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Letter of Instructions # 2

The Rune UR

by Karl Hans Welz


 I assume that you have studied thoroughly the lesson of FA.  Before you continue now with this lesson it is important that you did have established your inner Rune realm and that you are now capable of establishing it whenever you desire to do so.  Should you have met any difficulties in establishing your inner Rune realm or in connecting it with the other Rune realms give your rune master a call or send e-mail.  This tape will guide you into establishing your inner Rune realm.  I do not assume that you have any problems with your outer realm.

 You should also have sent your progress report to your Rune master, mail or e-mail.  Include in this progress report your experiences of Runic practice that you would like to share.

About the Rune UR

 UR is the second Rune of the Sacred Futhork.  It brings you in touch with the All-Mother-God principle while FA brought you in touch with the All-Father-God principle.  UR represents the creative principles of the causes of space-time, dimensions, and existence.  This creative principle reaches into the realms of causes of causes, or threshold to chaos.  UR can truly be called the space-less and time-less root of space-time.

 Being the roots, UR is the perfect Rune for healing on  all levels and planes.  This is so because UR allows you to modify any problem at the root of its causes, especially after you have learned to work with Runes on the non-verbal levels.

More about Runes

 Before I continue with the specifics of UR, I want to share with you some more thoughts about the Runes of the Sacred Futhork.

 Quite often I refer to the Runes as being triggers that will communicate their meanings and effects with you on a non verbal level.  These characteristics, of course, represent only one set of aspects of the Runes.  In this respect, Runes have an important characteristic.  Regardless how much you describe of them, there will always be things that you can still learn from them.  Whatever descriptions of Runes you may produce, this description will never be all that Runes are.

 Runes are energies of creation that operate from the un-speakable objective realms of creation.  They belong to realms that lie beyond the universe that most human beings are used to describe with their words and logic.  Runes are truly beyond all known concepts of the universe and beyond all known mappings of the universe. It does not matter how you see Runes at the time when you work with them.  You may see them as energies, as triggers of energies, as spiritual entities, as gods (as long as you do not fall in the trap of actually worshipping them -- leave that to the Odinists!), as mantras, or as a combination of all of this.  Runes will still remain beyond any verbal descriptions that the human mind could produce.  Therefore Runic practice and Runic experience reach into realms that are beyond description and beyond words.  They are on the un-speakable objective levels of creative reality.  For this reason, it is considerably more important to practice Runes than to describe them.  With practice you will connect with the creative realms of each Rune.

 Every Rune connects with worlds of creation and formation.  Therefore you may expect material results that correspond to the meanings of a specific Rune whenever you work with this Rune.  Practice with the Runes will teach you soon that the most powerful methods of magic are also the ones that are the simplest ones.  In fact, most powerful methods are of such a simplicity that most people cannot comprehend.  As a result of this lack of comprehension due to simplicity, many persons tend to practice for decades to acquire skills that they could have mastered within a very short time.  Simplicity seems not to be the thing that the average person can accept easily.  The general opinion is that, for something to be powerful, it ought to be difficult to master.  You should be aware of the fact that the deepest mysteries are often the easiest ones to grasp, but also that these deep mysteries self protect against misuse and profanation.

Healing and UR

 Runic practice is a direct route to your Higher Self.  It takes this route through the awakening of what some Rune magicians refer to as the Odin consciousness within.

 The Rune master strives to achieve in a few lifetimes that for which the masses of human beings on this planet may need thousands of lifetimes.  He or she strives to evolve into a higher form of existence.  For this pursuit, the creative powers of the Runes are an ideal tool.  This is so, because the energy of the Runes brings you in contact with the creative forces of the universe.

 At present our planet is on a relatively low stage of its evolution.  This low stage is also a fantastic opportunity for those who are willing to work on themselves.  Some claim that human beings are again at the brink of collectively failing yet another karmic test at a beginning of a new precessional age.  In their opinion, success or failure at this crucial time will determine the general development that our planet is heading to.

 For this reason a general healing of the planet as a whole is more needed than ever before.  It is everybody's responsibility to contribute to the ultimate success in the tests of our collective planetary karma, precessional age shift or not!  To heal is a responsibility that nobody can dismiss lightly!

 A true healing means to contribute to a change for the better for the planet as a whole.  To cause such a healing of planetary dimensions, activity on the levels of creation is necessary.  Moreover, such a healing is the task of a large group of human beings:  many of us, not just a few!

