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The Importance of Life Force in Magick

The characteristics and function of structural links is easy to understand. For life force, distance is result of structural differences. This is easy to understand when we think of identical symbols as in the transfer test or of traditional methods that made use of the genetic code as structural link to a person by using that person's hair, fingernails, clothing (with skin-rubbings on it), etc.

On the other hand, magick abounds with structural links that are purely abstractions such as sigils, i.e., "signatures" of spirits that have specific functions, incenses, mantras, etc. Furthermore, we have "thought forms" that operate after the ceremonial is performed.

To explain the mechanisms that cause life force to join a target with a trend, including those where structural links are abstractions such as the settings of the radionics device or magickal sigils, is possible, of course. Such understanding requires more knowledge of the characteristics of life force and understanding this is still more important as we want to understand why thought forms develop and why they continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (person) after the original operation (magickal ceremonial, radionics or any other action at a distance) has been discontinued.

Certainly, traditional operators knew about the use of abstractions (equivalent structural links such as mantras, symbols, etc.) for thousands of years. They knew well that the operations that they powered with life force yielded results. This was their practical experience. Usually they have explained it within the framework of their religious belief structures, therefore they did not need a scientific explanation.

In recent times, work with the typical radionics device did not bring such an effect, mostly because a lack of the necessary life force and, most of the time, the lack of intent due to the utter ignorance of the traditional radionics practitioner as far as the importance of life force is concerned. Typically, the radionics device remained turned on until the effect materialized.

With my invention of the Chi Generator® and the introduction of life force boosted radionics (Power Radionics™), this situation in radionics changed dramatically, of course! A radionics operator who works with a Power-Radionics™ device (orgone boosted radionics device) can now operate like a traditional practitioner, shaman or magician: Set the radionics device (or the radionics program), run it for an hour or two, allow the thought-form to develop from the radionics operation (this requires the appropriate intent of the operator), turn the device off and wait for the success of the operation. You can repeat this operation several times in intervals of one or more days.

Here I am going to explain to you in simple terms how magick (as well as radionics and any other action at a distance) works so that you know why the technology of power magick™ (life force boosted magick) is way ahead of traditional methods of magick.

With my equipment, i.e., the Chi Generators®, I have conducted double blind experiments.  I demonstrated that equivalent structural links (abstractions such as an arbitrarily set rate in a radionics device, or an archetypal symbol) allow transfer of life force as effectively as near-identical links do.

On the other hand, traditional practitioners could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago!  All their work and experience have been based on the principle of life force transfer at any distance. They had the experience, therefore they needed no experimental proof.

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