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The Scientific Approach

Practitioners in the West used many words for life energy: animal magnetism (Mesmer), Solar ether (Korschelt et al.), Od (Karl von Reichenbach), orgone (Reich), psychic energy (magicians), eloptic energy (Dr. Galen Hieronymus), personal magnetism, and many more.

One of the first pioneers of a scientific approach to an understanding of life force was Franz Anton Mesmer, a physicist from Stuttgart, Germany, who lived two centuries ago. He studied and practiced medicine in Vienna, the same city where Wilhelm Reich studied under Freud a bit more than a century later. Eventually he moved to Paris. Mesmer experimented with life force, which he called animal magnetism.  In our days, his followers use the word "personal magnetism."

Franz Anton Mesmer´s scientific approach to and understanding of life force led him to the invention of an accumulator of life force!

Franz Anton Mesmer´s accumulator of animal magnetism was a wooden barrel that was filled with iron filings. His patients held on to iron rods that were immersed in the iron filings.  Having studied in Vienna with Freud and his studies included hypnotism, Wilhelm Reich certainly knew the work of Mesmer, of course, whose name appeared as one of its pioneers in practically all publications and books in German language concerning hypnotism!

One century ago, 1897, Korschelt invented a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus" that he used for healing purposes. It was in principle a life force accumulator.   I have built and tested the rather large (6 ft long) Korschelt device and it worked well.  It is used the same way as Wilhelm Reich's orgone shooter and it has the same effects.

The more recent life force (orgone) accumulator that Wilhelm Reich has designed has alternating layers of organic and metallic matter -- usually wood, celotex, fibre glass or wool and steel wool.  This is a significant improvement compared to Mesmer's and Korschelt's devices.  Alternating layers increase the capability to accumulate orgone. Reich had people sit inside the accumulator while Mesmer used iron rods to direct the energy outward.

Orgonite® and Orgone Generators®

radionics energy transferI have developed a material that is extremely more effective in accumulating life force (orgone) than layered arrangements, which I called orgonite®. Before that, I have invented and built the first device in human history that actually generates orgone energy (life force), the Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator® or Prana Generator®) . I also found out that which magicians and shamans knew all along: namely that life force (orgone) transfers at any distance instantaneously by way of near-identical structures (I called them "structural links"). The test of life force that you can perform is proof of this fact. Furthermore, in December 1996 I succeeded in sending signals accross the Atlantic from machine to machine (with no human sensor at all), using life force only. As expected, no amplifying device was needed either. In fact, I have solved the problem of signal transfer machine-to-machine with life force as a carrier medium three years earlier, when I sent signals "locally" at a distance of a mere 20 miles.

As a natural consequence of the structural transfer capabilities of life force: If you want to energize your body with life energy, you need not sit inside the large multi-layered contraption of an orgone box, nor need you hold on to iron rods (personally I would prefer that to sitting inside a box). In fact, all you need is a small structural link such as a transfer disk that connects you with an orgone generator. With that disk on yourself, it does not matter at all if you are sitting in front of the Chi Generator®, if you are a few miles away, or if you are half around the globe! The structural transfer characteristic of orgone (life force) is also the reason why you can direct life force mentally -- see instructions and practices in the course "Magick of the Future", and you can get direct evicence of this fact by following the instructions of our FREE TEST.

Most humans of our times are unaware of the existence of life force, let alone of the natural laws governing it. Many of the people who know, on the other hand, have been indoctrinated with very restrictive, religion-based, views and rules concerning life force.

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