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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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A Correspondence Course - Lesson I
By Karl Hans Welz - Grand Rune Master - the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters

About Runes

Since ancient times Rune readings have played an important role in Northern European cultures. In his book "germania" Tacitus, a Roman historian who lives some 2000 years ago, describes the casting of Runes as it was practiced by the Teutonic peoples.

The oldest known runic inscription dates from approximately the same time. It is on an Alaman or Suebic helmet. On it a name is inscribed, probably of the owner of the helmet:

The inscription on this helmet reads from the right to the left: HARIGASTI(Z)TEIWA (WULF)IL(A).

Both, the Alamans and the Suebes were German tribes. The helmet was found in the last century near Graz, Austria. It was dated to the years 6-9 c.e. (common era).

The Germanic runes are essentially different from the ancient Greek and Roman alphabets. Runes have not been used on an everyday basis to write down trivial things. They served religious-cultic purposes and magic. Their magical power has been fully mastered only by a few Rune Masters. The Germanic peoples did not have a script for everyday usage.

Knowledge of the Runes was reserved to a few people. It is also very likely that these sacred symbols were not a spontaneous invention by one person alone. They seemed to have evolved slowly and through many different alphabets.

The origins of the Runes is somewhat shrouded in mystery. The oldest Runic alphabets have been found in the Alpine region South of the main ridge.

We know that the Greek alphabet was derived from the Phoenician one. The alphabets that were used in the Italian peninsula have evolved from the Greek alphabet. Among these alphabets was the Etruscan alphabet. The Etruscan empire flourished in today's Tuscany, North of Rome.

During a Keltic invasion at about 400 b.c.e. many Etruscans fled North into the Alpine region where the Illyrians had taken a foothold. Both, the Etruscans and Illyrians were kin to today's Albanians.

Soon the Illyrian tribes developed their own alphabets from the Etruscan alphabet. They used it for magical purposes. From the Illyrians the Runic alphabets spread to the Germanic tribes. Caesar wrote that the Suebic people, whose duke, Ariovist, he defeated, used the Runes for divination. From the Alpine regions the Runes spread into Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The Vikings of Scandinavia were the last people who had Runes incorporated in their religious system.

In the German realm, the Catholic church destroyed much of the Runic tradition and wisdom. From that point on the Runic tradition had to be transmitted in secrecy.

With the invasion of Christianity in Scandinavia, the practice of Runic wisdom suffered setbacks similar to those in the German realm. However, some of the high ranking members of the church became Rune Masters themselves. consequently the Runes could survive and with them some of the ancient mythology.

I want to mention here that a great deal of the Norse (Viking) mythology goes back to real historical events that actually happened in the Alaman, Frank, and Suebi realms of Southern Germany.

About Rune Readings

In the past years Runes have been increasingly used as tools for divination, readings, and advice. Of course people who cast Runes are no longer doing this to find out the will of the gods. Some neo-odinist circles may be an exception to that.

Runes are an excellent tool to find advice, to help in spiritual evaluation, and to help in personal growth. They help you know the trends of your future. Knowing these trends will help you in your decision making processes. Then, once you decided for a course of action that is based on a Rune reading, you can use Runes again to find out the outcome of your decision.

Of course, you can significantly increase your powers of ESP, including rune readings, when using a Welz Chi Generator for that purpose. Check out the site or write for a catalogue to: HSCTI, P.O. Box 666 033, Marietta, GA 30066 or call (770) 425 0391.

Knowing trends of the future is worth a fortune! Many successful people reached their positions because they gained insight in future trends and acted accordingly.

Managing trends of the future is still better than just knowing them! The Runes can be a significant help to manage your trends, especially when you boost them with a Welz Chi Generator!

This is so, because the use of Runes goes much beyond giving readings. Runes are a system of creative energies. You can use these energies to find out about trends and you can use them to make trends or manage trends. This way, Runes help you to have influence on your future. You may use Runes to change negative trends, even to eliminate them. Conversely you can use Runes to enhance positive trends of destiny.

You find these techniques in the Basic Rune Course. this is a course of eighteen lessons that culminates in your initiation to being a Rune Master. If you want to decisively influence your destiny, you should get this course now!

The present course has the purpose to give you a comprehensive introduction into Rune readings. The methods that I am going to show you in the following lessons are based on the most powerful Runic symbolism of our days: The symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.

The following lessons will provide you with a no nonsense approach that will allow you to practice Rune readings within a relatively short time. The instructions are easy to follow by anyone who is willing to invest some time into Runic practice. Repeated practice will rapidly develop your skills as a Rune reader. You may gain certification as a Rune reader if you enroll in the Basic Rune Course and advance to the eighteenth lesson.

