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Letter of Instructions # 10

The Rune AR

by Karl Hans Welz

Welcome to AR, your tenth Rune.  I assume that you have studied and practiced the previous letter of instructions thoroughly.  Acquaintance with the Rune IS is very important for your overall advancement.  Like every Rune, AR has a special message for you at this level.  Above all, AR helps you deal with your "ghosts of the past."   Obviously dealing with your ghosts of the past will naturally lead to dealing successfully with your ghosts of and of your present and your future.  Here we do not speak of “gaseous mammals” but of personal problems:  You are going to overcome things of the past that are haunting you.  This includes events that lead you to irrational dealing with situations.  Look at the stanza of AR and meditate upon it.  Focus on the non-conscious material that has accumulated during the past or your present lifetime, and, neglected by materialistic "psychology," the vast material that is piled up from your past lives.  This material is "stored," so to say, in non-conscious levels that are still less accessible and more subtle that what psychologists usually refer to as your subconscious mind.

The Rune AR has strong links with energies of the Sun.  Practice of AR will help you bring to Light some of those trends that haunt you.  The "covers" of those “evil” spirits disappear.  You will recognize these spirits for what they are and you no longer need to worry about them.  You know them for what they are and it is from this point of power that you are capable of effectively dealing with them.  When you want to cause change on deep levels, Runes are very powerful tools.  In other words, Runes allow you to work on deep-rooted change from the levels of Creation.  Practice of AR is useful on many occasions of changing bad habits and, still more important, deep rooted and difficult to detect mechanisms within your psyche that consistently and repeatedly lead you to do things that cause undesirable outcomes.  Practice the Song of AR!

T H E   M A G I C   O F   W A T E R

Water is an external manifestation of the element that bears its name:  the water element.  As such, it can serve to bring you in contact with everything that is ruled by this element:  Emotions, the astral worlds, the magnetic fluid on the Etheric Plane (or Higher Material Plane), life force, the magnetic component of every plane.  Water, with its magnetic characteristics, may be used as an accumulator of life force, or Odic energy.  And, similar as you have read about impregnating food with a wish, so can you project an idea, or wish, into water.  This idea is then dynamized by the life force, or Odic force, of water.  Ideally, you charge the water with raw Odic force before you impregnate the magnetic/Odic energies with your wish.  Those among you who are familiar with Orgone physics may use an Orgone generator (Welz chi generator) to charge water before you impregnate it with your wish.  Otherwise, you may charge water simply by holding your hands above it and visualizing Odic energy flow from your palms into the water.  After you have impregnated the water with your wish, you may drink it and "incorporate" your wish.  This process is essentially the same as conscious eating.

If you consider the magnetic characteristic of water, you will also understand the many rituals of washing hands and body before religious practices.  Many religious systems have washing of the hands incorporated in their ritual.  You may include such washing in your magical practices.  Before you begin with the practice, wash your hands.  While washing imagine that everything that burdens you, all impurities, etc., are washed off.  Better yet, take a bath with the same imaginations.


We worked already with all four elements, namely fire, water, air, and earth.  Even though Runes are active on levels that are much deeper that the elementary levels, it will be of importance to have some knowledge of these levels.  This is so because it is from there levels where you trigger the power of the Runes. See also the courses "Magic of the Future" and "the Course in Cosmic Consciousness"

Let's begin with the material planes.  The material planes are the planes that academic scientists attempt to describe.  To it belongs the world of space-time.  Yet part of the material planes is something that science has neglected for centuries even though there is much evidence and factual basis for it.  Very likely, science of academia will keep neglecting this part.  I am talking about life energy and all its manifestations of life.  For our purpose we divide the material planes in two sub-planes:  the dense material plane, and the etheric levels of the material planes.  The plane of more density represents -- in our mapping -- that which we experience (abstract) as being "tangible."  The etheric plane on the other hand contains that which we experience as energies which are in direct relation with what we experience as material.  Of the etheric plane we know the electric fluid (or that which science describes as electromagnetic phenomena), and the magnetic fluid, which, unlike the electric fluid, is not subject to the relativistic natural laws.  The magnetic fluid of the etheric plane has been denied by scientists of academia with an irrational fervor.  More zealous than academic scientists are followers of a religious system of skepticism that I label “misguided pop science.”

