power to harness the Runic energies for anything you desire.

The Outer Rune Realm

 For the time being, you set up your outer Rune realms with the appropriate utensils.  As a future Rune Master you need to know that repeated use of the same utensil attaches to them energies of a higher order.  Once these energies are attached to the utensil, you need no longer call on them when you desire to use them.  Being aware of the utensil does the same much faster.  This allows you to have your conscious mind free for other things.  Consequently your magic is more powerful.  Ceremonial utensils compare to machines on the material planes.  Contrary to material machines, ceremonial utensils are machines that reach into the planes beyond the material ones.  In this respect, you can see ceremonial utensils as focal points that you use to have impact upon planes of finer densities.  Later you will learn how to establish utensils of subtle energy.  These subtle utensils make material ones unnecessary.  To understand this better, I recommend that you study the course "Magic of the Future."  This course will also give you a good understanding of the CFP (common functioning principle) of all magic and of the energetic background of magical operations:  life energy.  With this course you will have a significant tool to advance rapidly towards your goals of magical and runic mastery!

 A very good set of utensils is one that symbolizes the four elements.  Such a set should be on every altar.  I suggest the following utensils for the elements:

 Use candles to represent the fire element, the causal plane, and your will.

 Use a cup with water or wine to represent the water element, the astral world and your emotional powers.

 Use a dagger as an active representation of the air element, the mental planes, and your mind.

 Use incense as a passive representation of the air element, the mental planes, and your mind.

 Use the Hammer of Thor as an active representation of the earth element, the material planes, and your consciousness.

 Use earth, bread, or a crystal as a passive representation of the earth element, the material planes, and your consciousness.

 When you align the four elements of will, emotions, mind, and consciousness, you can perform anything.  To align these elements means to direct your will, emotions, mind, and consciousness, at the same goal.

 To achieve the skill of alignment of the four elements, I recommend that you study and practice the six lesson course "A course in Cosmic Consciousness".

 A very important feature of the outer Rune realm is protection.  In most magical traditions protection is symbolized by a circle that is traced, or imagined, around the practicing magus.

 For the protection to be powerful, your imagination needs to go beyond a mere circle.  The least you need to do is envision a bubble that surrounds you.  The Runic circle represents your universe of which you are the Divine principle in the act of continuous creation of the universe and its gods.  Consequently you rule the creative energies of this universe.

 To make a very strong outer Rune realm you should use a set of Rune Staves.  You arrange these staves in a circle around yourself.  You begin with Fa in the North.  Then you continue counterclockwise with all eighteen Runes all the way through GIBOR, which will be on the right side of Fa.

 If you practice with one or more Runes you take them out of the circle and put them on the altar in front of you.

 You should make your Rune staves yourself if you have the time and patience to do so.  You find instructions of how to make your wooden Rune staves in the Rune Reading course.

 The Rune staves in the circle represent the creative energies in the universe.  They connect with the Runes in the realms of creation as well as with the Runes in your inner Rune realm.

 In later lessons you will learn other rituals that are useful to establish and strengthen your outer Rune realm.  At present it is sufficient if you set up this realm and focus shortly on each Rune, one by one, before each Runic practice.  This will gradually increase the power of your outer Rune realm and its utensils.  In group work this focus is done by chanting the eighteen Runes, one by one.

The Inner Rune Realm

 After you established the outer Rune realm you continue with establishing your inner Rune realm.  Later you will be capable of establishing your inner Rune realm without establishing the outer Rune realm first.  If you do so at present, the effects will be more on a mental level.  If for some reason you cannot set up an outer realm, light a least a candle as a focal point or miniature Rune realm and draw the eighteen Runes around it.  Failure to properly establish an outer Rune realm can easily lead to failure in beginning Runic work!

 You shape your inner Rune realm with your powers of imagination.  Within yourself you set up a workspace.  In this space you see the Runes around yourself.  You know of the connection of both, the inner and outer Rune realms, with the Rune realm of creation.

 You need to practice so that you can establish your inner Rune realm.  You continue as follows:

1.  Bring yourself in a comfortable position.  If you do more than practice, set a circle of Runes around yourself as an outer Rune realm.

2.  Relax your body and mind.  You may use some form of progressive relaxation.  Much better yet, use methods autogenic training.  These methods are superior to the progressive relaxation methods. 

