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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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A Correspondence Course - Lesson III
By Karl Hans Welz - Grand Rune Master - the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters

Access Keywords, Meanings, Correlations of Runes

The Rune BAR
Rune of revelation, Rune of birth of the spirit. Rune of birth, of spiritual rebirth. Return to the Mothers, to the empire of HEL. Life, hopes, wishes. Rune of continuous transformation, death and rebirth. Uses: Development of higher spiritual, mystical and psychic capabilities. Lead to inner freedom and outer independence. Helps birth, spiritual birth. Time of the year: September 23 through October 15. Mantra: b-b-b-b-baaaaaarrrrrr
The Rune Laf
The ancients used the mythological method to talk of that which is psychological, psychic, and spiritual. LAF is the Rune of life, of the law of life, of the original laws of the universe, of the original water. Rune of the sea. Rune of the etheric part of the body. Rune of initiation that experiences life on earth as a process of initiation. Uses: LAF brings understanding of the life processes, of true religion. Time of the year: October 16 through November 7. Mantra: lllllllllaaaaaaaffffff
The Rune MAN
MAN is symbolism of man, of mankind, of humanity, of the resurrected god. It signifies the upper part of the world tree Yggdrasil. Rune of spiritual powers, of directing Mana powers. Uses: MAN leads to Divine Magic and unfolding of life (see Symbolism of Man). It protects against enemies. MAN increases and strengthens the aura. It opens the mysteries of MIMIR, the mysteries of original memories, or of root-memories. Use for levitation, elevation, reaching in the spheres of the Divine. Time of the year: November 8 through November 29 Mantra: mmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn, aaooouuummmmmm mmmaaannniii paadmmmmeeeee huuummmmmm
The Rune YR
Rune of the unio mystica. Desire for completion, and perfection. Rune of the night and of the Moon. Rune of karma and of karmic tests. The counterpart of MAN, the god with antlers. Roots of the world tree, from which life springs ("the mighty tree that conceals man, where man grew from the roots . . ."). God in the waters at the winter solstice. God descending to the material world. Uses: YR overcomes illusion of the material world, which is often a painful process bringing radical changes, and a sudden overturning of affairs. Overcomes the illusions of neuro-semantic environments. It recognizes mappings as mappings. Time of the year: November 30 through December 21. Mantra: yyyyyyyyrrrrrr
The Rune EH
Rune of cosmic union, which transcends the 16 Runes of the zodiac, or the octagon with its polarities. It is the Rune of ideal love, of twin souls, of soul mates. Two in one, Soul and cosmic. God and man. Uses: Connects two lives, brings from the Two to the One. Helps find the soul mate. Brings together soul twins. Brings success and increase. Mantra: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
The Rune GIBOR
Rune of the wheel of life, of union of the god and the world, of Creator and Created. Uses: GIBOR harmonizes the relations of twin souls, unifies the energies of the YOU and I in a cosmic context, both reaching into the common universe, in a true cosmic wedding. Leads to cosmic consciousness, vision of God, unio mystica, the deepest mysteries of the universe. Mantra: ggiiibbboooorrrr

More Basics: General Energetic Principles

In the following, I am giving you insights in the structures and working of the universe. What is of importance here is the USEFULNESS of those insights in relation to what you are doing, namely giving Rune readings. I do not claim that the descriptions of the structures of the universe are the only true ones. However, you will find that these descriptions will prove to be useful when you are receiving insights during a Rune reading.

