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Letter of Instructions # 17

The Rune EH


by Karl Hans Welz

EH is another Rune that can be quite difficult to understand when practiced the first time around.  The superficial meaning is too easy.  The beginner tends to stumble over this easiness and thinks that this is all there is to EH.  EH refers to "marriage," and, esoterically speaking, to cosmic union.

Perhaps, let's look at the shape vibration of the body position.  NOD has the right hand up, and the left one down.  EH draws from "above" and directs to "below," while NOD draws from "below" and directs to "above."

While NOD teaches us to use karma for spiritual goals, EH uses the realm of the spirit to work on karma.  The person who mastered EH and NOD needs no longer be exposed to blind karma.  EH and NOD again join into HAGAL, the world crystal, just the same way as MAN and YR do.  Therefore, the combination of EH and NOD defines the world-crystal for the individual.

There is something more exciting to EH:  Take KA, the sixth Rune of the king magician (Knight at the first level) and AR, Rune of the Solar spirit (Solar Christ), ARAHARI:  These two Runes combine to EH.  We need to be capable of working with consciousness-matter so that we can overcome karmic need.  We also need to be aware of cosmic union.

An old Greek myth says that at some time man became so powerful a being that the gods were afraid of being dethroned.  So they decided to split man into two sexes, which, since then, expend most of their energy in finding each other.  Consequently the gods were safe again.  Here you find the myth of the sister soul, soul twins, etc.  Meditate on KA and AR becoming EH, then EH and NOD becoming HAGAL!

It is very important for the student to read between the lines.  This is so because in the three last Runes you will find much material that can be said to the person who practiced and advanced well, but which should not come across to the person who could not reach yet the appropriate level.

Most of those who came to this point have practiced Runes in their past lives, and they are likely to use Runes responsibly to overcome their karmic restrictions.  They are reaching a point, from which they are aware of karmic structuring, and they act accordingly.  Doubts have ceded to exist in many respects.

YR makes good use of that which becomes conscious:  It maps it, forms useful theories, and uses those mappings to advance to the level of god-man.  Going back to the myth that I have mentioned before:  The gods feared the human being that used his/her full potential.  An evolved human being knows that there is no need to worship energetic patterns.  So they “made the split into two sexes.”  This means nothing more and nothing less than that the gods polarized human beings and thus controlled human sexuality.  Control of sexuality entails frustration, chronic sexual spasms and unhealthy sexual expression.  This then can easily be directed into insecurity and worship of gaseous mammals above the clouds and invisible playmates!  In its most unhygienic expression, natural sexual ecstasy finds its “ersatz” in religious ecstasy.  I say unhygienic, because religious ecstasy brings excitement (most of the time not perceived as what it is -- a cheap surrogate with strong sexual overtones), but no release.

EH combines, re-combines, the spiritual with the material-conscious.  Idea (in the meaning which Plato gave it) becomes ONE with perception, without being a fallacious identity (words are NOT the things they describe).

Again, while the stanza may point toward the re-unification of the two principles of man and woman in a mystical wedding, which can be performed at any interval in space-time desired, there is some meaning embedded which at first communicates itself sub-consciously.  It is more a transcending of the attitude that considers unhealthy sexual relations being “God-given’” or, worse, “natural.”

EH relates to the hermaphrodite in the Tarot-deck ("the world") where the cosmic union of male and female principles within the individual is perfected.  GIBOR, as we will experience, transcends "the world" of the cabalist and brings in the pantheistic notion (god-universe) unknown to most cabalists.

To experience the realms of EH, it will be useful to meditate on EH, and to chant the Rune.  This practice is good in a group.  It is even better when practiced by a couple.  As you come closer to being a Rune Master, it becomes more important to have group support.

Since most of those who are our students either are leaders of groups (other than Runes) or are to become such leaders (not necessarily Runes), I strongly urge you to not only let people know of true unfettered love, but also to further it by all available means.

EH brings the bonding of spirit-consciousness in true cosmic union.

Now, I am including two very important rituals, which you can act out either in an esoteric way or in an exoteric way:  These rituals are the magical calling of the "YOU" and the ritual of Gnostic wedding.

You may perform these rituals to connect with the sister soul and to wed with the sister soul or to unify spirit and consciousness-matter.  The attentive student will find additional suggestions between the lines, and may shape the ceremonials accordingly.  Both rituals have strong sex-magical background.


