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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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Letter of Instructions # 11

The Rune SIG

by Karl Hans Welz

SIG is another Rune that has to do with visualization.  It has to do with useful mappings that bring the Rune Master to victory in the symbolic battle of life and in the struggle to reach Oneness with the Higher Self.  SIG is the Light of the Sun on a spiritual level.  As a Rune of success, SIG has to do with clarification, purification, freedom, and life.  It symbolizes the soul and the path "coming from God and back to God."  Rune of spirit and of inspiration that strikes lightning like.  As such, SIG has some correlation with Uranus, in an astrological sense.

I take this occasion to give you a comprehensive.


Before you begin with the Runic practice, you should have prepared yourself accordingly.
1.  Establish your Outer Rune Realm.
2.  Establish your Inner Rune Realm.
3.  Have your body relaxed. 

This is necessary for proper breathing.  One of the best practices to relax is the "shavasana" of Eastern Yoga.  Lie flat on a mat with your arms slightly angled.  This is the position of the SIE Rune: a variation of the Rune IS.  Relax your muscles progressively.  Be sure that jaws and tongue are relaxed, as well as the many small muscles around the eyes.  Eyes closed, at least at the beginning of your practice.

Autogenic training is an excellent way to enter a very profound state of relaxation.  It is a training that is related to lengthy yoga practices, yet more effective than and much less involved.  The relaxation that you achieve with autogenic training is considerably more profound than what you can achieve with the usual method of progressive relaxation.  Study the free course!

The person who practices Yoga, usually ends the array of exercises with this position.  Similarly, it is good for the Rune Master to remain in this position for a while after Runic practice, after the Runic energies were properly grounded.  SIE naturally follows IS.  This very simple, yet important Runic position causes peace, quiet, dissolving of spasms and tension in the body, help in internal conflict situations, activation and dynamization of energies received, and spiritual illumination.

4.  Very important:  Conscious full-breathing.  Without proper control of breath, there is quite often no total success in Runic practice.  Yet, that which is labeled "breathing" by most people, is generally nothing but a poor fragment of the breathing that should be practiced.  Full breathing is composed of:
a)  Breathing with the diaphragm, visible in the movement of the abdomen.
b)  The middle breathing, where the ribcage is expanding, and
c)  The upper breathing, where by means of lifting the shoulders the last remaining space in the lung is filled.
Full breathing combines all three ways of breathing.  When inhaling, the body appears to expand in a wave-like movement, from below to the shoulders.  When exhaling, this motion goes the other way.

Full breathing is the basis of all existing healthful systems of breathing. You should practice this way of breathing in the position of SIE.  Begin with a complete exhalation, and wait until the urge to inhale comes naturally.  Next you follow some rhythm of breathing.  When practicing, be sure to do so gently, and avoid strains at any cost.  Be aware that gentle stimuli strengthen the life force, and very strong stimuli destroy the life force.  Therefore, the gentler you train your body, the faster the desired results.

Rhythms to practice:
a) Inhalation: 5 seconds
 Hold breath: 1 second
 Exhalation: 5 seconds
 Wait for urge to inhale
b) Inhalation: 4 seconds
 Hold: 2 seconds
 Exhalation: 4 seconds
 Pause: 2 seconds
c) Inhalation: 5 seconds
 Hold: 3 seconds
 Exhalation: 7 seconds
 Pause: 3 seconds
d) Inhalation: 3 seconds
 Hold: 7 seconds
 Exhalation: 4 seconds
 Pause until urge to inhale
e) Inhalation: 4 seconds
 Hold: 16 seconds
 Exhalation: 8 seconds
 Pause until urge to inhale.

Depending of goal and capability, you may extend the times of inhalation, hold, exhalation, and pause in their proper proportions.

You may dynamize your breath with the imagination that you inhale Odic energies, or specific Runic energies.

5.  Next preparation is to transform your body into a large vibratory field of Runic sounds.  Only a good voice (speak up-front!) results in good resonance.  Your voice should not appear as coming from the throat, palate, nose, or squeezed-out.  Vowels should be formed up front.  Practice the sounds of M, N, NG, by themselves and in connection with vowels.  This practice will increase your feeling for sounds and your capability to make various parts of the body resonate with the sound.  This is essential for Runic practice.