More About Runes

Runes are an ancient system of psychic practice that was last incorporated in the religious systems of the European North. This system was based on a set of sacred symbols that were referred to as Runes.

In the old Germanic languages the word "runa" referred to a special kind of murmur. It was the murmuring of nature. Nature gives humans "murmured" messages in a language that is not words. Nature tells something on the creative levels of experience. The shaman, priest, or visionary knows what nature tells him or her, but again, cannot translate it exactly into words of everyday usage. This murmuring is more like the conveying of creative ideas. Neither action nor feelings of this murmuring can be defined in words of language. Language is too well-defined for such communication.

In his translation of the Bible into Gothic language, the bishop Wulfila used the Gothic word "runa" whenever he translated the word "mystery." The use of this mysterious word alone caused a tremendous impact of this translation upon the Gothic people who understand "runa" on a much deeper level than the original texts of the Bible were conveying!

The Runes have always been perceived as sacred symbols rather than as an alphabet. In fact, several sounds of the ancient Viking language are not even represented in the Runic alphabet. This fact by itself rendered the writing of language in Runic symbols to being a rather clumsy affair.

Runes represent energies from the realms of creation. Because of this characteristic, Runes are well suited for the making of very powerful talismans as well as for other powerful magical practices.

Being creative energies, Runes are extremely flexible. The best approach is by means of "natural murmur of the creative experience!" Practice with the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes will teach you how to do that. We cannot describe it!

The Sacred Futhork is the most powerful Runic system in use. This is so because this runic system connects with the basic creative structures of the universe. These structures are the building blocks of the universe, so to say. On a material level these building blocks are the chemical elements. The system of the chemical elements is founded on the number 18, the number of the Sacred Futhork! The 18 also connects with the natural zodiac and with the structure of the world crystal. The creative force of the enneagram comes to its peak in the connection with the 2 x 9 Runes!

Each of the eighteen Sacred Futhork runes represents a set of creative energies with which you can get in contact and draw from. In the first and second lessons of this course you will learn key words for each Rune that serve you to get in contact with their powers!

For your success as a Rune reader it is imperative that you know well how to connect with the creative energies of each Rune. You need to know how to draw and project Runic energies. With a bit of practice you will learn to establish your Rune realms. Establishing your rune realms is an essential practice for successful Runic work, including readings!

Much of what I have laid out here may seem difficult at first. However, the purpose of this course is to make the learning for you as easy as possible. If you follow the instructions given in this course and do a minimal amount of practical work, you are likely to give good Rune readings in a couple of weeks. If you acquire some of the additional material that is designed to simplify your learning, then you can reach your goal in a considerably shorter period of time.

Each Rune is represented by a graphical symbol. The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are, in their outline, or graphic representation, derived from the Hexagon with the three inscribed diameters. This figure is often referred to as THE WORLD CRYSTAL. The eighteen, number of the Runes, becomes apparent!

Every Rune connects with worlds of creation and formation. The Rune Poem is part of this ancient tradition. It appears in the Edda, an Icelandic collection of songs and mythology. This poem has one stanza for each Rune. In each of these stanzas, there are hidden meanings of the Rune. Some persons dwell on the outer appearance of the stanzas, and miss their inner meaning. For instance, some people show a delight in expressing their disgust concerning the "male chauvinist" content of some stanzas, all the while they miss a deeper understanding of the interplay between Light energies and Life energies that is symbolized in those stanzas. Their narrow minds prevented them from penetrating deepest mysteries.

