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Letter of Instructions # 15

The Rune MAN

by Karl Hans Welz


MAN is the fifteenth Rune of the Sacred Futhork.  It is one of the most noticeable Runes.  You have already worked with MAN in previous letters of instruction.  This was necessary, because indeed there are few Runic ceremonials that do not call upon the energies of the Rune MAN in one way or another.  In fact, so tremendous can be the energies of MAN and (less noticeable, yet fully active) YR that both of those Runes could well be substituted for FA and UR at the beginning of the symbolism.  MAN together with YR forms HAGAL, the mother of the Runes.  MAN is the crown and branches of the world tree, Yggdrasil, while YR signifies the roots of the world tree.

MAN is the symbol of man, of humanity, which strives toward the spiritual, all the while it is conscious of its roots of destiny.  It is the principle of the Higher Self.  A fully aware person, however, has to be aware of its roots -- in YR!  In Christian mythology, Christ has to descend to its roots for three (!) days.  The fully aware person has to be one with the three goddesses of destiny, the Norns, before he/she will reach effortlessly Oneness with the Divine Higher Self.

Look closely at the stanza:

A fifteenth I count, that which Volkrast the gnome
Sang by the gates of the day
To strength for the Aesir, to force the Albs
And to clear my own senses.

The gnome refers to the fourth element: to consciousness.  The gates of the day have a reference to the creation into humanity, the bursting into existence which springs forth from the roots of destiny, the Norns.  MAN strengthens the determination to achieve spiritual Oneness, here symbolized by the Ases (or Aesir, the Nordic Gods), but it also helps overcome material limitations.

MAN is the Rune of the human being who resurrects.  It is the Rune of the god-man, of power, of Divine, spiritual, magic.  MAN clears the perception and it opens the senses and perception.  The mantra of MAN is ideal to awaken the third eye.  The vibration of M and N, when sung properly, make the whole skull vibrate, and center upon the pineal gland and the area of the third eye.  It not only cleanses, but it makes clairvoyant.  It helps perceive the human worlds as well as the Divine worlds.  It makes you grow beyond the tallest of the world trees.

MAN can also give strength on the material planes, and it is, together with UR, IS and AR, used for experimentation with levitation and to lift heavy objects.

MAN increases and gives wealth.

When looking "downward" (or inward), then MAN opens up the secrets of MIMIR, or original memories that are seated in the Norns of YR.  MAN helps explore YR the same way as YR helps explore MAN.  Original memories are contained in the world-Crystal.


Practice of MAN is self-explanatory.  It is Runic practice at its strongest impact, and strongest perceived.  The body position of MAN protects against hostile influences, it keeps away dangerous psychic influences, and it strengthens the etheric hull of protection (Odic hull); and so does the symbol of MAN.  It also helps achieve quiet, strength, and health.  It awakens the understanding of many spiritual characteristics of the Runic symbolism, and provides inspiration by drawing the spiritual manifestation into the womb of destiny, represented by the Norns of YR.

MAN contains a KEY to all other Runes and to the Runic symbolism as a whole.

Especially Runic meditations with MAN will open up your understanding of the Runic symbolism.  Therefore, it is useful to practice MAN while being within your inner Rune realm.

An interesting practice with MAN may be an experiment with levitation, at its beginning, with making heavy objects appear lighter.  Put both hands, right upon left hand, on a heavy object, sing the mantra of MAN, then withdraw hands and shake them, as if you were shaking out heaviness.  Repeat three times.  Then lift.  The same experiment may be performed with people, where two (or four) persons lift a heavy person just with the index fingers.  In this case, the hands of all participants are alternately laid upon the head of the subject, with the same procedure of chanting and shaking followed.


This letter of instructions will familiarize you more thoroughly with Runic meditations, which will greatly expand your knowledge of, and your connection with a Rune.  No Rune appears to be a better choice for tuning into spiritual vibrations than MAN, for it even strengthens the gods (ases or aesir).

To perform very effective meditations, a ceremonial set up is of great help.  Of course, you may also meditate by simply tuning into a Rune.

The set-up

1.  Arrange your altar:  cup, candle, incense burner, dagger or power rod.  Set up the Rune circle around you.  Candle in the center of the circle.

2.  Personal preparation:  clean yourself, wear your robe, or clean clothes, or practice nude, according to your background.  In any case, be in tune with the living universe.

3.  Set up your outer Rune Realm.

4.  Take Runes dagger, or power rod, trace Rune circle around you, then draw the HAGAL Rune in all four directions, beginning with North (position of FA Rune), next West, South, and East.  Each time you draw the HAGAL Rune, do so with the strongest possible imagination of protection and Oneness with the Universe.