3.  Imagine yourself being in a place that you consider to be appropriate for the inner Rune realm.  This place may be a peaceful clearing in the woods, perhaps with a brook running through it.  It may be on a quiet beach, on to of a mountain, in an old temple, or anything else that suits you.  This place is your place of power and you are the ruler of this your universe.

 Once you have established your inner Rune realm, you see yourself fully protected.  This protection connects with the protective measures in your outer Rune realm (the bubble).  In your inner Rune realm, you imagine a circle of Runes around yourself.  These Runes may be giant stones, wooden staves, crystals, or anything else on which the Runes are inscribed.  They are arranged in the same manner as the Runes in your outer Rune realm.

 Sometimes it is helpful to imagine the Runes around yourself in a glowing light.  This glowing light indicates that the Runes draw their charge from the realms of creation.  This charge flows over to the Runes of the outer realm.  Being the Rune master of the universe that you have established in this way, you are aware that you are its absolute ruler.  Better yet, surround the Runes with light that pulsates.  This way the Runes get their own life much faster!

 After you have established your inner Rune realm, you may operate from there on a purely mental level.  If your outer Rune realm is also present, then you keep awareness of the inner Rune realm present and you can now begin with any Runic, or other, ritual of your choice.

 It is necessary that you practice the establishing of your inner Rune realm until you have mastered it to the extent that you can establish it within a few seconds.  To reach this point, the mastery of autogenic training is far more advantageous than the usual progressive relaxation methods.

Body postures and hand positions of the Runes.

 By now you should know that Runes are creative energies that connect with simple structures.  In other words, specific structures will trigger Runic energies from the realms of creation.

 The graphic representation of each Rune fits the hexagon with the three inscribed diameters.  This figure is often referred to as the World Crystal.

 The realm of structures, however, is not limited solely to structures that we can draw with a pencil.  Structure appears to us in many forms in any sensory perception to which we are able and in any combination of sensory perception.

 Therefore, if we have a system of structural representations such as the Runic alphabet, the cabbalistic system, or the Tarot, we can express the same structural system in a myriad of media other than pencil and paper.

 You know already of a few of the structures that give you access to Runic energies:

  The graphical outline that fits the hexagon with the three inscribed diameters.
  The Runic sounds that you can express with your voice, i.e., the system of Runic mantras.
  The connection with the field that surrounds the Earth.  This connection is the basis of a natural zodiac of 18 creative energies.
  The connection with the numeric system that ascribes one specific number to each Rune.

 You need to learn other structures that connect with the Runes.  Among the most important are:

  Runic sound pitches that are expressed with a Runic scale:  Eighteen creative energies within the octave.
  Runic colors that connect with the spectrum of colors.  Red for FA through red-violet for GIBOR.
  A connection with the periodic system of elements:  2 - 8 - 8 - 18 - 18!
  A system of smells, as expressed by specific Runic incenses.
  Hand positions that connect with specific Runic energies.
  Body postures that you can use to draw and project Runic energies.
  Specific breathing rhythms that connect with Runes.
  Poems and Songs that connect with Runes.
  And a lot more!  The imagination of the Rune Master is the limit!

 In the following you will learn about body postures and hand positions of Runes.  This way of expressing Runes is a very powerful method to gain access to their creative energies.

 Any combination of Runic structures will enhance the effect of the Rune.  Therefore, if you visualize the graphic shape of the Rune in the color of the Rune while you chant the mantra of the Rune, you will have more power available than you would have by visualization alone.  If, along with this, you practice the body posture of the Rune while you have the exact sound pitch of the Rune played in the background, you gain even more power.  Add to this a good amount of life energy (see the course "Magic of the Future" where you learn how to perceive and direct life energies) and you will be ready for a magical action so powerful that hardly anything can withstand it!

 Body and hand postures connect you with the Runic energy they represent.  You draw Runic energy into yourself and into the space that surrounds you when you practice a body or hand posture.  These postures establish a direct link to the Runic realms of creation.  You are the Rune while your body is in a posture that represents it.

 Body postures of Runes are very powerful tools in a ceremonial setting when several persons stand in such a way that they form the graphical outline of the Rune on the floor.

 In the following you will learn the hand and body postures of the Runes from FA, UR, IS, and MAN.

The Rune FA 

Body Posture:  Standing upright, with the feet together, you point both arms forward and upward at an angle of approximately 30 degrees.  The left arm is slightly higher than the right arm.  Both palms are open to the front, drawing in energy.

