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Life Force Technologies of the Past

Human beings have acquired much of their knowledge of the universe as a result of experience that they gained when handling energies that were invisible to their eyes.  To handle energies that are not visible is an important characteristic of the human species.  Obviously this characteristic is the result of the human capability to abstract. The practice of magick (a form of life force based technology, see the free course "magick of the future") with its theories (usually obscured in religious creeds), formulas, and rituals is no doubt one of the oldest human ways of handling invisible energy and of having impact upon the environment and, of course, on other human beings.

It was this continuous probing into what is beyond the scope of everyday experience, which eventually has led humankind to modern technologies and to modern concepts of space-time.  For instance, the knowledge (and speculations) of the laws that govern electromagnetic energies is at the basis of practically all contemporary theories of the universe, from descriptions of majestic galaxies all the way to sub atomic physics.   Visible light is but a small section of the large spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations.  Most of this electromagnetic spectrum is invisible.  Analysis of the concepts of visible light and the expansion of these concepts led to knowledge of the electromagnetic energy and its many applications in modern technologies: from power plants to computers and space craft.   We can explain most of the phenomena of heat, acoustics, chemical reactions, etc., as being expressions of electromagnetic energy.

There is another energy that humans have worked with for as long as they have roamed this planet.  We cannot see it as easily as we can see visible light nor can we feel it as markedly as heat or electricity, yet humans could sense its presence very well and they have learned methods to generate and to direct it already eons ago.  From this knowledge they developed practices and technologies to help them deal with their inner and outer environments.  This energy is life energy.   It is everywhere around us just the same way as electromagnetic energy is all around us.  In other words, we are living in an ocean of energy of both life force and electromagnetic waves.

Throughout history, life force has received many names.  People of ancient India called it Prana.  The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana.  The ancient Chinese called it Chi.  The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge.  The Polynesians called the mysterious life force Mana.  They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

Most religious practices contain elements of releasing and using life force for many purposes, such as meeting environmental challenges, healing, and developing favorable outcomes of human endeavors.  Very often, these methods are concealed in religious ceremonials.

Practitioners of Tai Chi and Yoga generated life force within themselves.  So did magicians (shamans, conjurers, priests, etc.) of various religious backgrounds.   Other methods consisted in building up strong emotional forces in a group (think of charismatic church meetings), walking and dancing in circles (also used by many religious groups) and animal sacrifice.  The latter is an effective, yet very primitive and crude, form of releasing life force that is practiced by many religious groups.  We know of more than 20 passages in the Bible in which the Good Lord tells his followers how to correctly sacrifice animals.  In fact, if the animal ends up as a roast, this method of butchering is a lot more humane than the horrors that are practiced in your friendly neighborhood slaughterhouse!

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