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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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< align="left">Welcome to the ninth and final letter of instructions of Rune Yoga. By now, you know that Rune Yoga not only helps you to develoo individually in many ways, but it also helps develop a group spirit which, in turn, adds to your personal and individual development. This interaction, enhanced by ceremonial settings, develops a consciousness of being connected with the universe. £ mentioned earlier the main difference between cabbalistic—astrological systems which ~re based on structures of our Solar system and the Runic symbolisms which are more universal. While cabbalistic-based symbolisms are well defined and belonging to the realms of that which is created, Runic and related symbolisms are defining and coming from the realms of that which creates. Both symbolisms have their specific values and uses within the framework of our Solar system. To actually exactly determine a specific trend, or situation, some kind of astrological or cabbalistic structure is needed, whether it is used consciously or whether it simply there by implication. On the other hand, a shaoe—related symbolism from the realms of creation, such as the symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes, is an excellent basis to modify planetary trends when need arises. Here I touch upon technologies which are taught in the intermediate course of Runic practice.

Being aware of this universality of Runic energies, or energies from the realms of creation, it should become obvious to you that Runes are an excellent help to modify the trends of destiny of our planet as a whole. fl demon in the planetary spheres can only manifest on this planet if it has, as a counterpart or focal point of action a demon within human beings — individuals, groups, nations, or the planet as a whole. The same counts for the beneficial energies of the zodiac. You should never forget that the HOECs (Higher Order Energy Complexes) which make up the structure of the astrological zodiac are NEUTRPL in their value. Ethical considerations of good and evil are a human outlook which is USEFUL for human advancement, spiritual and otherwise. Humans decide — tradividually and collectively —what energy fields of HOECs they relate to and how they relate to those trends. In other words, the effects of the zodiacal HOECs as determined by astrologers are a product of collective kar~c structuring.

Now, it should be obvious to you why it takes energies from the realms of creation to change the perceived nature and impact of specific HOECs on mankind. As an example:

Many effects of the outer planets are perceived and experienced negatively by most humans of our times. flstrologers say that is so because most humans are "not evolved to the degree which is necessary to tune into the finer vibrations of those planets. Even though those good people emphasize the outer planets for the individual human being, we need to take a closer look at flLL planets when deciding about impact on the planet as a whole. Much of the individual "good" delivered by Jupiter and Venus may be detrimental to the planet. The use of energies from the realms of creation allows us to modify the interaction between zodiacal HOECs and mankind. Changing the EFFECT of planetary trends is a means of changing the destiny of the planet. Energies from the realms of creation allow to develop an OVERPLL BENEFICIPL ENERGYFIELD which smoothly adjusts this interaction between the planet and the constantly changing HOECs that permeate the planet. Such adjustment can make this planet a more spiritual place and a better place to live. Such adjustment is more efective than tackling each one of the myriads of problems individually without changing the basic structure, which would be a task reminding us of the efforts of Sisyphos in a Greek myth who, as a punishment, pushes a heavy rock up a mountain which slips and falls back down every time he thinks he is close to the top. Every human being has a responsibility to clean up the mess he or she helped create. To modify HOECs means to modify karma: individual karma and collective karma. The more people qet involved in this process of creation, the stronger the results. Pgain, your practice of Rune Yoga makes you aware of the importance of group work. This time, however, the group work is on a global scale, within a planetary framework. Projecting healing energies on the planet as a whole will energize the global energies of the planet and the return to the individual will be very strong and at a essentially higher level. It compares to a multidimensional vortex of energy developed as a result of inteaction of a group of groups of groups...( HOECs)

The following Runes are especially well suited for this work and at this level of action: the group of MAN, YR, and HAGAL, the group of NOD, EH, and HAGAL, the group of AR, KA, and HAGAL, and the group of FA, OS, and GIBOR. Use the ceremonial outlines shown in the previous lessons and practice a Rune Yoga ceremony with your group (or by yourself). Be aware of the Rune realms joined in the group and the group realm joined into the planetary realms. Ps you practice as a group, you will more and more develop your participation into a yoga on a planetary level.

With a large enough group, you will position the Runes as a mroup, and direct the energies which are generated toward the planetary destiny. You will be amazed of how positive projection of this kind reverts to you, since you helped create a better environment of HOECs for the planet. The benefits of such actions are often felt immediately.


