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Letter of Instructions # 6

The Rune KA

by Karl Hans Welz

KA is the Rune of capability.  It stands at the end of the first part of the Sacred Futhork.  This first part served you as an introduction to Runes.  In this part you became familiar with Rune energies.  Now, you are ready for more advanced techniques of Runic practice.  YOU ARE READY TO BE KNIGHTED INTO the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters.

With your consistent practice, you opened your channel to the Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters which will soon accept you as a Rune Master.  From now on, you can consider yourself a full member of the Order, because you have familiarized yourself sufficiently with Runes to be capable of full participation.  You are ready for the knighting ceremony, because the Rune KA makes you capable and because you became aware of your limitless potentials.  Now you know that you will be a Rune Master soon.

In retrospect, you may take stock of what you have achieved with your Rune practice up to now.  You have learned to help; first of all to help yourself, then you got the idea of how to help others with the powerful tools of the workshop of creation, the Runes.  You learned to draw energies from the Moon, from the planets, and from the Sun.

Next, you learned of the healing powers of the Rune UR, how to draw these energies and how to develop your own, inner, Rune Realm.  Next, you learned to project Rune energies, to accept, to visualize.  Now, with KA, you are entrusted additional powerful keys of Runic wisdom.  As you progress with your practice, KA holds many more keys in store for you, depending on the level that you reach.

It is always up to you, the Knight and later Rune Master, to prove yourself worthy for the next keys.  Power means responsibility, as much as growth and advance mean often anxiety and may bring conflict.  This holds true for Runes as well as for studies in any other discipline.

With the next Rune, HAGAL, you will be ready to expand into the Crystal of the worlds, or the Universe of the Runes.  KA gives you the keys to this journey.  As a Knight, you enter a new phase of your practice.  KA gives you capability of Rune Ceremonial (RIT) and ritual.

KA brings you new responsibilities, new powers, and new potentials.  Your capability is result of your practices where you learned to relax, to control your breath, to visualize, to establish your Rune Realms, and to establish vibratory fields that assist you in directing thought forms and to change karmic trends.


Runes are mystical experience.  They provide you with power.  Power is only of real value when it is shared and used wisely.  Power increases when it is shared and when it is part of a group practice.  Group practice increases the power of the group as a whole, as well as it increases the power of each contributing individual.  The true benefit and secret of correctly performed group ceremonials lies in the fact that the resulting power is more than the mere sum total of the powers that contribute to the ceremonial.

Runes are tools from the workshop of creation.  The access to these tools and their use was long lost to all larger religious systems which are still in existence as well as to most of the smaller religions.  In some religious systems, especially more recent ones, you may find some hinting at energies from the realms of creation.  The creative energies are often misinterpreted as the universal light.  In a very few systems, you find then some practical application of energies from the workshop of creation and very rudimentary attempts of harnessing their powers.  Yet, nowhere can be found a true method which not only provides the student with a sound understanding, but also with effective and safe methods of using these powerful energies.

Rune Masters and Knights have access to the tools of Creation.  While there has been affiliation between religions and Runes in the past, Rune Masters decided against any affiliation in the present.  Such affiliation would prefer one religious system and consequently exclude all others.  Religious leaders are encouraged to use and include Runes.

Runes are life affirmative, light affirmative, and a practical application of the tools of creation.  They are participation in the very act of creation-eternal.  Rune Masters know about the many facets of the spectrum of the Universal Light.  These facets are the Runes.  You are at the threshold of being entrusted with more effective use of these energies.  You learned to use Runes for your own benefit and for the benefit of those close to you.  Your power is growing immeasurably with your practice of Runes.  The potential of this power brings you also responsibility that reaches far beyond justifiable self love and love for those who are close to you.  The more access you have to the very special knowledge of the tools of creation, the Runes, the more responsibility as a Knight, later Rune Master, will increase.  You will be called upon -- from within -- to use the tools of creation, the Runes, for the benefit of the planet on which you are living.  This planet needs good spiritual energy more than anything else.  As a Rune Master you will be capable of DOING that of which followers of the many denominations are just dreaming.

There are not yet enough Rune Masters on this planet to effect the necessary change.  Many people still have to be chosen to join the spiritual hierarchy of this planet, so that the goal of a better planet to live on can be achieved.  Once there are sufficient living people who are knowledgeable in working with the tools of creation, once those people join forces, then it will be possible to perform that which all major religious denomination are hoping for:  to change the karma of this planet, to turn the wheel of history in the right direction; away from a path of destruction, death, disease, hate, and war, into a path of life, love, and light.