6.  Thoughts are to be controlled.  Observe only those thoughts that have to do with your Runic practice.  Do not allow a playground for vagrant thought to unfold.

7.  The body needs to be trained so that it will stay in any Runic position for a while.

When you are familiar with the practice of all of the above, then you are ready for more involved practice.  If you have followed the exercises given in previous letters of instruction, you should not have much problem.  Quite naturally, you may now ask:  In what sequence should I practice Runes?

This question is to be answered individually.  Your Cycles of Runic energy are an important factor to consider, as well as your personal Runes.  If, during your previous practices, you found one specific Rune to which you feel strong links, then you may begin every Runic practice with this Rune.  You may also practice in the sequence of the FUTHORK.  Whenever you are advanced to a degree where you tune into what Runes can tell you, then you will intuitively find out which sequence to use for what purpose.


Up to this lesson, you have learned to practice Runes by singing specific sounds.  If you did not order the tape on Rune mantras yet, then you were limited to utter only the names of the Runes as mantras.  However, there is much more to singing Runes than mere singing of their names.  In fact, if you compare the Runes to colors of a spectrum, then the many possible ways of intoning Runes would give you the many shades and hues of a sub-spectrum for every Rune.  Experience will tell you how to use those slight shades of Runic energies, and which sound is connected with what specific bundle of energies of the Runic Realms of Creation.

Needless to say, what lies before you is an extensive amount of Runic practice, and only consistent, preferable daily, practice will lead to mastery of the many shades and sub-shades of the Runic spectrum.  At the beginning you should exercise the Runes, one at a time, with their specific sounding of the name.  It is useful to recite the Song of the Rune before practicing its mantras.  Next you begin with variations:

a)  Change pitch and loudness of sound.  Holding the same pitch, increase power of voice, then decrease again.  Then change pitch, from low to high, then back to low.  Practice with high pitch alone, then low pitch.  Develop a feeling of the differences.  Find as many combinations as possible.
b)  Practice with fingers close to each other, then with stretched out fingers.
c)  Change hand positions, palms pointing upward, then downward.
d)  Practice in combination with the imagination of the sound, i.e., hear the sound with your inner ear, while inhaling, also see the symbol of the Rune with your inner eye.  You should be familiar with the practice if you properly learned how to establish your Inner Rune Realm.  The difference is now that you practice the Rune with many different pitches.  In other works, you introduce the many hues of Runic sub-spectrums into your Inner Rune Realm.  This practice of visualizing while inhaling has especially strong effects on your chakras, provided you project the appropriate Runic energies in those spiritual centers of your body.
e)  Change and vary the sounds of the Runes by substituting vowels with other vowels, or with diphthongs.
f)  Next, focus on specific key-symbols of Runes, such as "root, healing" with UR, "projection activity" with THORN, etc.
g)  Next, you may include the body positions, changing from Rune to Rune, adjusting to the pitch, from which eventually a Runic dance develops, which makes you capable of drawing and modifying Runic energies even more powerfully and with much more versatility than you may even dream about now, especially when, once you are advanced to Rune Master, you will develop your background music to your practices.

At last, some useful hints for practice of the more powerful Runic exercises and ceremonials:

Before you begin, clean your body, and wash off -- symbolically speaking -- all impurities.

Purify your Aura (see Runic projection in letter of instructions of HAGAL), and rub your body with good oil.  The oil may contain essential oils of herbs, which are in accordance with the goal(s) that you envision.

Tune consciously into the vibrations of your Runic Realms, and connect the three Runic Realms.  Then you may begin the action with drawing the Rune(s) that are most in tune with you.

At the end of your ceremonial or practice you should visualize an enclosure (aura) of Odic energy around yourself.  As an alternative you may pose the Rune MAN, and sing MAN.  This brings you in tune with the spiritual symbolism of the Holy Grail.

Never forget to ground surplus energy at the end of every ceremonial, ritual, or other Runic practice.  When grounding, visualize IS, pose IS in grounding-position, and visualize all surplus energy flow through your body into the ground.  You may also sing the Rune, beginning with the highest possible pitch and lowering the pitch more and more, all the you see the energy flow down your body, and into the ground.  This practice prevents you from being overcharged after the ceremonial.  Then practicing with a group, the group as a whole is to practice the grounding.