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Life Energy and Magick

First let's explore a few basic facts concerning life energy and life energy technology

According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy (as he called life force) is a primordial cosmic energy. It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living organism: bio-energy, life energy, Chi energy, personal magnetism, prana.  Most people can actually feel this energy without prior training, and actually can also see it.  You can get the evidence of this in our free test.
As far as we can look back in history, humans have been using life force for many purposes. This use of life force was result of practical experience. In fact,

The use of Life Force is a Characteristic of All Living Beings!

A basic characteristic of all living beings (and of life itself) is interaction with the environment. A set of signals (internal or external) pass through various levels of abstraction that eventually lead to some form of action. Typically, a wealth of perceptions are streamlined into fewer abstractions.   In humans, this process is generalization.  With evolution, the capability of sensory perception increased as did the complexity of abstracion processes.

Some form of life force "technology" can be observed in most animals.   A good example are various species of moths and butterflies that, according to some folks, "smell" the "scent" of a female even when it is miles away.  At such huge distances a chemical scent would be thinned out to an extent that there are simply no longer any molecules of the original substance in the small air-samples surrounding the moth.   A high-school kid could calculate that there is virtually no molecule of that scent at a distance of a couple of miles; yet some "scientists" still prattle about the moth "smelling" the other!  Perhaps it would be good for those folks to take a course in elemental math!  As you will find out soon, this type "ESP" can be explained easily as a function based on the structural transfer characteristics of life force.

Being one of the first technologies of humankind, life force naturally became part of humans' religious creeds and religion-based magick, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena.   Consequently the practical application of life force was linked closely to the religion of the culture where it was used.  Moreover, whenever certain applications of life force such as magickal operations were successful, such success was mistakenly considered to be proof of the religious belief system of the practitioner.  Oddly enough, even in our otherwise enlightened times there are still traditions out there whose faithful followers claim to be the only true guardians of life force and its many applications. Although they may claim differently, you will find out soon that many "academic" scientists and pop-scientists belong to that same category of humans, if you take the time to analyze the stuff that they utter so confidently, quite often creationism of the "academia-kind" such as the big bunk theory.  This is so, because most of them were incapable of removing their thinking from the religious ideologies that defined their interaction with the environment originally during their process of education.

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The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, orgone radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.  Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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