Runes are the tools of the workshop of creation.  As a Knight of Runes, you have access to these tools.  From now on out, you are no longer experimenting with Runes, but you put them to practice in your life.  You practice Runes responsibly as you get increasingly acquainted with them.  You are ready to use Runes responsibly in order to make our planet a worthwhile place to live in.

To be more effective in drawing and projecting Rune energies, group practice is essential.  As a Knight of Runes, you are entitled to enlarge your power base by forming a circle of people practicing Runes which meets regularly for study and practice:  a CASTLE.  With this larger power base your progress will be much swifter and the results of all Runic practice will be stronger.  Later, when other persons in your castle will be knighted, this power base still increases, Rune energies may be mutually exchanged, and consequently all members will increase their strength and capabilities.  With this larger power base, your contribution to world peace, world harmony, and redemption of this planet can be helped significantly, which will be beneficial to your own karma as well as to the karma of those Knights who are part of the castle.

There is much more to the idea of the CASTLE than can be said here, much more that any materialistic oriented science could attempt to tell, and much more than mere symbolism of ancient chivalry could reveal.  You will find out as you progress on your direct path to Oneness with your Higher Self.

The active castle is the smallest unit of the Order, it is its smallest group.  As such, it is of great importance.  Let's explain here what we mean when we say "active castle":  The castle of a Knight or Rune Master are all persons who were sponsored by this Knight or Rune Master.  This relationship which was established by sponsoring remains, even when at a later date the sponsored persons will have his or her own castle, or join another castle for practice, and ascends in the hierarchy of the Order.  The active castle, on the other hand, are all persons who actively participate in work, studies, and ceremonials of a castle.   Should the original founder(s) of a castle be no longer active in this castle, then the next person in line will head the castle.  However, the original founder will still enjoy spiritual benefits of the power base of his or her castle.

There are more subtle, more esoteric, aspects to the castle which you will learn later.  For the moment, it is important that you are entitled to start your castle as soon as you are a Knight.  Now, you are ready to practice and lead group ceremonials to harness Rune energies for whatever purpose you determine.


You proceed as follows:
1.  Find three or more students of Runes whom you sponsor, and/or one or two other Knights.
2.  Ask for an application form, and apply for a castle.  Your Rune Master will help you in establishing your castle.  He or she will also help you in questions of ceremonial, Rune practice, energy exchange, etc.
3.  Your castle is entitled to a specific coat of arms which is composed of heraldic symbols which traditionally represent Runes.
4.  From now on out, you will receive all necessary information for group ceremonials, utensils, etc., in a special series of letter of instruction for castles.

At first, your castle will be a circle of joint study and transfer of Rune energies.  It will have regular meeting, once a month.  With Rune energies, the castle will support members in their everyday situations as well as in their overall advancement.  Later, with sufficient membership, your castle will expand in a lodge, which will increase the power base of every member.


First, practice with the Rune KA:
1.  Copy the Song of KA in your book of ceremonials, if your time permits.
2.  Copy the Knighting ceremony in your book of ceremonials.
3.  Practice Runeing (murmuring) of the Song of KA, with a ceremonial setting as outline in the letter of instructions of RIT.
4.  Practice body positions and hand positions of KA.
5.  Visualize your inner Rune realm, having all Runes present.
6.  Get all necessary materials for your ceremonial.
7.  If you are member of a castle, or lodge, make arrangements with them for your initiation.  Otherwise, you will perform the ceremony by yourself.

For the Knighting ceremony, you need:
1.  6 candles, in each of which you engrave one Rune starting from FA to KA.
2.  An incense burner.
3.  Frankincense, or special incense for Runic ceremonials.
4.  A white tablecloth.
5.  Your book of ceremonials.
6.  A cup of water, and a dish with bread.

7.  If you have a Welz Chi Generator, use it.  Power it up with all Runes.  Otherwise we can set you up with one for your knighting ceremony.

Before you begin the ceremony, you bless the water as follows:
Enter your inner Rune Realm, meditate, project the energy of the Rune KA into the water.  Project for about one minute.  Prepare the bread in the same manner.

