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Characteristics of Life Force

It is obvious by now that life force is an energy form, like electricity. This means that, knowing the natural laws that govern this energy, we can now determine or predict its effects. Furthermore, we can now explain in simple scientific terms why and how magick and all other methods of action at a distance (such as radionics) work. Naturally, this is the basis for many extensive and powerful technologies, in which life force is used: technologies whose roots lie in the remote past and whose potential goes way beyond the narrow scope of the more traditional uses of life force thanks to the invention of the generator of life force, the Chi Generator®.


Scientists of all ages knew of life force. Recently, starting with Mesmer, they formulated some very basic natural laws that describe life force, chi, or orgone. They realized that there are considerable differences between life force and electromagnetic energy. In some way, both energies can be viewed like opposite polarities of one and the same basic principle.

Of both forms of energy, human beings perceive only a small fraction with the apparatus of their senses. Both energies pulsate. That's what these energies have in common.

Very important are the differences between the two energy forms. Energies that belong to the electromagnetic spectrum of light tend to achieve a balance when a higher potential gets in contact with a lower potential. For instance,whenever you bring a hot body in contact with a cold one, a heat exchange occurs until both bodies have the same temperature. Physicists call this process entropy. With Life force, the opposite is the case. When a body of high life force potential comes in contact with a body of lower potential, a process takes place that we call negative entropy, or reversed entropy. In this process, the stronger potential is drawing energy from the weaker one until saturated, and it becomes stronger.

Still more pronounced is the difference of the space in which both energies act. As we all know, the electromagnetic energies diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from their source. They are totally part of the three-dimensional space of our visual and most kinetic perceptions. That's why we need amplifiers of considerable strength if we want to pick up radio waves from a very distant transmitter, which, in the light of the potentials of life force (bio-energy) physics is a rather clumsy and primitive approach. This principle is valid for the space time continuum of the physicist. People of all ages who used life energies knew of the power of "psychic" links, or identical structures. Once a person who is working with life energies (such as a shaman, magician, or healer) has a psychic link to the target of his or her operation, he can bridge the physical space that separates him from the target, no matter how distant it may be. Therefore it is obvious by now that work with life force requires a new model of space-time. This model of space-time is essentially different from the space-time that the physicist describes, yet it interacts with it. It is a hyper space in which identical objects establish warps, or direct contacts. The natural law of action of life energy is simple. It states that DISTANCE IS A RESULT OF STRUCTURAL DIFFERENCE.

The problem that traditional physicists of the establishment (including most of the folks of the "orgone establishment," i.e., Reichian epigones) and of academia have with life energy lies exactly in these differences. Life energy is mainly generated and used by living beings. For the past two hundred years, pranayama, chi gong, and other practices with life energies, stayed outside of so-called hard core science. This is so because up to now there were no machines available that measured or generated life energy. Academia prefers to ignore the fact that millions of people successfully used and use this energy. Hyper spaces and warps are beyond the narrow minded conceptions of a typical dried up academic scientist.

I have solved this problem. Not only did I develop new instruments that can measure life energies, but also the first instruments in human history that generate life energy: the famous CHI GENERATORS®. The first commercially available Chi Generator® was the EDGE Power Generator, or EPG 2000. The EDGE was a machine with truly amazing potential. You can use the Chi Generator® in any application that requires the generating of strong fields of life force.


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