 When you intend to participate in the healing of our planet, you need to first heal yourself!  To do this, you need to re-evaluate your position within the web of life on this planet.  Healing yourself also means that you need to strengthen and empower your individual consciousness before you take it upon yourself to help in the collective empowerment.  It makes no sense at all to boost the collective consciousness at the expense of a person's individuality and then expect that this person acts responsibly.  Centuries old experience has taught us that the way of conditioning people in such a direction of collectivization has produced not much more than mindless zombies.  This "time-honored" way of organized religion is hopelessly bankrupt.  The "cosmic experience" that such a brainwashed person may reach in a religious setting is worthless at best.  In most cases religious experience is utterly unhygienic when seen under the aspect of life energy processes and sex-economy of the living being!

 The truly powerful person transcends the polarities of individual consciousness versus collective consciousness into an all encompassing state of being where such artificial division disappears.

 Heal yourself to the point that you love yourself first and foremost!  Then it is easy to proceed to the universal love that encompasses the being as a whole -- your true ego!

 It is unfortunate but true that in no system of organized religion you can find awareness of the tools of the workshop of creation.  The leaders of organized religion have not the slightest idea of access to these tools, let alone their proper use and power!  True, in organized religion you will find some hint here and there of the necessity of a global healing.  Most of these hints, of course, claim also that universal acceptance of the specific dogma of that creed alone can bring about such a global healing.  Thousands of doomsday philosophies with elitist undertones evolved from such misunderstanding.  The consequence is that one religion crusades against the other and each one of the religions considers all others false.  The best way of dealing with this mess is to stay out.  Just say NO to religion!

 We hear a lot of gobbledigook concerning global healing from various New Age groups.  Sending "light" is not enough!  Christian sects did something similar:  They have prayed to their god for world peace for centuries.  We all know the results.  All there is, are thousands of false prophecies about tribulations, sinking coastlines, Atlantis emerging and other doomsday expectation that exceed even the false prophecies of the witnesses of Jehovah as far as their sheer amount as well as their idiocies are concerned.  None of them ever came to pass.

 A true healing comes from each individual rather than from some sudden shift of the earth's axis, widespread flooding, being saved by exoterrestrials, and the like!  It is the collective effort of individuals that can clean up the debris of negative karma that has accumulated throughout the ages.  It is time that we recognize and use the tools of creation for our own benefit.  These tools have been entrusted to us from the very roots of time (I say roots of time, not beginning of time! under the aspect of time being viewed - at least - a Gaussian 4-tuple, the question for a "when it all began" becomes utterly childish!) on, so that we are capable of  to master our destinies and with it the destiny of our planet.  It is amazing how many human beings are not even aware of this gift that they possess.

 Read attentively the Song of UR at the end of this lesson so that your understanding of the nature of healing on levels will awaken in you, grow, and expand.  Such a new understanding will open up new dimensions for you.  You will then become increasingly aware of the extent to which a general healing will take place on this planet.  There is truly a lot to be done by every responsible human being.

 Practice of UR will have another effect on you:  It will lead you to an understanding of the fact that the elimination of the Mother God Principle from human thinking has deprived mankind of the access to the very tools of the workshop of creation.  This is a lesson to be learned from many old myths such as Adam and Eve, Lilith, Tiamat, and others.

 Practice with UR will expand your understanding until your whole being is imbued with the concept of All Mother God as an equal of All Father God.  Then you may perhaps realize that the myth of original sin may have been generated by some male deity of a lower order!  Such a deity was well aware that the easiest way to control people is to control and restrict their sexuality.

The Book of Ceremonials

 The book of ceremonials is an important tool for your practice with Runes.  This is so even in our times that have the advantages of computers, tapes, and printed materials.  It is the process of writing down things by yourself that makes this book such an important  tool.

 Therefore, the book of ceremonials is your book into which you write your versions of ceremonials, your individual ideas of how you set up your ceremonial so that this ceremonial has the strongest possible effect upon your universe.  Nothing compares to your own handwritten documentation that your book of ceremonial is going to be.  An excellent method will be to cross reference it with your magical diary!

 There is an important symbolic significance that such a book has.  This significance reaches well beyond just writing things down for you to remember.  The book of ceremonials is set up to be your own sacred book.  It is written by yourself for your own use and only for your own use.  As you are proceeding in writing into this book you add to its spiritual powers continuously.  You do so regardless whether you are consciously aware of this process or not at the time of writing.  Time only will teach you the tremendous value of this book.  It is like a magical utensil.  Repeated use of any magical utensil ties up energies in it that later will simply be present whenever the utensil is present.  With such a utensil "switched on," you can use your conscious focus on other things that are not as much routine as are the energies of a utensil.

 To set up your book of ceremonials, be sure to buy a notebook or diary that looks very nice.  If you have some leanings toward arts and crafts you may do your own book binding.

 At first you copy Odin's Rune song into this book.  This song contains the symbolic representation of your initiation into the runes.  Later you will copy into this book the magical poem of eighteen stanzas.  This magical poem contains the key triggers to the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.  You will receive this poem with your next lesson.