Now, you are ready for the ceremony.  First, arrange your table of this altar, or if you have already a special altar for Rune work, use it.  Set incense, candles, bread, and wine on the table.  Have the candles arranged in the shape of a hexagon.

Be sure you are in a quiet, meditative mood.  Also, make sure not to be interrupted during the ceremony.  If you write your Rune Master beforehand, he or she may tune into your ceremony.

Visualize yourself clean from all distractions.  A bath before the ceremony may help as a symbolic cleansing away of everything which does not belong into the ceremony.



"May the power of the Runes
Lead me to a better understanding
Of the universe and myself.
May the power of the Runes
Further my path to Oneness
With my Self and the Universe.
I thank the singer of the Edda
For preserving the heritage of Atlantis.
I stride the direct path to Oneness
With my creative force.
I tear down the fences
that separate individuals,
Groups and Nations.
Fences that have been erected
by blindness.
I am a wanderer to higher realms.
United with all people
of good will and Power
I am working to achieve
A unified homeland of mankind
On the throne of which
Divine Spirit, Divine Wisdom,
And Divine Love are ruling.

Position of MAN, sing MAN three times.

Light the candles, then say:

"Power of the Light
Eternal in the Universe
Penetrate darkness.
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring Light into darkness.
Around darkness, around night,
Darkness has merged with the Light.
Original fire of FA,
Burning since the beginning of times;
Light force of AR,
Born of the Sun
At the beginning of the worlds,
Give Light to the seeker!"

Light the incense.

Then drink the wine.

Next, establish your inner Rune Realm, meditate on KA within your inner Rune Realm, at least two minutes. 

Then eat the bread and repeat the meditation.

Speak the following commitment ONLY if you sincerely intend to stride the path of Oneness with the Divine:

"I am aware that I am accepted as a member of the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters.  This is my first initiation in the hierarchy of this planet.

This initiation gives me powers, capabilities, rights, and responsibilities.

I am aware of my responsibilities as a Knight of Runes.  As a Knight, I am in touch with my Higher Self, I am in touch with the Divine.  My Higher Self and my Divine nature become more and more manifest in me.  More and more I become a clear channel of the Divine.

I am aware that, as a Knight of Runes, I am striding the direct path to my Higher Self, which is the path to the Holy Grail, the path to Christ within, the path to Christ consciousness, the path to myself as a King Magician.

As a Knight, I am in service of the King Magician which I am.  I am aware of the old symbolism of the King:  The King is the symbol representing my Higher Self, the King is the symbol of my Divinity.

I am aware of the Divine spark within myself this everlasting flame shines on my path to my goal of being ONE with the Divine.

This initiation to Knighthood means responsibility for me.  Responsibility to myself, responsibility to my fellow human beings whom I help against their foes of destiny and whom I help find their path to the Divine.  Responsibility to the planet on which I am living.  Responsibility to the Time-less, Age-less, Brotherhood of Rune Masters, or which I am part soon.

I am committed to learn to serve, and to help."

Now, you meditate for about five minutes, being in touch with your inner Rune Realm.

Then proceed:

"May the power of the Runes
Be the source of my reshaping
Of my destiny responsibly.
May the power of the Runes
Lead me on my direct path
To my Higher Self.
May the power of the Runes
Help me work actively
For a better destiny of my planet.
May the power of the Runes
Help me contribute to establishing
A prosperous New Age on this planet
Where there is one unified
Homeland of mankind
On the throne of which
Divine Spirit, Divine Wisdom,
And Divine Love are ruling.

"From now on out, I am capable of using the tools of the workshop of creation wisely and responsibly.

"As a Knight, I am aware that the work of Knights and Rune Masters will be decisive for the destiny of our planet.  As a Knight, I am spreading the opportunity to participate in the very act of creation to all people who are ready, willing, and worthy.  As a Knight, I am committed to help those who are in need of help, spiritually and materially.  As a Knight, I am a leader to those who strive toward achieving spiritual Knighthood and mastery of the Runes.  I am a good example and pillar of support for those persons."

Extinguish the candles and incense.  Then proceed:

"Thank you, exalted forces, for accepting me as a Knight."

Be aware that the Runic energies flow back to their origin.  This is the end of your initiation ceremonial.



1.  HAGAL, the World Crystal.
2.  Method to transfer Runic energies.
3.  Ceremonial to draw and project Runic energies.