I know the Songs that no wise one knows
And none of the human children
The first Song is HELP, and help it will
Against sorrow, hurt, and any distress.
A second I know; quite useful to all people
Who practice the healing hand:
It chases disease and all pain,
It cures hurts and all wounds.
A third Song I know:
If urgency tells me to tie the opponent with magic
Then I dullen the steel of my foes
So that their swords will not cut anymore.
A fourth Song I know:
If an enemy puts a tie on pliable limbs;
Then I speak the spell, the shackles break on the feet
And the fetters break on the hands.
This I know as a fifth: If in hostile flight
An arrow shoots into the crowd;
Not matter how it threatens, I block its force
By grasping it tightly with the look of my eyes.
A sixth on is mine: Should a warrior hurt me
With the roots of soft wood;
This warrior who awakens the hate within me
Shall be struck before it gets me.
A seventh I know: If the hall blazes high in flames
Above all the people;
No matter how it burns, I still save them all.
The Magic I know to perform.
An eighth one is mine: quite useful to hear
For all the people in danger and need.
Where hate should arise between people
I settle it fast.
A ninth one I know: I danger is out in the sea
To protect my dear ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
An I sing into slumber the sea.
A tenth one I know: When ill wishing spirits
Fly high in the air; I cause them to turn around
Back to their homes, deprived of their covers;
Back to their roots, bewildered their minds.
This I know as eleventh: When I lead 
Into battle the friend, the beloved;
I sing it into his shield, so he will win in battle
And luck around him everywhere.
A twelfth one I know: When I see the hanged man
On the tree, shaking in the wind
Then I scratch and I stain Runes
The warrior can talk and descends from the tree.
A thirteenth I name: If I wet the Warrior
With holy water
When he is facing the foes he cannot perish
And no blade can strike him into the dust.
A fourteenth I sing to all the assembled people
When I name the Divine names;
For nobody knows the characters of Albs
And of all Aesir as well as I do.
A fifteenth I count: That which Volkrast, the gnome
Sang by the gates of the day;
To strength for the Aesir, and to force for the Albs,
And to clear my own senses.
A sixteenth I know:
If from wise lover I desire joy of love
Then I change the intent
And I turn all feeling around.
A seventeenth I know:
To join together two lives
In love through wise law;
Both are willing, and no one will lightly part after this.
An eighteenth I learned, but I would not let this
Know a just anyone else; for the best Everyone keeps for oneself.
That which leads to the end of the songs.
The one only knows who is in my arms as my only lover.

To achieve a maximum understanding of the 18 Rune Stanza, you need to open up to their symbolic contents, plus their evocative meanings. Repeat reading this poem several times, and begin to perceive the deeper meanings the stanzas "rune" (murmur) to you in a language that is not words. Slowly proceed from stanza to stanza.


The Rune FA
The Rune of original fire, Rune of the cosmos, of the universe. Symbolism of fire that acts creatively in love. Will that spark manifestation down to the material levels. FA rules the Salamanders. Symbolism of change, Symbolism of the phoenix. Spiritual creation. FAS (fatum or fate), Divine law. Mobility, wealth. Connection to the Rune KA. Uses: To attract and to absorb Solar and Lunar energy, planetary energy and energy of the fixed stars. Strengthens personal magnetism and -- on the etheric planes -- the electric fluid. Strengthens spiritual powers. Useful at the beginning of psychic healing. Rune to transfer energy. Unfolding the original fire. Time of the year: December 22 through January 12. Mantra: ffffffffff (visualize fire, or bright red and flaming FA-Symbolism). fffffaaaaa.
The Rune UR
Symbol of original cause of cosmic and planetary events, trends. Original time, original eternity, root of eternity. Time-less time where space-time is irrelevant. Cause of causes, original creation, original immortality, original law of vibration. PRIMA MATER MATERIAE. Original knowledge. In UR are the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Here the three Norns, goddesses of fate and destiny, are spinning the treads of people and gods. Here the fountain of wisdom is running, here the gods descend to find wisdom and knowledge. Uses: From UR is coming forth continuously and continuous new existence. Rune of healing orgonotic energies on the etheric levels. Opening clair-audience. Increase capability of recognizing true causes. Strengthens healing energies. Time of the year: January 13 through February 3 Mantra: uuuuuuuuuu (speak oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) uuuuurrrrr.
The Rune THORN
Rune of activity, of the active mind (the symbol of the master of the sword), of active exchange, Thor's Hammer. Rune of opposing polarities: Life and Death, hot and cold, light and darkness, etc., and of joining opposites. Rune of eternal return. Mystery of the THORN that awakens from sleep. Burning thorn bush. Lightning and thunder. Rune of the dowsing rod. Rune of magnetic transfer. Rune of mental telepathy. Uses: THORN awakens the will to act. It helps to get in touch with the continuous change of day and night, of waning and waxing, of life and death. Protection against attacks. Strengthens Aura, especially the mantra. Time of the year: February 4 through February 25 Mantra: ththththth, thththooooorrrrrnnnn.
The Rune OS
The fourth element. Rune of Odic Energy. Rune of leadership, kingship, government. Rune that frees from the bondage of the material world. Os brings strong Magical powers. It teaches to recognize the laws of nature that concern the Magical universe, or Magical hyper spaces. Four = completion. Thesis -- antithesis -- energetic exchange -- synthesis that becomes thesis of the next following system. Divine name - spiritual power frees you from the ties of the material worlds. Uses: Growth of spiritual powers. Drawing of astral and mental energy. Time of the year: February 26 through March 20 Mantra: ooooosssss, ooothththiiiillll, oooodaaalll.