1.  Set up your Rune staves in a circle.  Ideally crystals.  Have petitioners candle in the realm of action, plus candles of EH, LAF, IS, NOD, GIBOR, HAGAL.

2.  Proceed as outlined in "Candle magic with Runes."  At point 8 (specific ceremonial) you proceed as indicated below:

3.  Light petitioner's candle and say:  This candle represents me.  My spirit, determination and intentions are strong as this flame.  I will do everything in my power to get in tune with the "YOU" and the powers of the Runes will be of my assistance in my action upon the levels of creation-eternal.

4.   Light the candle of IS
 Body position of IS
 Look at the candle of IS
 Visualize IS
 Chant IS for one minute at least

 Self-conscious I tune into
 The streams of original will
 In the universe.
 Vibrating in the force field
 Of the will of the worlds
 I am ONE with its will.

5. Light candle of LAF
 Body position of LAF
 Look at the candle of LAF
 Visualize LAF
 Chant LAF

 Fulfill the desire for the YOU
 Give me the mate of my path
 To joint path of life.

6. Light candle of NOD
 Body position of NOD
 Look at the candle of NOD (flame)
 Visualize NOD
 Chant NOD

 Aware of the original law of marriage
 I accept it with my free will
 Which allows me to overcome
 The karmic ties of NOD.

7. Light candle of EH
 Body position of EH
 Look at the candle of EH (flame)
 Visualize EH

 Mate of my soul
 Connected to me through many lives
 Longingly I am calling you
 To wherever you may be
 The power of the Rune EH
 Will lead you to me.

8. Light candle of GIBOR
 Body position of GIBOR
 Look at the candle of GIBOR
 Visualize GIBOR
 Chant GIBOR

 With the power of GIBOR and GEA
 Part of my soul
 Enters my life
 You be my lover
 You be my twin
 In Gnostic marriage.

9. Light candle of HAGAL
 Body position of HAGAL
 Look at the candle of HAGAL
 Visualize HAGAL
 Chant HAGAL

 We receiving and giving
 Unite us forever
 With the power of All Love.

Close as shown in point (9) in "Candle magic with Runes":  "Powers of the Runes . . ."


Proceed as outlined in "Candle magic with Runes."
Candles needed for realm of action:  Petitioners candle, NOD, LAF, TYR, EH, GIBOR, HAGAL

1.  Light petitioner's candle and say:
This candle represents me.  My spirit, determination and intentions are strong as this flame.  I will do everything in my power to get in tune with the "YOU" and the powers of the Runes will be of my assistance in my action upon the levels of creation-eternal.

2. Light candle of NOD
 Body position of NOD
 Look at the flame of NOD
 Imagine NOD one with the flame and with you (or both of you)
 Chant NOD

Accepting the original law of marriage
 With our free will
 We overcome the karmic force of NOD.

3. Light the candle of LAF
 Body position of LAF (union)
 Look at the flame of LAF
 Imagine LAF one with the flame and with both of you.
 Chant LAF

 In love connected for life
 We strive toward joint goal.
 Nothing can separate us
 The unifying power of LAF protects us.

4. Light the candle of TYR
 Body position of TYR
 Look at the flame of TYR
 Visualize TYR one with the flame and
 with you and with the Hammer of Thor
 Chant TYR

 Striving to become one
 No longer separated
 The creative powers
 Of the Hammer of THOR
 Unifies us.

5.   Light candle of HAGAL
 Body position of HAGAL (either YR and MAN or EH and NOD, or both)
 Look at the flame of HAGAL
 Imagine being one with the flame and with the Rune HAGAL
 Chant HAGAL

 Man and woman, woman and man,
 Unified:  The crystal of the worlds.

6. Light the candle of EH
 Body position of EH
 Look at the flame of EH
 Imagine you being one with the flame and the Rune of EH
 Chant EH

 Two worlds of life
 Two vibrations of self
 Two wills of ego
 Two souls unified
 In the law of eternity and marriage.
 (Position of connected EH)
 The great, sacred, union
 Happens with universal love.

7. Light the candle of GIBOR
 Body position of GIBOR
 Look at the flame of GIBOR
 Imagine you being one with the flame and the Rune of GIBOR
 Chant GIBOR

 Two forces, two souls
 Unify in Creation
 In cosmic-ecstatic joy.

This sets the stage for sexual union.
Ground afterwards!


1.  Copy the Song of the Rune EH in your book of ceremonials.
2.  Murmur the Song of EH regularly, once everyday or once every other day.
3.  Additional practice as you desire.