Hand Position:  The left arm points straight up.  The thumb and ring finger form the two side-branches of the Rune FA.  The other fingers point upward.


The Rune UR 

Body Posture:  Bending over, your arms and fingertips point toward the ground.
Hand Position:  Practice with the left or with the right hand.
Position #1:  Form the U-shape with your fingers.  The open end of the U is pointing downward.  Hold the hand approximately 8 inches from the center between your eyes.
Position #2:  Thumb and index finger shape the UR pointing downward.  The other fingers point in the same direction as the index finger.


The Rune IS   

Body Posture:  Standing upright, your feet touch each other, the arms hang down on the sides.
Variation:  Same position, but the arms point upward, with the palms facing each other.
Hand Position:  Make a fist, with the index finger pointing upward.

The Rune MAN  

Body Posture:  Both arms are stretched upward to the side, at an angle of 30 degrees.  You feel the influx of energy on both sides.  Direct the energy to the ground.
Variation:  Kneeling, sit on your heels.  The arms take the same position.
Hand Position:  Thumb, index and middle fingers shape Man.


Rune Mantras

 A very powerful way of harnessing the creative energies of the Runes is the singing of Rune mantras.  Especially the beginning student of Runes will experience the power of Runic energies in a very short time when she or he practices the singing of the mantras of Runes that are in harmony with the student's personality.

 For a small fee we can derive your personal Runes from your name and birth data.

 To sing Runes is to sing mantras of power.  Once you sing a Rune consciously and the correct way, then you turn on a switch that gives you access to the transcendental energies of the Rune.  This will happen whether it is your intention or not.  Then the Runes will communicate to you gradually how you can manage and how you can use these energies, provided you are spiritually ready to accept the Runes and to overcome the bondage of the self imposed limitations and restrictions of the world tree.  Once in tune with the creative energies (yes, this takes some practice!) you may harness them for your goals.  Singing Runes will advance you on your path to mastery of these powerful creative energies.  The KOR tape on Rune mantras will help you pronounce the Runes the correct way.  This tape also contains additional valuable hints of how to trigger Runes by singing their mantras.

Practice of the Rune Fa  

 You should use the following practice for all eighteen Runes.  It will bring you in contact with the realm of the Rune and with its creative energies.  You proceed as follows:

1.  Make sure that there is no undesirable outside interference.
2.  Sit in a comfortable position.
3.  Bring yourself into a relaxed and meditative state.
4.  Establish your inner Rune realm.
5.  Sing "fffffffffffaaaa" while strongly visualizing the outline of the Rune Fa.
6.  Say the Song of Fa (see at the end of this lesson) in a low, murmuring, voice.
7.  While you murmur you see yourself in your inner Rune realm.
8.  Imagine that this inner Rune realm is filled with the energy of Fa.
9.  See the symbol of Fa in your inner Rune realm.
10.  Imagine that more and more energy of Fa flows into your inner rune realm.
11.  Stand up and practice the body position of Fa.
12.  Sing the mantra of FA ("ffffffaaaaaa") five times while you draw the energies of FA through the palms of your hands into your body.

 After this practice sit down and wait for thoughts and insights to come and feelings to develop.  You may get some body sensations of your inner eye may see pictures.  Perhaps sounds manifest in your inner ear.  It is not necessary that you dwell on any of these experiences.  Should there be less of an effect than you anticipated you need not worry.  Keep practicing!

 After a few minutes of meditation you should imagine that the energies of Fa that surround you drain into the ground and flow back to the realms of creation.  This practice of grounding all surplus energy is a good way to avoid overcharging yourself and the space around yourself.

 As you keep practicing your understanding of the realm of the Rune will increase.


 The following is a set of exercises that you should practice before you continue to study your next lesson.

1.  Murmur the Song of Fa in a good setting, at least twice a week.

2.  Practice the body posture and hand position of FA and feel the energies in your body.

3.  Learn to establish your inner Rune realm.

4.  Practice FA as described in the previous chapter.

5.  Draw the Rune FA with full attention.  Put it on the well of a Chi Generator. Turn the generator on and run it at a speed of 7.83 Hz.  If you do not have a chi generator, call me for a free hookup.

6.  Send your progress report to your Rune Master and write about your first experiences with this course.