 For now, you may copy into the book the first Rune Song, the Song of FA.  As you keep receiving the other letters of instructions, you keep copying all other rune Songs into the book of ceremonials

 As you proceed in your Runic practice you will write into this book the various rituals, ceremonials, and other Runic practices.  Is it especially important that you write down these rituals that you develop on your own.

 True, to copy and write by hand takes some of your time, but this time is a rather small investment compared to the benefits that you will get from such a practice.

 While writing, you are writing in symbolic and evocative language, the meaning of which will communicate itself to you with Runic practice.  As you advance you will penetrate the depths of this symbolic language and you will gain a deeper understanding of the hidden meanings of the poems and songs.

How to write in your book of ceremonials

 To gain a maximum benefit from your writing, you should do it in the environment that is optimal for this process.  It should be quiet and free from outside interference.  There is more going on than just writing when you do this work!  Therefore you should make sure that you will not be disturbed in this important work.  You should arrange your whole set-up for writing in a ceremonial like manner.

 Before you begin to write, bring yourself into a state of meditation.  You establish your inner Rune realm and then you focus your whole undivided attention on the process of writing.  Imagine and feel energy flow through your hand and pen into each letter and word that you write on the paper.  See and feel every word that you write fill up with spiritual energy and radiating with Light and Life energies.  If you cannot yet focus your undivided attention to your writing you need not be too concerned.  Time and practice will be your best teachers.  Take your time to become accustomed to this new way of writing!

 If you proceed as I have instructed you, your book of ceremonials will be a powerful talisman that connects you with the Runic realms of creation whenever you use it for a Runic ceremony.  There is a great significance in your writing your own book of ceremonials:  a significance that goes much beyond that which you may comprehend at present.

The Diary

 The diary is another essential tool for the Rune student.  In this diary you write all important steps in your development, your insights that you consider being significant, visions, actions, and results of your Runic practices.

 Whenever you decide to perform a Runic ceremony, you make your notes about it before you begin with it.  You write down a step by step description of how you proceed, the timing, purposes, and means employed in the ceremony or operation.

 After you completed the operation you write down your impressions that you had during the work and any other comments that may cross your mind at that time.  At a later time you should then add your commentaries about the success of the operation and possible changes in procedure when you do similar work in the future.  It is good to cross reference these entries with the entries in your book of ceremonials.

 You can easily understand that the magical diary is one of the most useful tools in your practice and that it helps you improve upon your techniques and knowledge.

 You may also use your diary to write down the many insights that you have during your training and practice, visions, significant dreams, and anything else that you consider relating to your spiritual advancement.

 At a later date this diary will be a most useful documentation that will tell you how you used to think at an earlier time of your spiritual unfolding.  It will tell you about your path in retrospect.  When you read it at a later date you can determine how to proceed more effectively and how to avoid future errors.

 Neither the diary nor the book of ceremonials should ever fall in the wrong hands.  The reasons for this are obvious.  Rune masters of the past went to the extent of using secret codes for their diaries.  Persons who accidentally read such a diary usually interpret such codes as "formulas to conjure spirits."

Access Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations of Runes (continued)

The Rune THORN   

 THORN is the Rune of activity and of the active mind.  In this capacity, the Rune THORN is symbolized as the Rune of the master of the swords.  It is a Rune of active exchange and one of the Runes that represent Thor's Hammer.

 THORN is a Rune of polarities.  While FA is the spark of creation, UR the chaos at the threshold of creation, THORN symbolizes the emerging of opposite polarities from the zero point energy of chaos.  From the realm of opposite polarities THORN reaches much deeper into multiple polarities of an infinite order.

 As Rune of opposing polarities THORN represents life and death, hot and cold, light and darkness, etc.  It is a Rune of opposites that actually are polarities of one and the same process.  Therefore THORN is also a rune of eternal return and as such contains in itself the mystery of the thorn that awakens from sleep.  The THORN that touches the zero energy of chaos brings forth continuous creation.

 THORN is the Rune of the dowsing rod, of lightning and thunder, of magnetic transfer and of metal telepathy.

 THORN awakens in us the will to act and to creatively act upon our universe.  It helps us get in touch with the continuous change of day and night, waning and waxing, life and death.  THORN protects us against attacks, especially magical attacks.  The mantra of THORN strengthens the aura.

Time of the year:  February 4 through 25
Number:  3
Mantra:  th-th-th-th-th-o-o-o-o-r-r-r-n-n-n

The Rune OS       

 OS is the Rune of the fourth element which is the element of conscious manifestation.  It is a Rune of Odic energy that frees us from the bondage of the perceived material world.

 Being the Rune of conscious manifestation it can give us strong magical powers.  OS teaches us to recognize the laws that govern the magical universe and the magical hyper spaces.