Universal Structures: The Elements

Perhaps the most familiar universal structure with which any psychic, or reader, is working are the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. In our days, the term "element" is somewhat misleading for the beginner. This is so, because when we hear this word, our attention is immediately drawn to the chemical elements. The chemical elements are part of a completely different ball game. In our days, it may be more useful to use the work "principles" rather than "elements.". However, I decided to keep in line with tradition and use the word "element." Those four principles, or elements, reflect a set of basic experiences that we have. We can regard the elements as undefined terms. The meanings of undefined terms are encompassing many things. This allows for a great flexibility of those terms. At first, I am simply giving things, or experiences, or structures, which relate to the various elements. FIRE: Anything fiery. The human will. The "world of emanation," or "spiritual sphere" (more about this below). Physical fire. Hot spices (experienced as "fire" when ingested). Anger, "hot" temper. Fever. The qualities of fire: HOT (positive polarity) and DRY (electric energy -- more about this later). The TRIANGLE. WATER: Anything watery. The human emotions, the astral sphere, world of formation. Physical water, all liquids. COLD (negative polarity) and HUMID (magnetic energy). The PENTAGON. AIR: Anything airy. Physical air, gases. The mental sphere, world of creation. The human mind. HOT (positive polarity) and HUMID (magnetic energy). The SQUARE. EARTH: Anything earthy. Physical earth, solid materials. The human consciousness. COLD (negative polarity) and DRY (electric energy). The PENTAGRAM. The quality HOT is active The quality COLD is passive The quality DRY is LIGHT (electric) The quality HUMID is LIFE (magnetic) With the qualities the same holds true as with the elements. They are to be considered as undefined terms, the meanings of which are encompassing many things. This allows for a great flexibility of those terms. The elements are related to the various levels of existence. Earth, or consciousness has relation to the physical, or material planes. That which is "tangible" naturally is conscious. That which is conscious manifests. In fact, even when you get in touch with one of the "higher spheres," you necessarily get in touch with that which becomes conscious. The physical plane is often considered to be the "lowest," or "most dense" plane. I suggest that you do not fully accept this point of view. In fact, matter as it is perceived changes constantly. It is in continuous flux as is consciousness. Perceiving the material sphere as "low, rigid," or "dense" may rob you of very important methods. It is useful to perceive the material plane in two "layers": One is tangible material (the "lower" material plane), and the other is of an energetic characteristic: electric and magnetic. This plane is sometimes called the "etheric plane." There, the electric manifestation is the electromagnetic spectrum (light), which permeates everything in one form or another, from gamma -- and x-rays to visible light to the radio frequencies. The magnetic manifestation is the life energy that permeates everything. Throughout the ages, this life energy has received many different names. For our purposes, we use the word "Orgone." This word was introduced by Wilhelm Reich. We may also use the word "animal magnetism," which was introduced by Franz Anton Mesmer. Study the course "magic of the future" to learn working with orgone energy. Diagrams of the levels, energies, etc. are shown below. PLANE HUMAN CORRELATING EXPRESSION ELEMENT Spiritual Will Fire Mental Mind Air Astral Emotion Water Material Consciousness Earth

Some More Basics

Giving Rune readings is rooted in a process of visualization, tuning into the Runic energies, and intuitive interpretation. More advanced readings involve the practice of specific ceremonials. Both practices require basic meditation skills from which you can then go on to skills of focusing, visualizing, and projecting energies. I have mentioned before that the use of an EPG (Welz Chi Generator) will enhance considerably your meditative skills, focus, and eventually projection of energies as in ESP and astral travel. Meditation as we practice it here is the ability to calm the body and the mind. Later, you will learn to concentrate on a given subject, to see certain things with your inner eye, and to keep your focus on one and the same object for a while. You will acquire those skills step by step. For those of you who are already familiar with those practices, I still suggest that you follow them so that you can tune yourself in the specific purposes of making talismans. Of course, you need then not practice as long as a pure beginner would need. Find yourself a quiet spot where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Set up your EPG, if you have one, and transfer the life force to yourself. Start out by sitting quietly. Be aware of the many functions of your body that usually escape your attention. The air flowing in the lungs, your heart beat, some tingling on the skin, and much more. Focusing on your body helps you block out the many thoughts that chase each other during the normal course of your day by day activities. Once you know that you are calm, you may begin to practice with Runic mantras. Chant mentally "FA" while inhaling. While exhaling, let the energies of FA: flow into your body and extend into your aura. Do the same with other Runes. Write down your insights, feelings, visions, etc., which come as a result of this practice. What this practice will do for you is teaching you how to manipulate psychic (in our case: Runic) energies. Continue by concentrating of Runes: Draw the Rune you want to concentrate of (such as FA) on a piece of paper. Although you know by now the meanings of the Rune, you do not think about those meanings. Simply look at the Rune you have drawn. While looking, chant the mantra of the Rune (FA, in our case) while inhaling, chant the mantra mentally while exhaling. Close your eyes. Continue the mental chanting. At the same time, visualize FA with the eye of your mind, or inner eye. Hold the picture of the Rune with your inner eye as long as you can. Be aware of the other experiences, visions, insights, etc., which the Rune brings to you. Once you can hold the image of the Rune for three to five minutes, you are ready to go on to your first Rune reading.