5.  Light the altar candle and say:

 "Forces of the Light
 Eternal in the universe,
 Penetrate darkness!
 Sacred flame, shine!
 Bring light to the night!

 All around darkness
 All around night
 I amidst the Light
 Darkness is penetrated
 By the light.

 Light candle in center and say:

 Original fire of FA
 Burning from the roots
 Of times
 Light force of AR
 Born in the Sun
 At the roots of the worlds,
 Give Light to the seeker!"

6.  Light incense and say:

 "May the power of the Runes
 Lead me to a greater understanding
 Of the universe and myself!"

7.  Hold both hands over the cup with water (or wine which is thinned with water).  Project the energies of MAN into the cup.  Drink part of the water (or wine).

8.  Look at Thor's Hammer.  Be aware that this brings your consciousness in tune with the Rune MAN.  Hold both hands over it, knowing of its power.

9.  Body position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN

 Rune of MAN
 Unfold within me
 The power of Divine Magic.

 Sacred MAN, inspire me
 Sacred MAN, make me spiritual
 Awaken in me
 Universal Wisdom,
 Universal Love.

 Sacred Man,
 Rune of spirit
 In original Light
 Man is One.

10.  Sit down, keep eyes closed, remain in meditation for several minutes.  From time to time, mentally chant MAN, while drawing its energies into yourself.

or: Body position of MAN
 Look at the stave of MAN
 Visualize MAN

 Symbol of ascent
 Crown of the world tree
 Symbol of mankind
 I am open
 To the influxus
 Of spiritual power
 And Odic energies
 Which pulsate
 In the universe.

Many other meditations are possible here.

11.  After your meditation, conclude the ritual by grounding the energies:

 Position of IS (grounding)
 Look at the stave of IS
 Visualize IS

 Powers of MAN
 Thank you for your energies
 Flow back to the
 Realms of Creation."

12.  Imagine, or visualize, the energies grounding, flowing into the ground, through your body, as water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.

13.  Extinguish the candles and incense burner.

14.  Write your experiences in your magical diary.

15.  Remove all utensils.


Similar to MAN, you may meditate on other Runes.  The ceremonial with other Runes is similar to the ceremonial described above.  For extra strength, you may expand the ceremonial, and energize your inner Rune Realm as well as your outer Rune realm.  The student who followed the course well should be capable of creating such a specific ceremonial.

Here a few formulas for meditation connected with specific Runes:

"Create your good luck in FA, and you will have it."
"The original fire, this high universal force, creates a higher self-consciousness within myself."
"Original Creative Force of Nature streams through me.  Pure love acts and creates within."

"Knowing UR within - Knowing myself - I have access to knowing everything."
"Know thyself then you know the worlds."
"Knowing my true Self I know the origin of my fate and destiny."

"No life without death, no death without life."
"Sacred power of THORN, free me from the wheel of eternal returns."

"The power of my spirit frees me."
"Receiving I am tuning into the influxus of beneficial energies."
"Knowing of OS, I am receiver of high spiritual energies."
"I am my right, this right is invulnerable.  Therefore I am invulnerable, because I am my right."
"One with original law, I am above human legalisms."

"I am capable to do what I want to do."
"Cosmic knowledge and wisdom are revealed to me through the powers of KA."

"Care for the universe within yourself and you rule over the universe."
"Spirit and matter create the crystal - the all encompassing structure of the architect of the worlds."

"Use your destiny, don't fight it."
"Become a true healer."

"I am center and axis of the world."
"With IS, I am One with the Divine in eternity."

"Be aware of the original fire."
"ARAHARI, Solar spirit, lead me to you."

"Creative spirit will be victorious."
"The Divine spark within me is victorious."

"Power of spirit will be victorious."
"The Divine spark within me is victorious."

"Power of spirit rules matter.  Eternal being triumphs over perishable illusions."
"Tiu-Ziu, Hammer of Thor, Creative drive of Creative original force, always active, Will to create, within myself."

"Protected by BAR, I enjoy the fruits of my wishes."
"A new life sprouts with the power of BAR."

"Learn to steer, then travel the seas."
"LAF, Rune of initiation, give me the blessing of illumination."

"Sacred MAN, Rune of spirit, united with original Light, man is ONE."
"MAN, original word or plenty, increase that which is mine."

"Be aware of consciousness, be aware of matter, Be aware of the tree roots of the world tree."

"The sacred powers of EH unites me with my YOU."
"Cosmic Universal Love unites to ONE."

"Be ONE."
"Descending from the Origin, GIBOR leads me back to YOU."


1.  Copy the Song of the rune MAN, in your book of ceremonials.
2.  Murmur the Son of MAN regularly, once every day or once every other day.
3.  Practice Runic meditations, at least three, before you proceed.