 You can use OS to enhance the growth of your spiritual powers.  You may use OS also to draw powerful astral and mental energies.

Time of the year:  February 26 through March 20
Number:  4
Mantra:  o-o-o-o-o-o-s-s-s-s-s-s

 As you proceed with the study of this course you will receive the meanings, the body postures and hand positions of all Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.  Remember well the meanings of the Runes, because in these written meanings are contained the keys to their action.

 You can tune into Runic experience at any level of your practice.  No matter how advanced you are, there will always be something beyond.

 Most students who are meant to experience the full extent of Runes in this lifetime will have almost immediate experiences when they begin with their first steps in the Rune realms.

Healing with the Rune UR

 In this lesson you will gain a first experience of transfer of Runic energies for healing purposes.  By now you are at the threshold of being capable to bring creative energies to manifest in the material universe of space-time.  A first exercise is to bring about healing effects manifest in other persons.  It does not matter at all if such a person believes in a healing of this kind or not.

 Here I am going to introduce you to the visualization method of healing with Runes.  Such a healing is particularly effective with the Rune UR.  You can perform such a healing at a distance at any place.  All you need is a quiet place.  As you progress in your Runic practice you will need not even a quiet place for such a purpose.

 You proceed as follows:

1.  Establish your inner Rune realm.  By now you should be capable to do this with relative ease.

2.  In the inner Rune realm focus your awareness on the Rune UR.

3.  Draw UR into the center of your Rune realm where you are:  You are all UR!

4.  Connect further with the Rune UR and trigger its creative energies by singing the stanza of UR:  "A second I know, quite useful for those who practice the healing hand ..."  You may do the singing aloud or in your mind.

5.  Draw the Runic energies of UR into your body.

6.  Visualize the person whom you are targeting with healing energies.

7.  Imagine the Runic energies flow to the target person, uninhibited by any limitations of space.

8.  After several minutes of practice you return from your inner Rune realm back to your material universe.

Additional hints:

1.  You gain access to your inner Rune realm by means of meditation practices as I have described in the first lesson.  A great help is a guided meditation tape that helps you establish your inner Rune realm and enter it with ease.

2.  It is a good help for your practice to visualize UR (or any other Rune) outside yourself, in front of yourself, shining brightly and having life in it (pulsating!).  You need not see the Rune with your physical eye.  Your imagination is mainly an awareness of the Rune being in front of you.  At a later point of your practice you will begin to see the Rune with your inner eye.  Notice that you are connected with the Rune that you are imagining.  This way you open up a channel of energy between yourself and the Rune.

3.  Once you established a Rune outside yourself you may proceed to draw Runic energies into your own body.  Be aware that there is an infinite supply of Runic energy available.  It is a good practice to draw the Runic energies into your body while you are inhaling.

4.  Visualize the target person that you intend to heal.  Imagine a channel of energy that reaches from you to that person.  If the person is in the same room as you are you simply imagine a channel between yourself and that person through which you send Runic energies.  If the target person is at a distant place you establish a bridge between you and that person.

5.  While you exhale, you project the Runic energy from your body through the channel that you have established into the target person.

6.  Repeat the process of drawing energy into yourself and projecting it to the target person as long as you feel is beneficial:  perhaps between five and fifteen minutes.  With every draw and push you retain a bit of Runic energy for yourself.  When you practice the transfer in this way you actually gain strength yourself while you are sending healing energies others.

7.  When you decide to end the operation, simply stop the imagination processes of drawing and sending Runic energies.  Mentally you should thank the Rune for its energy and send it back to the realms of creation.  Ground any surplus energies through your feet into the ground.  This way you prevent from being overcharged with Runic energy.  Next you sever your conscious connection with the reams of the Rune by becoming once again consciously aware of the things that are around you:  Listen to the sounds of your environment, direct your awareness to the things that you see around yourself, notice the smells, feelings, etc., and smoothly lead yourself back into your everyday perceptions and experiences.

Legal Disclaimer: Of course, all this is just work with the etheric body that in no way can replace healing by licensed professionals and approved drugs!

Exercises for the second lesson:

1.  Set up your book of ceremonials and copy Odin's Rune Song into it.

2.  Set up your diary.  Describe your inner Rune realm as a first entry into your diary.

3.  Copy the song of UR into your book of ceremonials.

4.  Practice UR following the instructions in the first lesson.

5.  Practice the hand and body positions of UR while singing the mantra of UR.

6.  Turn on your Welz Chi Genrator, set at the frequency of 7.83 Hz. Out the Rune UR in front of the output pipe. Carry the transfer disk, then practice the hand and body positions of UR while singing the mantra of UR. You may call us for a free connection to a Welz Chi Generator: (770) 924 0223

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