The magnetic fluid, of course, is well known to occultists and scientists who are not subject to the vested interests of corporate-controlled academic institutions.  Franz Anton Mesmer called it "animal magnetism" and he developed devices to accumulate it.  Later, Baron von Reichenbach came upon the same energy in his research, and he called it "Od."  We call it "Odic energy" or "Odic force."  However, whenever we speak of Odic force, we mean not only the magnetic fluid of the purely etheric planes, but we recognize that Odic force reaches into the planes beyond.  This is a characteristic of life force (the magnetic fluid of the etheric plane) that will prove very useful in our later work.  Korschelt named this energy "Solar ether" and he built machines to accumulate and generate it.  Wilhelm Reich, who was born and raised in the city of Korschelt, Lwow, discovered it again and named it "orgone energy."  At a later point in your studies you will find out that Odic energy, or Orgone, is very important in practical magical work, especially when you want to overcome the boundaries of space-time.  The material world has correlation to the earth element and consciousness, which is the expression of "earth" in the human being.  In the course “magic of the future” I demonstrate that magic is an exact science.  It is action at a distance that involves the use of life energy and structural links.

Beyond the material plane we find the astral plane.  Like the materials plane, the astral plane also contains the electric and magnetic fluid.  However here the manifestations of electricity and magnetism are different.  The astral has to do with emotions and the water element.  This is the reason dynamizing and charging of water has such profound effects.

Beyond the astral world, you find the mental world.  The mental plane relates to the air element, thoughts, and the mind.

Above the mental spheres, you find the spheres of will of the causal plane.  This plane relates with to the fire element.

This highest sphere, the causal plane, is also called world of emanation.  Next, the mental sphere, is world of creation, then comes the world of formation, or astral, and finally, the conscious world of forms.

To the "scientist" among you, I want to point out that, with the above, we have at our disposition a MAPPING of the world, which has proven to be USEFUL.  For our practice, it is irrelevant whether this mapping is "true" or "false" according to academic logical systems.  We are only interested in the USEFULNESS of the mapping, which is its main criterion.  We are, in our work, abstracting that which we experience on the objective, un-speakable, levels, and going to higher and higher levels of abstraction, we eventually develop theories, or mappings, which help us develop our metaphysical practices.

If we reverse the path that we have taken, i.e. proceeding from the material world to the world of emanation, then we have a fairly good description of what is going on in metaphysical work:  The world of emanation refers to the will which determines that something is to be done about a specific situation.  The world of creation refers to the creative mind, which lays out practical ways of how to handle a specific situation, then, the astral, gives it shape by concentration of emotional forces, and finally, you have the material plane, where the change becomes manifest and conscious.  An ancient and little known magical law says that, if you focus all four elements, namely will, mind, emotion, and consciousness upon one outcome, then this outcome is bound to happen.  In the course of cosmic consciousness you can learn how to achieve such a focus with relative ease.

To the Rune Master who sets up a ceremonial, the presence of the four elements (candle, incense, water or wine, and bread or some other symbolism of consciousness-matter-earth) is an important help.  This is so because the presence of these utensils aligns the four elements without the Rune master needing to focus on it constantly.  Be aware that with the consistent and repeated use of the same utensils or set-up of utensils the Rune Master develops the presence of specific metaphysical functions without him or her needing to tie up his or her mind to produce the effect.  His or her mind/emotions/will/consciousness is then free for other things, and the effectiveness of the Rune practice is thus increased considerably.


1. Copy the Song of AR in your Book of Ceremonials, if time allows.
2. Murmur the Song of AR.
3. At least two times, while murmuring, tune into the problematic of "ghosts of the past".  Explore your past and use AR to dynamize change.
4.  Practice magic of water:  project energy into a glass of water (see HAGAL), then project AR into the water.  Drink the water.
5. Practice hand and body positions of AR.


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