In the following you practice a ceremony of achieving ONENESS with the realm of creation. Such Oneness, or identification, enhances your consciousness of being a significant part of the universe and it increases your capabilities of working with the energies of creation and creatively act upon your universe and the planet.

1. Arrange your altar: cup, candle, incense burner, dagger or powerrod. Circle of Runes around yourself or on altar (the latter projects a protective circle around the group). Candle in the center of the circle.

2. Personal preparation: clean yourself, wear your robe, or clean clothes, or practice nude, according to your background. In any case, be in tune with the living universe.

3. Tune into your inner Rune Realm. Align the inner Rune Realms of the group by leading a meditative focus of the inner Rune Realm. Plign the group realm with the Realms of Creat ion.

4. Establish the outer Rune Realm. Take Rune dagger, or power rod, trace Rune circle around you, then draw the HAGAL Rune in all four directions, beginning with North (position of FA Rune), next West, South, and East. Each time you draw the HAGAL Rune, do so with the strongest possible imagination of protection and Oneness with the Universe.

5. Light the altar candle and everybody says:

"Forces of the Light
Eternal in the universe,
Penetrate darkness
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring light to the night!

All around darkness
All around night
I amidst the Light

Darkness is penetrated
By tne light.

Light candle in center and say:

Original fire of FA
Burning from the roots
Of times
Light force of AR
Born in the Sun
At the roots of the worlds,
Give Light to the seeker!"

6. Light incense and everybody say:

"May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the universe and ourselves!

May the power of the Runes
Further our path to Oneness
With the Universe.

We stride the direct path to Oneness
With our Creator

We tear down the fences

Which separate individuals,

Groups and nations.

Fences that have been erected

By blindness.
We are wanderers to higher realms.
Unified with all people
Of good will and power
We are working to achieve

A unified homeland of all mankind

On the throne of which

Divine Spirit, Divine Wisdom,

And Divine Love
re ruling.

7. Hold both hands over the cup with water (or wine which i.s thinned with water). Project Runic energies into the cup. Drink part of the water (or wine).

8. Look at Thor’s Hammer. Be aware that this brings your consciousness in tune with the Runes. Hold both hands over it, knowing of its power.

9. Body position of KA

Look at the stave of KA
Visualize KA

Cosmic wisdom, Cosmic knowledge
Are mine.
I am capable to practice Runes.

I am capable to do what I want to do.

10. Body Position of GIBOR
Look at the stave of GIBOR
Visualize GIBOR

" ‘Coming from the origin, GIBOR leads me back.

11. Body Position of IS
Look at the stave of IS

Visualize IS
Sing: "iiiiiiiiissss"

"Self—Conscious I tune into
The realm of original cosmic will.
Vibrating in the energy field

Of the will of the universe

I am ONE with its will

15. Body Position of FA
Look at the stave of FA
Visualize FA


"The original fire

The hidden, highest force of the universe

Ignites in me the Divine spark

he Creative force of Divine work

Penetrates me.

My consciousness grows into the vast realms of the universe

It is always within me.
I came from it and I return to it.
It illuminates me.

13. Body Position of HAGAL
Look at the stave of HAGAL

Visualize HAGAL


"Creative forces of the universe stream to me

Creative forces of the universe act inside me

Creative forces of the universe act through me."

14. Body position of GIBOR
Look at the stave of GIBOR
Visualize GIBOR


Divine Oneness

Permeating the universe
I and the universe

15. Go into meditation for several minutes.

16. Share experiences

17. Conclude the ritual by grounding the energies:

Position of IS (grounding)
Look at stave of IS

Visualize IS

"iii iii iii iii isssssssssss
Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energies
Flow back to the

Realms of Creation!"

15. Imagine, or visualize, the energies grounding, flowing into the ground, through your body, like water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.

I hope you enjoyed this course. After completion, you may receive your certificate of Rune Yoga teacher after you completed also the Basic Rune Course. I strongly suggest that you study the Basic Rune Course (if you have not done so yet) and to work toward your initiation as a Rune Master. I wish you the best for your path!


Karl Hans Welz
Grand Rune Master